Jul 5, 2017

4th of July

My favorite holiday has come and gone. There is just something about the 4th of July that makes me happy. I don't know if its the fireworks or the cookouts or what, but I love it. Always have. This year was no different. If anything I  loved it more. This holiday is the beginning of another year of holidays that Danny and I have spent together and we just started our 10th year of holidays. This was the 3rd time we've spent this particular holiday together. It's the holiday that we've spent apart the most so to get to enjoy it with him was really special. Especially since it was our first as a family of 4.

We started the festivities at his sister's for a cookout. Tucker had a blast playing with his favorite cousin and it was nice to sit and relax for a bit while Charlee was passed around. She obviously didn't mind.

Next was a cookout at my brother's house with my mom and my brother's friends. Tucker enjoyed running around, riding his bike and blowing bubbles.

After stuffing ourselves we headed up to our traditional fireworks show. This is the one Danny used to help put on, so it's always weird for him to watch them. I told him this was the first time the Last Call tribute to fallen firefighters hasn't gotten to me and I think it was because he was there this time.

We got home around 11 with some very tired babies. Tucker slept through a car to bed transfer and Charlee had no problems falling asleep once she nursed a little bit. Everyone but mama slept until at least 7:45 this morning. I got up at 5:20 so I could pump and get ready for the day. I was able to eat breakfast, drink coffee, and watch Friends in peace. I even priced some items for a rummage I'm doing this weekend.

Now it feels like we are on the downward slope of summer and I'm not ready for it to end!

Jun 30, 2017

Recapping: April

April brought the real world, aka Danny's time off was over and we started finding our normal. Which is really anything but.

Really though, April 1st was my first full day flying solo with both kids. I was still fighting off the cyst so we spent a lot of the day watching TV so I could sit on the heating pad and feed Charlee. We survived and it went a little too well. I even took them to the park by myself.

Bath time becomes a family affair when Daddy is at work. Almost 3 months later this is still what happens. Everyone that is in the house crams into the smallest part of our bathroom.

I took Tucker to an Easter party while my mom watched Charlee. It was the first time I left her. It was nice to get some one on one time with my first baby. This was also the day I discovered I was allergic to the antibiotic so I was soooooooo itchy.

Then Charlee turned a month old! She was so tiny!

Easter was our first holiday with 2 kids. 2 cute kids if I do say so myself.

Tucker had a blast hunting for eggs. That is actually what we do for fun. We play Easter Egg hunt in our house. We only have one picture of the entire family from that day and its a selfie.

Tucker started tee ball and I about died from the cuteness when he put his uniform on for the first time for pictures. Also, check out all that real life in the background... halloween costume, stray clothes and legos, an open umbrella, a pillow. April was back to real life and also survival mode.

At the end of the month is when I finally accepted that I had more than just the typical Baby Blues after having a baby. The reality of having 2 kids and solo parenting 3 days a week had set in, I came down off the happiness high and the somewhat tough pregnancy had caught up with me despite having a perfect labor and delivery. I still can't get over how "easy" it was. I AM going to get into this more later. Postpartum depression cannot be talked about enough.

That was it for April. May was much better for us.

Jun 29, 2017

Recapping: March

Let's see how well I can remember life between March 14th and March 31st. Thank God for social media since the last few weeks of March felt like one long day.

We made a few outings those first few weeks after Charlee was born. Her weigh-in's at the hospital went so well. Getting out of the house helped and I think I cried happy tears when she ate almost 2 ounces at the second one when she was a week old. After Tucker's dramatic weight loss and first couple weeks home, this was the one part about having a new baby that I was really nervous about. Here she is at a week old. Sooooo tiny! It's already hard to believe she was just a teeny baby too small for newborn clothes.

Charlee and I watched a lot of tv. What else is new haha. Parks and Recreation, Gilmore Girls, and Boston Legal were all playing when Tucker wasn't home or awake. Danny's mom kept Tucker during the day like normal. We wanted to keep his routine pretty much the same since life as he knew it was different. I don't think he really cared though since he was obsessed with her.

I ventured out of the house with both kids. By myself! We all survived with minimal crying from Charlee.

