May 31, 2013

10 weeks!

I am now 1/4 of the way through being pregnant. We went to the doctor yesterday for the 10 week appoinment. She had a hard time finding the heartbeat with the doppler. By hard time I mean she looked for about 30 seconds and said "screw it I'll ultrasound you." So we got to see the little jellybean and hear the heartbeat after all. She noticed I had a bicornate uterus (means its heart shaped). There are a few risks involved because there isn't as much room as a normal uterus... higher chance of breech, preterm labor... but she said 90% of the time its fine. I'm not too worried. Plus, I get more ultrasounds to monitor growth more closely. Fine by me. I don't mind seeing the baby at almost every appt. She pushed the due date back to 12/31. My guess is with the already small space being even smaller than normal, I go closer to the Christmas Day due date, probably before. Even with the news, it was a great appointment I thought and she said everything is going wonderfully.

Baby size: Prune
Any symptoms? ta-ta's still hurt and I've been experiencing a little bit more nausea than before. Still haven't yacked though :)
Cravings? snocones, hot ham and cheese sandwich.. haven't had either :(
Favorite part so far? telling the world the good news (more on that in a second)
Least favorite part so far? Passing out. Tuesday at 3:30am, I got up to pee and to make a long story short, I passed out a couple times. Thankfully Danny was at home and caught me both times.
Boy or Girl? I had an extremely vivid dream that it was a boy. It was much more clear than the girl dream. We find out for sure on August 1st!
Names? Still have the same girl names and I doubt those change. Danny keeps suggesting cowboy names for boys: Rowdy.... Boze... no.

Like I said, we announced our good news to the world last night by putting it on Facebook. Ya know, because nothing is official until its on Facebook. We actually let Diesel do the talking....

Doesn't he look so excited? He has been so great the last few days. Every time I got up to pee last night, which was a total of 3 in case anyone cares, he followed me most of the way there. I thought he needed to pee too, but he was just checkin on mom. The last year or so I've been so worried about having a baby around him, but I think he'll do just fine.

I hope everyone has an excellent Friday and a great weekend! I know I'm going too!

May 30, 2013

Sweet Summertime

With Mother Nature finally getting her act together and showing her bright and sunny self, there is so much to look forward too around here. I talked about how my dear sweet hubby has turned me into a woman who enjoys being outdoors and that I'm enjoying getting our house looking spiffy on the outside. The inside still has some work that needs to be done, but thats a "winter sport" as my dad would say. He didn't necessarily say that interior decorating was a winter activity, he was referring to video games when we asked him to play when we were younger. Like I've said before, I preferred to be indoors where it was always 68 degrees. Now that I'm a big girl, I like being outside. I like working on the house, hanging out with friends, watching ball games, whatever. I generally like to enjoy an adult beverage or 4 while I'm outside, but I'm skipping this drinking season. Anywho, onto the link up that Holly and Trista are hosting about Summer Bucket Lists.


1. Indianapolis Indians Game - I've mentioned many times that the Hubs is supposed to take me to an Indians game this summer as part of my Valentine's Day present. We went last year and really enjoyed it. And Danny enjoying a baseball game just doesn't happen very often. Normally, I would enjoy an adult beverage or 2 at a game.
2. We were invited last night to go camping with some friends of ours.  They have a camper and love to go. We're going to use it as a test drive to see if we want to purchase one for next year! I can't wait. Normally, this would have been a 2 day drunk fest.

3. Possible lake weekend - My aunt and her family have a lake house (well, its more like a trailer) down in Kentucky on Lake Barkley.  They've invited Danny, me, my brother and his girlfriend down for a weekend to celebrate my cousin graduating from IU. We're toying with the idea of going because its a 6 hour drive for us (2 for them). Even though I normally would drink like a fish for 2 days straight and even though I can't this year, it would still be nice to get away and chill at the Redneck Yacht Club.. and watch everyone else tube and get shwastey face.

4. 4H Fair - Although its Widow Week for me since Danny is out there every day that he isn't working, I enjoy seeing him in his element. He lives for the 4H fair, especially the 4H part. He loves helping his nephews and friends out during the week and can't wait until our kids are old enough to participate. Me? I live for the food. Fried goodness lines the walkways. I generally plan my dinners the week before around the days Danny works for nights I know we will be out there.

