Aug 30, 2013

Five on Friday

Friday has finally arrived and I couldn't be more thrilled.  It hasn't really been that long of a week, but I'm just glad the weekend is here! Friday also means it is time to link up with Darci from Good Life Blog. This link up is just great, especially since I like to ramble sometimes.

1. The first and most important thing today is that you ladies are awesome. You sure know how to make a girl not feel like a fatty.  The support that the blogging world offers to fellow bloggers, or even people that don't blog through sharing those stories, is absolutely amazing. And admirable. So thank you. For making me feel better and for also making me want to be a better person.

2. I made this Spinach and Mozzarella Egg Bake last night.  It sounded good for dinner and also sounded good for a quick breakfast, which is was this morning as I decided to sleep until about 6:40 instead of getting up at 6:15. Instead of using spinach leaves, I just bought a small box the the Green Giant chopped spinach from the freezer section.  That way I didn't have to dirty a skillet and the spinach pieces were chopped.  I'm not a huge fan of spinach so the big leaves aren't for me. Danny took a slice with him to eat on his way to his 3rd job this morning and he really enjoyed it.  He wants me to add some meat to it, which I fully plan on doing as I experiment with this recipe. 

3. Drying my hair this morning, after sleeping late, confirmed yet again that I am going to cut my hair next week.  I'm thinking now is the time for me to do it. I don't want to cut it RIGHT before Tucker gets here because I keep reading how moms lose hair after the baby is born to make up for the natural hair loss that didn't happen as much as it should during pregnancy.  That just scares me. I've always had awesome hair (yes, I'm tooting my own horn) but I can hardly stand for it to be long. Getting it ready is rough. Not because its difficult to style because its actually quite easy. But because I sweat soooo bad. Having less hair to dry will eliminate that and it will allow for quicker mornings. Here is a pic of me when I chopped my hair last summer. I'm thinking maybe a tad longer, with more layers and possibly more bang action. Yeah? Yeah.

4. The hotels for vacation have been booked! We're going to Frankenmuth, Michigan for 2 days and then South Haven, Michigan for 3 days. I booked the South Haven hotel a couple weeks ago, but was holding off on the Frankenmuth hotel. Why? I have not the slightest idea. Well, there weren't any rooms left with a king bed, just one with 2 queens. Rats. I wanted to stay at the Drury Inn because thats where I stay when I go with Danny's family and you get a free breakfast *which is legit, not just bagels and yogurt* and they have  "kick back" where they provide some dinner, usually its salad, baked potatoes, hot dogs, chips, veggies, but it varies through the week.  They also give you 3 free beverages.  So, you can basically stay at this hotel and only pay for lunches. The hotel we're staying at provides a free breakfast so thats fine. Plus, Danny just wants to eat "meats and cheeses" while we're in Frankenmuth anyway so we should be okay.

5. Finally, we are doing our registry tonight!! I cannot wait! We've decided to register at Target, but we're going to the Target down in Fishers because it is ginormous and they have a really nice baby section. We're using it as a date night and I keep asking Danny where he's taking me for dinner. I'm just happy for a date night because I've missed him the last couple weeks between his work schedule, my schedule last week and then him working Tuesday and yesterday at the fire department. A good few hours of me annoying him is just what we need :)

Aug 29, 2013

23 weeks!

Last week was so busy that I couldn't get a 22 week bumpdate up. I had every intention of getting it ready Wednesday morning then hitting that publish button before I went to my class butttttt, I didn't. I do have a 23 week bumpdate though!!

Sorry for the hot mess look in the picture. We had just gotten home from our nephew's football game and it was a little toasty.

Baby size: Grapefruit
Any symptoms?  oh let's see.. back pain duh. a growing bump.
Cravings? cinnamon rolls. salads have been great, but I don't know that I'd call them a craving.
Favorite part this week? We tested paint colors in the nursery, but have yet to go look at them dry haha.
Least favorite part this week? Weight gain at this last appointment. I'll get to that in a minute
Boy or Girl? BOY!! :)
Names? we've seemed to have settled on the name.... Tucker :)

My back pain was out of control this week. The wedding really wore me out between going and going all day, wearing heels for a few hours and doing a little dancing. I paid for it Sunday, Monday and even Tuesday. I also think the wedding was the culprit of my tailbone hurting. I had a pilonidal cyst when I was a senior in high school and the area seems a bit irritated right now. I have to be careful on how I sit down, get up and roll over in bed. So that's fun!

