Aug 12, 2013

My busy but fun weekend

Hey all! I am so sad that this weekend is over.  It was so nice and this Monday sure is being a Monday. I literally woke up every 2 hours last night due to being uncomfortable, or having to pee. If it was just because I was uncomfortable, I got up to pee anyway. I saw 12 am, 1:35 am, 3:45 am, and  5:04-5:30ish am before I finally went back to sleep for about 20 minutes before my alarm went off. THEN! I was making my nice cup of coffee and as I was stirring the creamer in, I noticed all these black particles. So I start pouring it out and it looked like someone put a clump of dirt in the bottom, which would mean my Kuerig is being a shithead. Awesome.

Friday I didn't do squat and it was heavenly. Last week was so busy and Friday at 4 I was D-O-N-E!

Saturday morning Danny and I headed to the State Fair after he got off work and we dropped Diesel off at his mom's. We walked around, laughed, drank slushies and had a great time for a few hours before my back and hip were threw in the towel.  My feet were great, despite Danny's concern about me wearing flip flops. My Nike flip flops are probably comparable to walking on a could so I knew they'd be fine. I had the hardest time deciding what to eat. Being pregnant and having access to all kinds of fried fair goodness is difficult on the taste buds. I knew at some point I would need something from this bad boy. I've mentioned a few times that my biggest craving in this pregnancy has been sno cones and slushies. Well, this was the first thing I saw as we were parking the car. I had pina colada and watermelon. Delish.

After my hour nap on the way home and 2 and a half hour nap when we got home, it was time for our class reunion. It's been 5 years since Danny and I's class graduated so it was time for a reunion. I was a class officer so it was partly my responsibility to plan. All I did was reserve the patio at a local bar and I was done. 10 years will get more of an effort. I was the DD for Danny and a couple of our friends. Danny and the other guy were less than thrilled about going, but they ended up having a pretty good time. It was really nice to see people we don't normally see, even though they do live around here still. Everyone ate dinner, had drinks (or water womp womp) and chatted. We left the bar around 12:30 and headed to a friends house for a bonfire. We didn't leave there until like 2:15, putting us in bed around 2:45. I can't remember the last time I was up that late and thank the lord I took a marathon nap earlier in the day.
My high school sweetheart

"That's my baby!" - Danny

Diesel came barreling in the house at 8:20am when Danny's mom brought him home, giving us only about 5 hours of sleep. (That's right, 5 hours of sleep Saturday night and awful sleep last night. I'm gonna be an absolute peach tonight!) We ordered take out for breakfast because we both needed wanted biscuits and gravy. After laying around for a while, Danny went to work and I went shopping for the nursery and maternity clothes with my mom. Clothes were successful, furniture was not. I think I've got a game plan though and I feel pretty good about it

That was it for us this weekend. Hopefully this week flies by like last week did!

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