5. I need to get a tan and I'd love to go swimming. I'm in a wedding in August and the verdict is still out on whether or not spray tans are okay for pregnant women. If anyone has had any experience with this, holla atcha girl!

6. Vacation - We're planning on going to Michigan this year in late August, or maybe early September.  Hell I dont know. Right now that doesn't matter, as long as we go. Its likely our last trip, just the 2 of us, for a good long while. So it WILL happen!

That's all I got. Nothing huge, but enough to keep us busy thats for sure.

May 29, 2013

So What Wednesday

I'm baaaaaaack. I had a post drafted for a weekend recap to put up yesterday and decided to save you all the agony of reading about me sleeping and being a lazy bum. Lets just go ahead and skip that and move onto better things, like So What Wednesday, that is hosted every week by Shannon at Life After I Dew .

So What if....
  •  I laid on the couch until 1:30 on Saturday, took like a 2 hour nap on Sunday, and laid in bed until 12:30 on Monday... then came home from work early yesterday to lay in bed from 2:30-5:30.  You can thank me for sparing you the long recap of my sleep fest.
  • when my niece's got here yesterday I turned on Spongebob and let him do the entertaining for me.
  • we knew our cat had kittens sometime Friday or Saturday and we didn't find them until last night, nor did we really look for them.
  • we're planning on going to Michigan (we think) at the end of August for vacation and we've talked about it for a total of about 30 minutes thus far. (if you've been to/live in Michigan, feel free to leave suggestions!)
  • I ate about 1/2 of a thing of dirt pudding on my own.
  • I only work until 4 today after being gone most of yesterday and taking a 1/2 day tomorrow.
  • the Graffiti Run is Sunday and I've only walked 3 miles once since I found out I was pregnant. This will be interesting.
That's all folks! Hope you have a good Wednesday. We're closer to the weekend!!!

May 24, 2013

9 Weeks!

Its officially been a month since I found out I was pregnant and I'm really starting to feel pregnant. Now is as good a time as any to start the bump-dates, even though theres's not really much of a bump going on there.

Baby size: Green olive
Any symptoms? Acne like I'm 13, some nausea, and extremely sore ta-ta's.  I experienced my first "cry for no f'ing reason" last night. Danny was a trooper. I'm also very tired.
Cravings? anything cheesy, juicy juice, brown sugar and cinnamon poptarts
Favorite part so far? Danny talking to our "jellybean."
Least favorite part so far? I could have REALLY used a beer, margarita or glass of wine yesterday.
Boy or Girl? Danny thinks boy, but I had a dream a couple weeks ago that we had a girl. We'll be finding out when we can so only time will tell.
Names? We have 2 girl names picked out, but boy names are tough for us since we have what seems like 20 nephews and everyone at the fire department has boys.

That's all for now! I hope everyone has fun and SAFE weekend!

May 23, 2013

Get it together, Erin

Now that the cats out of the bag about me being pregnant, I can be honest about how my eating has been going.

In short, its been pretty terrible.

The first week after I found out I was pregnant, I would have been almost 5 weeks at that point, the food I was shoveling in my mouth wasn't bad. I felt like I was limited on what I could eat though. All the foods that I wanted to eat seemed like they were on the "don't eat" list.  Lunches consisted of lean pockets (pretzel bread kind, go get ya some), chicken wraps, and some other things. Dinner? I can't remember. But I do remember that I was freaking starving and ate about every 2 hours like clockwork.

The next week, I felt a little more free having gone to the doctor... and grocery. It was back to salads and chicken wraps. Dinners weren't terrible I don't think. The first two weeks that I knew I was pregnant aren't the point of this post.

The point of this post is my diet over the last 2 and a half weeks. I really need someone to follow me around all day long and tell me to cool my jets. I've had Taco Bell, Burger King, Panda Express, Wendys, Arbys, Buffalo Wild Wings, mexican (twice, lets act surprised) and lunch today? Dairy Queen $5 buck lunch complete with a peanut butter sundae. STOP IT ERIN!