Lets talk about my weight gain. I had an appointment last Wednesday (in case you forgot that was my birthday) and I had to see a different doctor in the practice than my normal OB. That's fine, I wasn't too worried about it. Well, he informed me that I had gained 7 pounds since my last appointment a month ago. SEVEN! Different doctor and I didn't get off to a good start, even if you aren't suppose to kill the messenger. That kinda hurt a little, but also didn't stop me from enjoying an entire piece of cheesecake from the cheesecake factory. Here's what I think about that number.
1. I went from wearing a bikini and not even looking pregnant (just pudgy) on August 3rd to being obviously pregnant in 2 weeks time.
2. I'm not eating terrible every single meal of every single day, but things could be better.

So, I've started using Lose It again. At least for a week or 2 to see what I'm really eating. I've set the program to "maintain current weight" so it doesn't take anything out. This allows me 2,000 calories. Yesterday, I ate around 1800 and was fine. The only times I was hungry were between snacks and at my nephews football game.   I honestly do really well the 4-5 days after I go to the grocery, but after that it's not great. I don't know if I get bored with what I'm eating or what. I really don't want to go to the grocery every week though. I've tried that during pregnancy and its not good. So, we'll see how things go with me tracking my food again.

Aug 27, 2013

Birthday Recap

Birthdays from here on out may not be a big deal, with the exception of 30, 40, 50 and so on and so forth. That doesn't mean the week will be any less special. Yes, the week.  I completely believe in birthday weeks. Danny doesn't.  I've explained to him that he doesn't have to shower me with gifts everyday although recommended, or even wine and dine me the entire week. The week is so you can celebrate with all of those that matter to you. You can't possibly plan all of your birthday lunches, dinners, or whatever for that ONE day. That's silly to wear yourself out like that on YOUR day.

For my 24th birthday last week, the week was pretty calm. It probably had to do with a combination of being pregnant and there being a wedding. Celebrating really only took place on Wednesday and Sunday, but that's okay.

Wednesday was the big day. I took the day off from work because I practically refuse to work on my birthday. After years of starting school the day of, day after or day before my birthday, I think I deserve to have the day off. Danny's mom showed up around 9 with a plate of cupcakes for me. Her and her husband also got me a prenatal massage. Holllllaaaaa! I'm going to try to save it for after our vacation, but we'll see. The back isn't doing to well. After a pretty good baby appointment, Danny and I went to Lowe's to get paint samples then we had Qdoba for lunch. After lunch Danny took me to see the pallet bookshelf that he is making me and I proceeded to tell him what was wrong about it, resulting in my crying my whole way to Anderson to get a mani and pedi. Thanks hormones. I came home from my relaxing nail salon experience to my hubby cooking me steak and a baked potato, despite what happened with the bookshelf. I'm a lucky girl. After that I headed to my friend's apartment down in Indy and we went to Cheesecake Factory. I enjoyed a whole piece of Red Velvet. I usually get it for Danny, but always take a bite, so this time I wanted my own. It was heavenly!

Skip a few days and we're at Sunday. My bff Andrea treated Danny and I to breakfast and it was pretty delicious.

Since it was the last day of birthday week, I didn't do anything until it was time for dinner with my Danny, my mom, brother and his girlfriend. We went to Texas Roadhouse. After dinner, my mom gave me another part of my birthday gift (this is after she got me a large pot last weekend and also paid for dinner), which was an outfit for the little guy. I had a feeling she was going to get me/him something for my birthday. It is technically for me since it says "I love my mommy" or something like that. 

Birthdays are just fabulous and shouldn't be celebrated on just one single day. My brother told me how one of his teammate's mom's has a birthday SEASON! I'd rather keep my birthday week, then get a Mother's Day week too :) Wish me luck on my endeavors to convince my husband that its necessary!

