May 2, 2013

May Goals

I think Spring is finally here!! It was 80 degrees outside yesterday and absolutely gorgeous aaaand I was stuck in the office all day.

Now that May is here, its time for some new monthly goals.

1. Create a Budget - The hubs and I wanted to be in our new house for a few months before we set up a budget. Now that we will be in here 6 months at the end of May, that time has come. We've been flying by the seat of our pants on spending, which is nice and all. We just haven't been putting much into savings. And thats no bueno. Any budgeting tips that you all would like to share?

2. Walk at least 4 times every week - The only thing that will get in my way on this one is a busy schedule. I've been running around here and there all last week and this week. I'm ready for things to slow down.

3. Get all rummage stuff put together - I committed to a rummage the second weekend in June with my sister-in-law. My mom is going to throw some stuff in there too. I've got about 5 bags that are all ready to go, but I know my closet and dresser could use a purging. So could Danny's.

4. Get my office in working order - If you saw the picture from yesterday you would know that my desk looks like a tornado came through. Well, to be honest, my whole office is like that. Between running my dad's estate stuff, the insurance agency, the rental properties, etc... there's a lot going on in that room. My brother and I have a plan in place to get shit cleaned up so hopefully we can get that taken care of this month.

5. Read a book - The last book I read was Frosting & Futures, which is the sequel to Seduction & Snacks. Funniest books I have ever read. Order it today. You won't regret it. It was laugh out loud funny. I dont know what kind of book I'm after this time. I've read the 50 Shades trilogy already. I'm a Nicholas Sparks fan like every other female. What are some good books that you all have read lately?

6. Bridal Shower Invitations - My BFF Rachael is getting married at the end of August, so the bridesmaids are throwing her a bridal shower in July. I volunteered to take care of the invitations. Danny's sister is a consultant for Heritage Makers, an online scrapbook design tool. I signed up for a Premier account, and I've got a lot of points built up, so these invitations are basically paid for. I just need to design them.
* Really though, go check out Heritage Makers. Its a great site for mamas who like to preserve all those awesome picture of their kids. Thats why I still have it.

7. Spring clean my kitchen - The rest of the house is done, all I have left is the damn kitchen. Why can't that clean itself?!

I can't end this boring post without a picture of my 2 favorite boys. I posted this on Instagram (erinshell10) yesterday because it was so cute.. and pretty funny.
Danny was just sitting at the counter and Diesel decided he wanted to too. So he got up there and sat down like a person. I really just love that dog!

Have a good Thursday!


  1. I too made a list of goals last night and getting out for a walk 5 days/week was #1!
    I have finished both Safe Haven and The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks and really enjoyed them. I also just finished The Best Man by Kristan Higgins, very easy read. now I am reading a bunch of freebies I downloaded on iBooks. haha I might have to get the books you mentioned!

  2. such a cute pic! You can totally do all of those goals :)