On a postive note, my snacks have been stellar. Fruit, almonds, cheese sticks, cucumbers, carrots, and Luna bars out the wazoo. And I've only gained 3 pounds. If I don't back off the delicious, quick and easy food that others cook (ok maybe they fry it) for me, that 3 is gonna seem like nothing.

As I said, I need to get my shit together or I'm gonna blow up like a whale and have WAY too much work come January.

I went to the store last night to get enough fruit to last me until Tuesday, maybe only Sunday. Its hard telling these days. The healthy eating will be back in action next week after I get to the grocery store. Its back to salads, veggies, fruits and all that good and healthy stuff.

Wish me luck combatting most of the terrible food this little one is wanting. Its already boycotting apples, bananas and cereal. Cool.

May 22, 2013

So What Wednesday

I kinda love this So What Wednesday link up that Shannon hosts every Wednesday. It makes me feel better about myself. Who doesn't love that?

This week I'm saying So What if...

- my dog sleeps with me every single night. I like to snuggle with him.
- I'm toying with the idea of a 3rd piece of toast.
- I'm taking part in a rummage in 2 weekends and all I have to put in it is clothes, shoes and purses.
- this fight on Good Morning America between Dan Abrams and Nancy Grace is kinda funny.
- I am a little concerned about what I'm going to do on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights when Danny is at work now that most of my shows have wrapped for the season.
- my food choices have been less than stellar for the past week and a half.
- I HAVE to take a nap every day. Its a must.
- we don't have any plans for this long weekend. I ain't mad about it.
- all I can think about are baby boy names and nursery ideas.

May 21, 2013

BBQ Ribs

Saturday night we had a couple of our friends, my brother and his girlfriend over for dinner.  I've been good friends with since elementary school. We played basketball together on a travel team. After some games, our parents would take us out for ribs. At 10 years old we could eat ribs like I imagine 15 year old boys would. During the winter, her and I agreed we needed some ribs. I've made them before, and she doesn't cook anything other than toast, so it was all on me.

I found this recipe on Pinterest and you can find it HERE. If you're lazy and don't want to click around different places, I'm taking the work out for you. I also took pictures. Check me out. The original recipe has measurements for 2 pounds and 6 pounds. Since I'm lazy too I cooked for 6, you're getting the 6lb measurements. Here we go.

3 T. sweet paprika (honestly, I had enough paprika for about 1 T. I got in the spice cabinet and threw some shit in the bowl)
2 T. light brown sugar, lightly packed
1/4 t. cayenne pepper
salt & pepper to taste
6 lbs baby back ribs (there are 2 packages for a total of 6lbs)
3 cups BBQ sauce (I recommend Sweet Baby Rays just becuase I use it for eve-ry-thing that has bbq)
vegetable oil spray

1. Mix dry ingredients together to make the rub.
2. Cut the ribs into sections. 2 slabs cut into 6 sections very nicely.

3. Spread the rub all over both sides of the ribs. Get on down with your badself and use your hands.
4. Arrange the ribs in the crockpot with the meaty side against the walls of the pot. (5 fit around in the circle, then one on the bottom). After you put the pork puzzle together. drown it in BBQ. The recipe calls for 3 cups. I used just about the entire bottle. (if its sauce and it requires more than a cup, I just go for it.) Cook on low for 6-8 hours. 7 is just right. Anything after that? I have no experience.
5. Turn your broiler on in your oven. After you are done cooking, very very carefully remove the ribs and place them on a wire rack that is sitting on a foil lined cookie sheet, meaty side down. They will fall apart if you just willy nilly pull them out with tongs. Then very very carefully dump the juices into a pot. Bring the juices to a boil and let the juices reduce. (Recipe says about 15 minutes of simmering. My patience doesn't run that long and I usually give it about 8-10)
6. Brush the juice onto the boney side and put in the oven for 3-5 minutes. Take the ribs out, flip to meaty side on top, then brush with juice again. You'll put the ribs back into the broiler for about 3 minutes. Take them back out, DON'T FLIP, brush again, put back in for 3 minutes. Then do it again. You're done.
I don't have a picture of the final product, blogger fail I know. I'm happy to report that all plates were clean and bellies were full. My brother even said "these are great" and if he dishes out a compliment that wasn't fished for, you're onto something.
Hope you get a chance to enjoy these. They are the best!