Aug 26, 2013

Weekend Recap!

I'm baaaack! The end of last week was absolutely jam packed, which also means it was exhausting. Wednesday night I headed down to the south side of Indy to stay with a friend because she lives 20 minutes from my all day class on Thursday. Got home from class around 7pm, then had wedding rehearsal on Friday at 11am. Worked for a few hours after that, then decided to stay up unitl 2am with the bride and other bridesmaids. Good idea, Erin and friends!

Saturday morning we all rolled out of bed around 9am and started getting ready for our dear Rachael's big day. We leisurely showered, dried hair and ate breakfast before heading to the salon. When we got there, we all got beautified.  Make up was done, hair was curled and pinned back per each of our requests and we were on our way to the venue to change into our dresses. Rachael (bride) had trouble getting her dress on. Not because it didn't fit, but because it was a lace up back and her mom hadn't practiced it and she also had fake nails on for the first time in her life. We got it figured out and headed to take pictures.  I can't wait to see the pictures! Rachael and Brent's engagement pictures were amazing so the wedding pictures will be fabulous.

The wedding went perfectly. The groom stunned EVERYONE though as he SANG as the bridesmaids, ring bearers, flower girls and his BRIDE walked down the aisle. Full on sang a beautiful song. Honestly, I got up to the front and started looking around to find the singer because I knew the vocals were live but I couldn't find anyone. Then one of the bridesmaids standing next to me whispered, in complete shock, "oh my god thats Brent singing!" The bar has now been set for all those men sitting out in the chairs next to their girlfriends and fiances.  Best of luck to you guys as you try to get away with your ceremony having traditional processional music.

The reception was a blast. The groom has 1 sister... and 9 brothers! He is child number 7 of 11.  The millions of family members are all hilarious and completely crazy.  While they were all dancing, my family was back at the bar seeing who could rack up the largest bar tab. This was after they had picked the table closest to the bar. The winner? Blu Falls Arts and Events Center.

Lovin on little baby

The "losers" from the bar tab contest.

Sunday Danny and I went to breakfast with my friend Andrea and her boyfriend. She wanted to take me out for my birthday because she's missed the last 4 birthdays because of school. So that was sweet. After relaxing on the couch, I headed to the Grand Prix that our town was hosting. It was a huge go-cart race around a couple blocks in town. It was the second year for it and its becoming such a huge hit, which is what our little town needs. Danny worked the race with the fire dept so I went to sit with him for a little. This pregnant lady was way too hot and went home to lounge. Last night was my birthday dinner with my mom, Danny, my brother and his girlfriend. I splurged and got ribs, but couldn't even finish them. Dinner was delicious and was a great way to wrap up birthday week, which is now officially over. Womp womp womppppp.

As much as I enjoyed the activities of last week, I am SO glad this week is less busy. The only thing on the agenda is baby registry on Friday. I ain't mad about it!

Aug 21, 2013

Dear 24 year old Erin

Dear 24 year old self,

Today marks the start of a new year for you. You're making your way through your 20's at what feels like a very high speed. It only feels that way because the start of them was full of 2 year roller coaster. At 21 you were trying to navigate your way through running an insurance agency while finishing school. The age 22 was spent as a newlywed, who was still running an insurance agency during your last semester of school. This past year, age 23, was no different. Things were suppose to be easier, and much different than 21 and 22. Everything was falling into place for you. Danny was done with school, you were done with school, and you two bought a house that you could call your own and really start your life together. But once again, life happened and right in the middle of your happiness, your world seemed to be crashing down and took 2 years of hard work with it.

23 was a year of proving yourself. Not only did you prove to yourself that you could handle big kid things like buying a house, but you proved to yourself, and everyone who ever doubted you, that you DID have what it took to run your dad's business.  Doing it for the 2 years before was easy. You worked behind the scenes making sure every part of it worked. But now. You were working the front lines and became one of the faces of the company. That was intimidating. You didn't do it all by yourself, but a lot of the pressure fell on you.  A lot of people relied on you. But here we are, almost 9 months later and you're still going.