After Tucker was born, I had a pilonidal cyst on my tailbone. It was my second one. I had one in high school that I had surgically removed, which is the best way to remove it with the smallest chance of recurrence. Well, apparently I'm just really lucky because I got another one after Charlee was born. Despite me trying to not put so much pressure on my tailbone, I just couldn't prevent it. I caught it early though. So early there was nothing the doctor at MedCheck would do besides prescribe an antibiotic. I spent the next week taking baths whenever possible (which was rare since by the time I got done feeding Charlee I had about 45 minutes to do anything), sitting on a heating pad, and taking probiotics and eating yogurt to prevent any thrush issues like I had with Tucker after I had the cyst. About 3 days before I was finished with my antibiotic, I got a rash all over my body. I was so itchy. It was keeping me awake at night more so than my newborn. How ridiculous is that? It was then I found out I was allergic to Keflex.

We also had pictures done of Tucker and Charlee. Charlee would not sleep so she is awake in nearly every single one. You can just see how much Tucker loves her. He is going to be the best big brother to her.

That was March. It was certainly eventful but boring at the same time haha.

Jun 28, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

One day I'll get this blogging thing worked back into my routine. I need to do that with a lot of things: blogging, working out, flossing my teeth, get togethers with friends, etc. This season of life that I'm in is such a juggling act and I feel like balls keep getting thrown into the mix without any warning. But, I keep trying at all of those things and one day they will stick and I'll feel like I'm handling this season like the bad ass I know I can be.

Per usual, the entire month flew by in the blink of an eye. There is a direct correlation between age and the speed of time. The older you get the faster it goes. With that being said, it's time for What's Up Wednesday.

What we're eating this week... 21 day fix still, kind of. We did 18 days straight, took a break for Father's Day weekend and the following week since Danny worked Monday, Wednesday and Friday then had class the days in between with no way to keep food cold or cook it. I still followed the plan loosely then the wheels came off again this past weekend. We are both really enjoying it. I've found it easier to just have breakfast and lunch be the exact same every single day then dinner gets the variation. The structure of the containers is also the same for an entire week. That has really helped the meal planning process since the first week I spent like 5 hours just trying to come up with a plan since it requires me coming up with easy meals for Danny to make at work if they aren't already prepared. Okay, enough of that.

What I'm reminiscing about... Danny's broken foot unfortunately. A picture of Tucker popped up on my Timehop today and I remembered it was from the day his foot broke. I mean, this season of life is hard but that is one I prefer to never relive, even if it means I get this sweet curly haired boy back.

What I'm loving... rewatching Friends (again) and Justin's Vanilla Almond Butter. I'm not hard to please.
What we've been up too... working too much and relaxing too little. Tee ball is over. It was a lot of fun and even Danny enjoyed it. He enjoyed it so much he wanted to go eat dinner at the ball park one night when we didn't even have a game. My heart fluttered a little bit because he used to very passionately hate baseball.

What I'm dreading.... July 5th through the 15th. It's been a bad spring for my clients which has delayed my busy season so I'll have to cram it all into a less than 2 week period. I'll survive but it won't be pretty!

What I'm working on... decluttering my house and preparing for a rummage. I swear I just did this in October but I some how managed to still take out almost half of my clothes from my closet.

What I'm excited about... July 4th. It is my favorite holiday and wait for it.... my firefighter doesn't have to work! This will be our 10th 4th of July together and we've spent it together 2 times. One of those times was because of the broken foot. The other was in 2012. We were 11 months into our first year of marriage and 4 years into our relationship. Absolute babies!

What I'm watching/reading... I don't read, but I'm really good at watching tv. I watch Friends almost exclusively and Pretty Little Liars. I'm trying to find a time to get together with one of my BFF's and watch the PLL finale. I can't believe it's over!

What I'm listening too.... song of the month is I Can Fix a Drink by Chris Jansen. So catchy and I can really relate lol.

What I'm wearing... Real. Jeans!

What I'm doing this weekend... I have a girls night planned with a few of my girlfriends. We haven't gotten together since January which is absurd. Sunday is Danny's family reunion which is always fun. Monday and Tuesday are part of the weekend so we're going to try to take Tucker swimming Monday. He's been asking to go but we've been too busy, which is not fair to him.

What I'm looking forward to next month... The 4-H fair. It's so fun watching my husband in his element. Anything farm related is his happy place. I think it's his mini-me's too!

What else is new... I am officially not a landlord anymore! My brother and I sold our last rental house last week and I couldn't be more relieved.