May 20, 2013

Weekend Recap

Hey hey hey! Another weekend has come and gone quicker than I had hoped.

My weekend started Friday morning. I took the day off so I could help my mom move. She moved from a 3rd floor apartment to a 1st floor apartment in the same complex. My brother and I headed down her way around 11 thinking the movers would be there around 12. Oh no. They called her and said it would be closer to 3. So what did we do? We laid around and played each other in Ruzzle. All 3 of us. For about 2 hours. We would have played longer had we all had phone chargers. Have you played that game? Its kind of like the game Boggle, or the other phone game, Scramble. Its so much fun and so addicting. The move took about 3 hours and afterwards we went and got mexican to eat. My family could live off of mexican I think and the good news is the baby seems to enjoy mexican as much as mama.

Saturday Danny and I got up and he went to work with me for a few. I had about 10 minutes of work to do since yesterday was a deadline for me. After that, we channeled our inner 50 year olds and headed to a native plant sale. My husband was so freakin excited. We did see some stuff you don't normally see at Lowe's or Menards so it was worth the trip. I got a couple more plants for our Summers rock. When we got home, I started cooking ribs for our dinner with a couple friends, my brother and his girlfriend. (Recipe will be up tomorrow. AND I took pictures). While I got to work in the kitchen, my handsome hubby got to work outside.
Saturday night was a full of laughter and wishing I could have a beer, or 5. Please ignore the fact that I am ghostly white. Ugh.

Sunday was a lazy day. I could not get moving. I ended up getting my summer clothes out and put in my dresser and closet, cleaning out another box worth of rummage clothes, some laundry, and dishes. We had a birthday party for our best friends' son where there was a 1 year hold having a total meltdown. Danny is officially freaked out about having a child now. I lounged the rest of the night and finished folding laundry... while laying in bed.

 Now that all that is over, its off to work for me. Someone come take my place so I can lay in bed? Any takers? No?

May 17, 2013

Outdoorsy Erin

From about 1989-2010, if you asked me to do anything outside as far as chores, I would most likely play along for about 9 minutes. When the 10th minute rolled around, I'd think of something productive to do inside in the air conditioning where I belong. Unless I was on the softball field playing 2-3 games in the 90+ degree heat, I had no interest. Well, until I reached the point in my life that alcohol got involved. Outside became more attractive.

This was all until Danny really started to mold a different Erin. Prior to Danny, the only animals I interacted with were dogs and cats, camping seemed stupid, and fresh vegetables... well those could be purchased. Now? 4H pigs are the best, I can't wait to buy a travel trailer (camper, whatever word you use) and there's nothing like eating a tomato straight from your own backyard.

When we were house hunting, our biggest requirement was that the house be on at least 3.5 acres. If it didn't have that, it wasn't an option and we would wait until something came around. Houses can be remodeled or made bigger. Residential land in rural Indiana? Well thats hard to come by. 

We found a hidden gem in our town. At the very back of one of the not so nice neighborhoods in town was a cute little house. The house itself wasn't perfect, but it could be. We were more interested in what it was sitting on: 4 and a half acres.

"What are you gonna do with 4.5 acres?" We've been asked that more times than we can count. Part of it has a bunch of trees, part of it is at the bottom of a hill down by a pond (not ours but we own part of it) and the rest is wide open.

After a month of being able to work outside, we're finally getting started on what we're doing with 4.5 acres.
We planted our tomatoes tonight and got to put those garden markers that we made on Valentine's day to use.

Danny had this rock made for my Christmas gift this year in celebration of our new home. As soon as the weather warmed up, my handman hubby built a flower box around it and filled it with dirt. Last week we bought flowers and my exhausted pregnant-self finally got around to planting them Wednesday night. (Seriously, this kid requires that I take a nap every day) The flowers are struggling a little bit, but with some TLC (hopefully) they'll be looking good in no time. Next year though? I'm planting shit that will come back on their own every year.

We're only a month into the nice weather and we've already made some great progress on the outside of our home. I can't wait to see what we have accomplished at the end of summer.