You also proved something to yourself. You CAN lose weight. After many attempts to do so, you finally figured it out. Something finally clicked and you got a handle on the challenge. And it couldn't come at a better time. It gave you something positive to focus on during the chaos of your professional life. It also came just in time for your biggest, and most important challenge of your whole life. Motherhood.

23 was full of building blocks for 24. Don't forget everything you went through your past year of life. Continue to have the courage and motivation to push and challenge yourself. Take what 23 taught you and make 24 your best yet. Make it your proudest year so far. Stay confident and positive. You picked up probably the most positive attitude you've had your whole life. Don't let go of it. It is what got your through the rough part of 23 and I'm convinced it will get you through just about anything if you let it.

Good-bye 23 and hello 24!

Aug 20, 2013

Birthday Wishlist

Here we are... the eve of my birthday. My last 24 hours of being the ripe old age of 23 before I jump into the old age of 24. I always have a hard time coming up with a birthday wishlist because I want big things that cost bunches of money. That and Danny and I usually just buy ourselves whatever we want. Those days are coming to an end with our little bundle of joy arriving.

I figured I would come up with a birthday list, just for shits and giggs. 

1. This girl needs some shirts. I consider myself still in an awkward stage of this pregnancy, for my closet at least. I'm obviously pregnant, but I'm not exactly big enough for maternity shirts yet. I think they still look pretty frumpy. My non-maternity shirts are getting tighter and they are getting too short. So, awesome.

2. A large box of popsicles. I dislike purple, green and orange. My favorites are the firework ones. You know the red, white and blue ones. Those are great.

3. Desserts - I love cheesecake, snickerdoodles, and white chocolate macademia cookies. Also if someone could mimic the chocolate lava cake from Carnival Cruises, that would be great too.

4. I need a massage. Actually, just a whole spa day, but I'll settle for just a massage.  My back kills almost daily and my legs get sore because I've been a lazy ass.

5. A maid. Just for cleaning and laundry. I really don't mind the grocery shopping and cooking. I actually enjoy those two activities. Its the sweeping, dusting, mopping, washing and folding that chap my ass.

6. A case of wine from Brown County Winery for after this kid pops out. My faves are Vista White and Cranberry Apple. Throw a bottle of Old Barrel Port in there for the hubs too.

7. Finally, I would like a beach vacation that I can use next year. I dont want to go right now because I feel like a hog, but I feel like next September or October I'll be ready. Physically and mentally. Orange Beach is my favorite, but anywhere in Florida (Gulf side please) is fine.

Thats it :) I know right... it starts simple, but then I throw in some biggies. I don't want much out of life, it just costs too much!

Aug 19, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend was another hubbyless weekend for me. Danny's dad's birthday gift, which was in January, was a trip to a Nascar race in Michigan. It was set up as a guys trip with Danny, Danny's brother and Danny's brother-in-law. They drove up Friday afternoon, spent all day Saturday, the race was yesterday and they stayed last night. My loner weekend was nice though!

Saturday was productive day. I got up and headed to the store to get supplies to make homemade salsa. I recruited my mom to help me so I wanted to get to the store and get back before she got here at noon, which I got home with enough time to lay on the couch for 20 or so minutes. When she arrived we began the 4 hour process of making salsa. The main reason Danny and I planted a garden this year was to preserve food and eat stuff that was home grown, which included salsa. Well, our tomatoes were the only thing that did half way decent this year. Those and the sunflowers, which you can't exactly freeze or can to EAT! Whatever. So, since we had enough tomatoes to warrant salsa, I wanted to give it a shot. Neither my mom or I had made salsa before. Well, my mom made fresh salsa one time but it wasn't for canning.

Last week I searched Pinterest for a good recipe. I wanted a Chili's style recipe. I HATE onion-y, cilantro-y salsa. I hate onions and I hate cilantro even more. Chili's is my stuff. Love it. I had seen plenty of copy cat recipes and I knew there had to be on for canning. I mean, if it's not on Pinterest it doesn't exist, right? Right! I found the PERFECT recipe, which you can see HERE! After we spent hours peeling, cutting, chopping, and stirring, we made the BEST salsa. It's perfect and tastes just like Chili's. I am one happy pregnant lady!  We only got 8 small jars, but I feel like thats a good first try.