Bonus question this month: WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE JULY 4TH TRADITION? Going to fireworks in a small town near us. I've got every year except for 1 since I was a little girl. We have talked about mixing it up and going somewhere new, but I don't know if we will. I guess I'll find out next week haha. I also took Tucker and my niece to fireworks in our town last year in their pj's. They both had a blast and I think I might do it again this year. 

That's it for June! I still can't believe June is almost over. It's ridiculous!

May 31, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

My favorite link-up comes at a perfect time with me jumping back into blogging in the middle of a month. It's going to really test my memory too since I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing half the time let alone remembering what I've already done. Such is life with a  newborn and threenager.

What we're eating this week...
If you ask Danny he'll probably say we are hardly eating but that's not the case. We started 21 Day Fix yesterday. We're both going from eating whatever we can get our hands on and how ever much we want so it's going to feel like we're eating less. I was pretty excited to do Whole30, but I'm more excited to do this. I love the idea of not eliminating whole food groups and everything in moderation.

What I'm reminiscing about...
This picture showed up on my Timehop yesterday. Our senior picnic.

I feel like I'm always reminiscing about the days when we were dating when these posts come around. All the girl in that picture wanted was to marry that boy someday. Nine years later we are married with 2 kids and a dog. I've loved every second and wouldn't change a single thing.

What I'm loving...
After a month, I am loving my new phone. I made the switch from Team iPhone to Team Android. I'm sure the Cloud was the easiest thing to understand but I could never force myself to remember how to get into mine lol. Working with all things Google has definitely been easier. From backing up my photos to using the calendar. Yep, I've even ditched the paper planner. Jury is still out on that one, but time will tell since meeting season is upon me. That will be the true test.

What we've been up to...
Tee ball. That's been interesting. We've made so much improvement though. Not so much skill wise. We've just gone from this...

To actually paying attention. I'm pretty sure there was a batter up when he was sitting in the base path picking at his bandaid on his knee. It's been a lot more fun. Corralling 6 3 year olds and 4 4 year olds is harder than herding cats though. I mean, I've never tried to herd cats but surely it's easier.

What I'm dreading...
Meeting season. Due to all the rain in my area, my meetings are going to be delayed but the deadline to report acres will remain the same. On top of that, I have to deal with pumping on the road which requires leaving earlier so I can build in time to pump before since some can take up to 2 hours plus having to pack all the things to make sure it stays cold. It's worth it but dang breastfeeding is a lot of work.

Also dreading moving Charlee to her crib. I'm going to not talk about it though because I'm in denial that I need to do it soon.

What I'm working on...
Surviving. That's enough right?

What I'm excited about..
On Father's Day we are paying a visit to Fair Oaks Farms in Northern Indiana.
This farm is featured in one of the Fun on the Farm movies that Tucker watches and was super obsessed with. He has been asking when we are going to go and since Danny has Father's Day off that's what we are doing. I love taking Tucker to do things like this. It's so fun to watch him get so excited.

What I'm watching/reading...
Still watching Pretty Little Liars. I'm kind of sad that it's going to be completely over soon.
The Chicago Fire season finale was a doozy. Being a firefighters wife, it was a little rough.
The Greys finale was also huge. That felt like the old Grey's to me.

What I'm listening to...
Old CD's I made in high school! I haven't put my music on the new phone yet, so I've had to pull out my CD case. I found so many great CDs and have had the best time remembering all the fun I had listening to those songs with my girlfriends.

What I'm wearing...
Maternity jeans still. I won't lie and don't even feel bad about myself for it. They are comfy. The ones I bought this time around were styling as hell. My shirt game is struggling but I'm fine with my pants situation for now.

What I'm doing this weekend...
I get to work in the concession stand Friday night. I think this officially makes me a baseball mom. Saturday Tuck has a game and Danny works. There's a girls night listed for Saturday night but I haven't heard any more on that.

What I'm looking forward to next month...
The trip to Fair Oaks Farms. Danny's training burn will be done.

What else is new...
We are wanting to move. Hopefully into a house that we have built. We had plans to buy my Grammy's house next to my brother but it felt through. Now we are trying to figure out when to make this move happen and where we want to build. We don't want to move towns. Our village is here and we need them haha.