I'll be back next week with an awesome (and easy peasy) BBQ ribs recipe! Hope everyone has a good weekend!

May 15, 2013

I've been slacking

Lets take a walk back to April when I revealed my Graffiti Run plans. Those plans involved me doing Couch25k and then running another 5k with my hubby 2 weeks after that.

Update: I haven't started.
Shred update: I quit 2 days early and I don't have any results pictures for you.

I'm not a complete lazy ass.... I have a good reason.

On a Saturday morning, with 2 days left of The Shred and 3 days until I started running, I took a test and within about 20 seconds, that sucker read "Positive." I couldn't believe my eyes, so I took another one about 30 minutes later. Positive. Danny was gone on his fishing trip so I couldn't tell him until he got home Sunday night. He only about 90% believed me, so I took another one. Positive. We went to the doctor a week later and they didn't do a test to confirm. Danny wanted to tell our families so bad but he didn't want to do it without some more confirmation. I took yet a 4th test, a week after my last one, and positive yet again. I was 4 for 4 and off we went to to share our good news.

I am about 7 weeks along, so its still pretty earlier to be spilling the beans, but we heard the heartbeat yesterday. We've told our families and close friends, but I didn't want to not write about it any longer than I already have. Its hard to find things to write about when you have this HUGE secret that is consuming your life.. and body.

So there you have it folks. My little itty bitty reason for not running and not showing the Shred results.

Have a good Hump Day!

May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Hooters

You might be thinking we bought my mom a new set of girls for Mother's Day. Wrong. We did something classier. We went to Hooters for Mother's Day dinner.

Saturday night Danny was at work and told me he saw a Hooters commercial saying that mom's eat free on Mother's Day. I told him to text her, jokingly, to see what she would say. Her response was, "I haven't been there in a while that sounds like fun!" I proceeded to text her and tell her Danny was just f'ing with her and she said "Would I not be the coolest mom and mother in law in the world though?" After 23 years, she's still striving to be the cool mom.
The place was PACKED! The waitress said it had been like that all day long.

We had a lot of fun and got some good laughs out of our restaurant choice. My mom even said, "Lets make this a Mother's Day tradition." Looks like we'll be going back. Danny and my brother were just really upset that we'll be going back for future Mother's Days to come. Right.

I can't forget how lucky I am to be a mom to the cutest puppy on Earth! He's not much of a puppy anymore though. He'll be 3 tomorrow!
I hope everyone had a great mother's day as well!

May 9, 2013

Finish the Sentence: Volume 4

Here we are again.. another awesome and hilarious round of Finish the Sentence with Holly and Jake ! These two make me laugh on a daily basis and these link ups are generally the highlight of my blogweek.
Unlike my sibling(s) (that I love very much).... I'm a frickin' midget. Seriously, how is one sibling 6'1" and the other 5'3"?
My best friend says... I'm lame. The only reason being that I didn't want to go out to the bars every weekend. You know why? That would have made my Fridays look like this: drive to class, drive home, get the dog, drive an hour to take him to my moms, then drive another hour back to go to the bars with her. A lot of unnecessary driving when I could just get drunk at home.
People call me... Erin Overman still, or EO. ES just doesn't sound as cool.

I most often dream... that I'll stumble upon some million dollar idea that will make me loads of cash and I can quit working. I'd keep the agency running, but I wouldn't work there.

The best part of my day... is when the bra comes off. That means the day is over and my ass is on the couch until bedtime. 

 I really don't understand... why the dryer won't just go ahead and fold the clothes too.  

I get really annoyed... when my computer at work won't let me put pictures in my posts and I have to finish my post when I go home for lunch, like right now. But I get more annoyed when people don't use their f'ing brain. Like just think for a couple seconds. Not asking for much.


There's nothing like a... a day in the pool and endless Captain & Diets. I really don't care where I'm at if there's endless Captain and Diet Cokes coming my way.

Lately, I can't get enough... watermelon, cherry Juicy Juice, and reality tv. I even got sucked in to Kim from Real Housewives of Atlanta's Don't Be Tardy.