My Sunday? It went something like this: watch all episodes of General Hospital, got get lunch, watch 4 episodes of Law & Order: SVU, make dinner, watch Real Housewives of New Jersey. Diesel and I lounged all. day. long. It was perfect because this week is going to be exhausting!

So on Saturday while the cans were processing, I decided to cut open the small watermelon I got at the grocery earlier in the week. I was expecting a normal watermelon. My mom got a good laugh when she saw my face as I discovered this.

I had never seen a yellow watermelon before and I was shocked. It was delicous and tastes just like a normal, pink watermelon. That was basically the excitement for the weekend.

Aug 15, 2013

21 weeks!

I'm back after a 2 day hiatus. Nothing was coming to my mind and I may have slept a little late yesterday morning. But, I'm back today and Friday! :)

I am officially over half way through this pregnancy! Its amazing to me how quickly these weeks are flying by.  I blame it on work being so freaking nuts right now but whatever. I'm enjoying it! :)

Baby size: Pomegranate. (Also the length of a carrot!)
Any symptoms?  I barely noticed anything this week.
Cravings? slushies. cheesy things. I HAD to have nachos for dinner on Tuesday.
Favorite part this week? feeling him kick more. He is very active in the morning right after I get to work. The crib and changing table for his room also arrived.
Least favorite part this week? Officially gaining back every pound that I had lost
Boy or Girl? BOY!! :)
Names? Still calling him by the one name but no commitment yet

This week has been pretty good. I haven't been exhausted, I've only had one headache and my back hasn't been anything I can't handle.  Saturday night at our class reunion, one of the girls I'm friends with couldn't believe how much I had popped in the last week.  I had just seen her the Saturday before at the bachelorette party and I was wearing a bikini. She was amazed.

So there use to be a bakery in town. They had the BEST donuts and cookies in the world. When my mom worked in Indy when it was open, her coworkers would practically beg her to bring some in. My dad would always stop by on his way to take us to Grammy's in the summer before he went to work. Everything was delicious. Well, they closed a while back and the gas stations that sell donuts just aren't anywhere close. Lucky for me (and the fire department, the preschool in town and others), Danny works with the son of the former owners. After Danny got to work on Tuesday he texted me and said his coworker had a surprise for me. I thought it was info about his house for his homeowners insurance since I'm working on quotes for him and his wife. Nope. It was better! He made me cookies. He was making them for someone else and decided to whip some up for me and another firefighters pregnant girlfriend. She's having a girl though, so hers were pink. There were TONS of cookies. Luckily before I left the fire station, they all had grabbed one so there were at least 5 less cookies for me to eat.


We've almost got the baby's room cleared out. The broken couch was picked up last night and the mattress and box spring will be out of here early next week. I'm hoping on Sunday I can go to Lowe's and pick out some colors for his room so Danny can paint soon.

That's it folks. Have a good Thursday! :)

Aug 12, 2013

My busy but fun weekend

Hey all! I am so sad that this weekend is over.  It was so nice and this Monday sure is being a Monday. I literally woke up every 2 hours last night due to being uncomfortable, or having to pee. If it was just because I was uncomfortable, I got up to pee anyway. I saw 12 am, 1:35 am, 3:45 am, and  5:04-5:30ish am before I finally went back to sleep for about 20 minutes before my alarm went off. THEN! I was making my nice cup of coffee and as I was stirring the creamer in, I noticed all these black particles. So I start pouring it out and it looked like someone put a clump of dirt in the bottom, which would mean my Kuerig is being a shithead. Awesome.

Friday I didn't do squat and it was heavenly. Last week was so busy and Friday at 4 I was D-O-N-E!