One thing I am NOT is... stylish. My work clothes generally consist of jeans, a solid t, and flip flops or Sperry's. Sometimes I though a cardigan on. I'm working on it.

I spent too much money on... all the damn clothes in my closet.

I want to learn.... how to play the guitar. I'm a rockstar at the air guitar (and drums and piano), but I want to play the real guitar.

If I ever met Holly , I would... bring her a case of Miller Lite and take her to the Cheesecake Factory since she calls me Jessica Simpson.

I can't stop... listening to Boys Round Here... red red red red red red red red red redneck.

Never have I ever... smoked pot. True Story.

Reese Witherspoon... is still my favorite. We all make mistakes and girlfriend even admitted that her and her Mr. know better. Give her a break.

May 8, 2013

Thank you, Pinterest

Hey hey hey!

Life as of lately has been pretty relaxed and uneventful.  I haven't been working out like I was, no girls night outs, no date nights, nothing. And I'm fine with it. 100% completely fine with it. The first 2 months of 2013 were  a freakin' blur and the next 2 weren't exactly calm either. The fact that May has managed to start off rather slowly makes me happy, happy, happy. Yes, I'm kind of lazy. I mean, I live for Friday and Saturday nights where I can veg out in front of the tv and catch up on a weeks worth of my guilty pleasure General Hospital. Its great.

Today I'm going to share with you one of my most used Pinterest projects.  I've been wanting too for a long time but until now I've always felt like I had something better to say. Now that I'm Boring Betty, this is the best I've got.


Those beauties are how I keep my life organized and it keeps Danny and I on the same page as far as scheduling things goes.  HERE is the original pin.  Since I've already completed these, I don't have any tutorials and I don't have any pictures of putting them together. I'm certainly not going to take them apart either :).

Mine are slightly different than the original creator.  She put an extra space in at the top for labels of "This Week" and "Next Week." Well, I still write the size of 1st grader so I left that space out so I could have bigger sections for my days. The black and white paper probably wasn't the best choice since I use black marker, but damnit it looks cool. I might actually replace it one day with a mustard-y yellow or a tan color.

These are super helpful when work schedules aren't consistent, like that of a firefighter.  Danny's schedule is consistent in that the days are in a consistent pattern, but he never works the same 3 days 2 weeks in a row. When I made these, Danny was in paramedic school. We were always having trouble planning things because we couldn't see what his schedule looked like. We had a monthly calendar, but these were nice to just look at a couple weeks since he was so busy and stressed out. So, basically, I made these for my husband :) I guess you could say that I made them for me too since every so often when I'm switching the weeks, I'll throw a Date Night on the schedule ;)

May 6, 2013


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5 years

This morning when Danny's alarm was done screaming, I started to get irritated when mine followed suit just a couple minutes later. Danny has a way of setting alarms for a 25 minute period on his phone, but requests that I do the same. Just seconds after I ever so politely asked my husband "Shouldn't you be getting up?" I remembered it was May 6th. The day we started dating.

Our senior year of high school was coming to an end and there were still some "what-ifs" floating around between us. We started hanging out in the fall, but that ended right after Thanksgiving. The flirting picked back up right before Christmas break and then began Round 2. That one lasted until right before Valentine's Day. We were nearing the home stretch of our high school career and Danny didn't know if he wanted to be tied down for the rest of it or not. I said that's fine, I'll make it easy on you. I'm done. When I told my mom what happened she said she thought we'd get back together. I believe I said something along the lines of, over my dead body.

Two months later, we were sitting by each other in Government and he starts talking to me. I was so disgusted and pissed. Later on in the day he texted me and said "Do you ever regret breaking up with me?" And just like that, I was a goner. After talking to each other in secret for almost a week and a half, in fear that my friends would beat the shit out of me, I let the cat out of the bag to a few of them that I thought we were going to get back together. There was a lot of tension at prom. I went with someone else and so did he, but we wanted to be together. Luckily, there was some unwritten rule at my school that you dance with someone different every slow song. I may or may not have made Danny wait until the second to last song. Whoops.

Danny took me to dinner with a gift card he won at post prom and I knew then and there that I wanted to be with him. That I loved him. So what was the problem? Oh, Danny had a girlfriend.. that lived 3 hours away. I told him I wouldn't kiss him until it was over. That wasn't fair to her and I already felt like an ass for going to dinner. The next day he ended it and the day after that we started dating and have never looked back.