Saturday morning Danny and I headed to the State Fair after he got off work and we dropped Diesel off at his mom's. We walked around, laughed, drank slushies and had a great time for a few hours before my back and hip were threw in the towel.  My feet were great, despite Danny's concern about me wearing flip flops. My Nike flip flops are probably comparable to walking on a could so I knew they'd be fine. I had the hardest time deciding what to eat. Being pregnant and having access to all kinds of fried fair goodness is difficult on the taste buds. I knew at some point I would need something from this bad boy. I've mentioned a few times that my biggest craving in this pregnancy has been sno cones and slushies. Well, this was the first thing I saw as we were parking the car. I had pina colada and watermelon. Delish.

After my hour nap on the way home and 2 and a half hour nap when we got home, it was time for our class reunion. It's been 5 years since Danny and I's class graduated so it was time for a reunion. I was a class officer so it was partly my responsibility to plan. All I did was reserve the patio at a local bar and I was done. 10 years will get more of an effort. I was the DD for Danny and a couple of our friends. Danny and the other guy were less than thrilled about going, but they ended up having a pretty good time. It was really nice to see people we don't normally see, even though they do live around here still. Everyone ate dinner, had drinks (or water womp womp) and chatted. We left the bar around 12:30 and headed to a friends house for a bonfire. We didn't leave there until like 2:15, putting us in bed around 2:45. I can't remember the last time I was up that late and thank the lord I took a marathon nap earlier in the day.
My high school sweetheart

"That's my baby!" - Danny

Diesel came barreling in the house at 8:20am when Danny's mom brought him home, giving us only about 5 hours of sleep. (That's right, 5 hours of sleep Saturday night and awful sleep last night. I'm gonna be an absolute peach tonight!) We ordered take out for breakfast because we both needed wanted biscuits and gravy. After laying around for a while, Danny went to work and I went shopping for the nursery and maternity clothes with my mom. Clothes were successful, furniture was not. I think I've got a game plan though and I feel pretty good about it

That was it for us this weekend. Hopefully this week flies by like last week did!

Aug 9, 2013

Five on Friday Link Up

It's Friday and my brain has pretty much timed out for the week already... and I haven't even left for work yet. There are many many thoughts and things running through my mind these days. Between being pregnant, being a wife, running a company (along with managing some properties), and trying to maintain somewhat of a social life, there are hundreds of different things that cross my mind... daily.

The Five on Friday Link Up that Darci from The Good Life hosts every Friday is perfect for my hot mess of a noggin.

1. August - Let's start with the reason my brain is so jumbled. In the early days of this here blog, I talked about how I was in the midst of an incredibly busy time at work. Well, here I am again with work in full swing. The good news is, at the end of this month, its pretty much smooth sailing until the end of January. This is also a big month for us. We celebrated our anniversary, we have our 5 year class reunion this weekend (we know, we're practically children), Danny is going on a guys' trip next weekend, my birthday is the 21st, and my best friend is getting married.  August is NUTS!

2. Decaf coffee - Prior to being pregnant, I thought it was silly for decaf coffee to exist.  I didn't see the point since I drank it solely for the caffiene... or so I thought.  A couple months into this incredible journey of growing a human, I discovered that I missed the taste because I got tired of drinking juice and water with breakfast. I'm a girl that loves options. I don't eat the same thing for breakfast every day and I certainly don't want to drink the same thing everyday. Plus, I like to safe my daily dose of caffiene for the afternoon/lunch time so I can enjoy a Diet Coke or Diet Mountain Dew. So, decaf coffee is now part of my life when I never thought it would be.

3. Friends with winter baby boys - One of my good friend's older sisters sent me a message on Facebook the other day telling me she had a large tote of 0-12 month clothes from when her boys fit into them. They were born in December 2009 and March 2012, so our little boy will likely be able to wear them. And she just gave them too us, for FREE! She also gave us a bath seat for when the sink gets to be too crowded and a Boppy pillow.  We paid her $80 for a convertible car seat that she bought for her youngest to use at the babysitter and they don't need it. We won't be able to use the car seat for a year, but its one less thing we'll have to buy, which will be a lot since Danny's mom will need her own set of things too.

4. Speaking of Facebook - Like most people who don't air the dirty laundry about their life, Facebook is my highlight reel. But its also my own personal marketplace. Wednesday I posted that we had a queen mattress and box spring for sale for $60 (quite a steal). Within 10 minutes, Danny already received a text from someone wanting to buy it. Saweeeet. Now if the kittens I posted would go that would be great!

5. Lets talk leg cramps - Leg cramp, Charlie Horse, call it what you will, but they are annoying. I haven't had one since at least the early years of high school. I honestly can't even remember. Last night I got TWO! At 4:30 am my leg cramped like you wouldn't believe and almost brought me to tears. I got it uncramped enough to stand and walked it off to the bathroom. I had to pee and I'm honestly surprised I didn't wet the bed. Uncramping your leg and holding your bladder at the same time is tough. As if that one leg cramp wasn't enough, at 5:55 my OTHER LEG cramped up. I only remember that it was 5:55 because I woke Danny up and felt bad for doing so once I realized it was 5 minutes before he had to wake up. Now, both of my legs are so sore. Not a good sore that you get from a workout either. If anyone has any tips on how to get rid of these, I'm all ears! I have a feeling I just have to ride them out though :(

There's my five! Hope you all have a good weekend!!

Aug 8, 2013

20 weeks!

We're mixing things up around these parts, probably for the remainder of my pregnancy. I've been wanting to switch my Bumpdates to Thursdays for a while now so I can participate in the 5 Things link up, but something has always come up. Now I have a chance to move things around and I'm doin it!

Baby size: Banana
Any symptoms?  back pain, but that's just going to be there because of my back issues
Cravings? donuts... good thing a few jumped in the car on my way home from dinner with friends last night
Favorite part this week? going to BuyBuy Baby with Danny
Least favorite part this week? I felt kind of Monday night and into Tuesday morning. Not sure if it was from dinner or what
Boy or Girl? BOY!! :)
Names? Since yesterday we've been calling him one name in particular, but Danny isn't ready to commit just yet.

For our anniversary on Monday, we decided to head to Indy and get dinner then go to Buy Buy Baby so Danny could look at baby things. I thought it was a great idea since I felt kind of overwhelmed when I went in with a friend. We started out easy in the clothes then just made our way around. I ran into a sorority sister who just found out that day that she is having a boy too, and she just so happens to be due a week before me. How awesome! While I was talking to her and her mom, I think Danny was just staring at everything and starting to hypervenilate because when I asked him if he was ready to keep moving he sounded a little paniced(that spelling just does not look right by the way). We started looking at cribs and all was okay... except all cribs at Buy Buy Baby cost what seems like a fortune.
Danny test drove a stroller and we found a travel system we like. We get a free carseat from the hospital that we are delivering at, but we didn't see any strollers that went with that brand. At least not at Buy Buy Baby. Isn't he cute though? :)

On Sunday I am going nursery shopping with my mom. We were all set to order a crib and dresser from Target, but then they didn't have the dresser in the right color of wood. Soooo, I'll have to see them all in person and probably buy pieces from different sets, if not stores.
Now that we know there is a little boy on the way, its time to get our butts in gear and get his room going. We have time, but the next 3 weekends are jam packed and we're going to be gone for 5 days in September... soooooo yeah.
Hope you all have a good Thursday! The weekend is almost heeere!!

Aug 6, 2013

Rum Punch

This recipe is courtesy of my mother-in-law, who doesn't really drink unless she's at a Christmas party at our house.  She told me about it a few weeks before my bridal shower and offered up the recipe to my mom. My mom made it for my shower and I fell in love, along with everyone else. My friend Rachael made it for my bachelorette party a month later. The next summer I made it for myself (I shared) on the 4th of July to take to fireworks. Fast forward a little bit to this summer, and my friend Rachael is getting married. We were talking about what she was going to drink all day and she mentioned Rum Punch. I told her I'd make it for her since she made it for me.

So, like a good little pregnant girl, I waltzed through the liquor section and a couple other aisles to get the goods. Plus, its very Overman(maiden name) of me to be pregnant and STILL show up to a party with booze. You can always count on us to make sure everyone gets good and liquored up.