After I reminded Danny what day it was, he asked if I could believe it. And I can't. Somedays it feels like we've been together for 15 because of everything we've experienced as a couple in such a short amount of time, but other days I feel like I'm that 18 year old girl who can't believe she found The One roaming the halls of her high school.

May 2, 2013

May Goals

I think Spring is finally here!! It was 80 degrees outside yesterday and absolutely gorgeous aaaand I was stuck in the office all day.

Now that May is here, its time for some new monthly goals.

1. Create a Budget - The hubs and I wanted to be in our new house for a few months before we set up a budget. Now that we will be in here 6 months at the end of May, that time has come. We've been flying by the seat of our pants on spending, which is nice and all. We just haven't been putting much into savings. And thats no bueno. Any budgeting tips that you all would like to share?

2. Walk at least 4 times every week - The only thing that will get in my way on this one is a busy schedule. I've been running around here and there all last week and this week. I'm ready for things to slow down.

3. Get all rummage stuff put together - I committed to a rummage the second weekend in June with my sister-in-law. My mom is going to throw some stuff in there too. I've got about 5 bags that are all ready to go, but I know my closet and dresser could use a purging. So could Danny's.

4. Get my office in working order - If you saw the picture from yesterday you would know that my desk looks like a tornado came through. Well, to be honest, my whole office is like that. Between running my dad's estate stuff, the insurance agency, the rental properties, etc... there's a lot going on in that room. My brother and I have a plan in place to get shit cleaned up so hopefully we can get that taken care of this month.

5. Read a book - The last book I read was Frosting & Futures, which is the sequel to Seduction & Snacks. Funniest books I have ever read. Order it today. You won't regret it. It was laugh out loud funny. I dont know what kind of book I'm after this time. I've read the 50 Shades trilogy already. I'm a Nicholas Sparks fan like every other female. What are some good books that you all have read lately?

6. Bridal Shower Invitations - My BFF Rachael is getting married at the end of August, so the bridesmaids are throwing her a bridal shower in July. I volunteered to take care of the invitations. Danny's sister is a consultant for Heritage Makers, an online scrapbook design tool. I signed up for a Premier account, and I've got a lot of points built up, so these invitations are basically paid for. I just need to design them.
* Really though, go check out Heritage Makers. Its a great site for mamas who like to preserve all those awesome picture of their kids. Thats why I still have it.

7. Spring clean my kitchen - The rest of the house is done, all I have left is the damn kitchen. Why can't that clean itself?!

I can't end this boring post without a picture of my 2 favorite boys. I posted this on Instagram (erinshell10) yesterday because it was so cute.. and pretty funny.
Danny was just sitting at the counter and Diesel decided he wanted to too. So he got up there and sat down like a person. I really just love that dog!

Have a good Thursday!

May 1, 2013

SO WHAT! Wednesday

I honestly think these posts are 100% necessary and I thank the heavens above that Shannon hosts this link up every week. And here we go.

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if
- I didn't work out except maybe one walk at the park last week. Homegirl has been busy. And exhausted.
- I'm only cooking dinner once this week and its already happened. I didn't even cook it all. I made mac and cheese, from a box might I add, while Danny grilled. Again, we've been busy and will continue to be busy.
- my desk looks like this. I get shit done and I know where everything is. I'm actually planning on getting this thing under control since its in a constant state of chaos and our next busy season will be here in a matter of weeks.
- I like making people cry over gifts. Christmas 2011 was a doosy. I got my mother-in-law AND my aunt. Its too bad it wasn't at the same get together. I got my mom last night when I gave her one of her mother's day gifts... in the middle of Olive Garden. Erin for the win!
- I didn't work at all on Monday and scheduled my appointment to pick up my retainers from the orthodontist, you know because I'm 13, so I could come in a few hours late, or after lunch even.
That's all, for now. Time for this girl to start working.  But now you're probably thinking, "Where does that bitch think she's gonna do any work?" since there is only about 2 inches of open space on my desk. Don't worry, I've got this!