Here's what you need:
- 2 small cans of pineapple juice (you'll probably just have to buy a 6 pack
- 2 cans of Hawaiian punch (the sell small bottles of this like the one in the picture. Just measure out 24 ounces)
- frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed
- Fifth of rum (Danny's mom never specified if it was just white rum or coconut. I'm a Malibu lover so I always use that. Makes me feel tropical)
- A pitcher, large container or something that will fit in your freezer

Ready for the directions?
Dump it all in the pitcher and make sure its good and mixed up. Yes, you dump the whole fifth. As your stirring make sure the lemonade concentrate is dissolved in case it wasn't 100% thawed. Put in the freezer OVERNIGHT! It takes longer to freeze than a normal punch because of the alcohol.

Take it out the next day, right before you leave to go to your party or right before guests start arriving. Take a spoon and break it up to make it all slushed.

It made about 1/2 of that large ass pitcher, by the time it was all slushed up and had melted a little bit.

It's almost too easy for something that delicious. I think next summer I may just make some to keep on hand. Doesn't sound like a bad idea to me!

Aug 5, 2013

Happy Anniversary, Danny

On this day 2 years ago, Danny and I stood in front of I couldn't even tell you how many people in his dad's backyard and said "I Do." As I wrote in his card last night, I realized there was so much that I wanted to say to him.

Dear Danny,

Can you believe we've been married for 730 days already? Even though it was that long ago, I still remember it like it was yesterday. As I stood in the sunroom at your dad's house and I saw you head down to the altar to wait on my arrival, my eyes filled with tears of joy and my stomach filled with butterflies. The same butterflies I got when you called and said you were at the door to my dorm on Fridays and the same butterflies I get whenever you or I come home from a weekend away from each other.

Our first year of marriage flew by quickly between me finishing up school and you going through medic school. I'd have to say this second year did just the same and was quite a roller coaster. Whether we were navigating the process of buying a house or how we were going to function with me working 50+ hours, we figured it out and we got through it.

I knew 3 years ago that you would be a supportive husband. You came to my rescue when I lost my hero and have done everything you can to fill that void. Without your support, I wouldn't be able to do any of it. It doesn't matter if you're cheering me on as I'm eating a salad for lunch instead of a sandwich and french fries, or if I'm battling a grown man as I try to save my dad's business, you're there for me and are my biggest fan. You push me in the best way possible and when I need it the most. 

I love you more than you'll ever know or words can describe. I know I can be difficult a times, especially right now with pregnancy hormones (but if we're being honest, my pregnancy brain is more challenging than those), but you go right along with it and weather the storm.

Our 2nd year of marriage was eventful and we already know that the 3rd year of marriage will hold just as much excitement and one big adventure!!

I love youuuuu!!!!

Aug 2, 2013

19 weeks!

Our ultrasound went great yesterday! The lady said everything looked great and we are having a healthy baby BOY!!!

Danny was so excited. The tech said "Well its a boy" and Danny said, "are you serious" and she told him yeah. Our of the corner of my eye, I caught him fist pumping. It was adorable and reminded me why I love him. His emotions sometimes take control when he gets excited and its awesome.

Baby size: Mango - we were told he weighs 10 ounces
Any symptoms?  back pain. bad pregnancy brain.
Cravings? I wanted a slushie yesterday and got really disappointed when it sucked
Favorite part this week? finding out we're having a BOYYY
Least favorite part this week? I felt kind of sick yesterday morning and I slept terribly Wednesday night (but that was probably due to excitement!)
Boy or Girl? BOY!! :)
Names? Since yesterday we've been calling him one name in particular, but Danny isn't ready to commit just yet.

I told Danny early in the week that after the appointment we had to go to Target. I've been itching to buy something for months but was waiting until we knew the sex. We picked up 2 sets of onesies and a pack of bibs. One of the bibs says "these fools put my cape on backwards" and Danny had to have it.

We got some pretty good news during the ultrasound too. The tech said it looked like the placenta has moved! She told me to keep following the restrictions the doctor put me on, but she doesn't see why she wouldn't lift them. Remember how I said sometimes Danny's emotions take over? Well, when she said that, he high fived me... and it wasn't because I was going to be able to carry the laundry baskets through the house.

We are so thrilled to be having a little boy! Now we have lots to do to get ready for our little guy!!