Bonus: Favorite vacation spot
Orange Beach, Alabama. We are going with my mom, brother and his wife in October and I can't wait! It's an easy drive from Indiana and it doesn't get too crowded. I love it.

May 30, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend was spent doing a little bit of something we love doing: camping! Really though, it felt like just a little bit of camping.

Thursday afternoon I left work a bit early to finish packing and pick the kids up to head up to the campground. About halfway up, Danny called saying there was talk of them closing the campground due to flooding. It's been raining for weeks in Indiana and since the campground is on a lake, some of it was already under water. We decided to just go for it and we'd deal with having to leave if it came down to that. We ended up having beautiful weather for most of our stay since we were at home Friday night. Tucker had a tee ball game Friday and Danny had to work Saturday. His fire department is 35 minutes in the opposite direction of the campground from home so it was easier on him to stay at home. Plus I didn't want to spend all day solo parenting at the camper with the possibility of it raining.

It was really a pretty relaxing weekend though. Tucker is finally old enough to play with the bigger kids without me having to watch him super closely. There are a few girls that are about 10 years old that love "watching" him so he's not totally unsupervised. Of course he found a puddle of water to "make a potion" in which is his favorite thing to do.

He may have ruined his shorts and shirt but he was playing and having the time of his life so I can deal.

Charlee did pretty good camping. She got passed around like a hot potato Saturday night and I paid for it Sunday and Monday. Girlfriend likes to relax and this weekend was a bit too much partying I think. She was a stage 5 clinger both days. She slept really well though! Camping with a 10 week old went a bit easier than I expected it too, but that's probably because I had so much help. Seriously, I barely held her Sunday when I wasn't wearing her for her naps.

We got home pretty early yesterday morning. I spent a couple hours meal planning for us to start 21 Day Fix today. The concept of the program is very easy to understand, but the actual planning was a lot harder than I expected. I was also wrangling a toddler and baby so that probably had something to do with it. I finally went to the grocery with Charlee around 4 and was up until 10:30 prepping due to bedtime for her taking forever. I hope since we are back to our regular routine it doesn't take as long tonight.

Now it's time to enjoy a short work week!

May 23, 2017


I'm going to give this thing another go. Of course, I picked a Tuesday to start again. The last like 10 posts have been Tuesdays so why not. I didn't even plan this.  Life is flying by in the blink of an eye and I know one day I will want to read about it. Plus if it weren't for this blog, Tucker's baby book that I finished when he was nearly 3 years old would be kind of thin. I'm half kidding. And since I'm 3 weeks into being back at work, I'll be able to do it consistently.

I'm going to start with a catch up on each family member then I'll recap March and April. Probably in 2 posts. I'll save May for What's up Wednesday.

We'll start with Danny. He is still at the same fire department he was at when I "came back" the last time and rocking it. This one keeps him busier but I think he kind of enjoys it. He took over the fire training for the department shortly after being hired and is organizing a training burn on a house that was donated to the department. It has him a bit stressed out, so any extra good thoughts and prayers for him would be appreciated :) He is also rocking this dad of 2 thing.

He's pretty much taken over bedtime with Tucker on nights that he is home. I try to do it when he is home some, but to keep Charlee's crying to a minimum is also nice. He isn't mowing this summer, except for my office, his sister's house and one other yard. It's been nice having him home a little bit more. I say a little bit because he is still teaching. We see each other occasionally haha.

Where do I even begin with this one?

Tucker is still a sour patch kid. Seriously, sour and then sweet. I'm sure most 3 year olds are, but man he gives us a run for our money almost daily. He loves his baby sister still. He has recently started calling her Danielle. He is playing tee ball this year. Well, he is on a tee ball team. There's SOME playing going on. He spends most of the games trying to not play.

He has a game tonight and we've had a couple talks about how he needs to listen. We are pretty confident that he is doing the not listening and playing in the dirt to be defiant and not because he doesn't actually like tee ball. He had a blast the first 2 practices, so I think its just 3 year old shenanigans. But when he is sweet he is the sweetest. He is obsessed with giving hugs and kisses, randomly tells me he loves me, picks dandelions for gifts, pulls chairs out for his Gigi, buys flowers for her and Mamaw, and occasionally tells me I'm the best or that I make the best whatever food he is eating. We signed him up for preschool, which will start in August. That's only like 10 weeks from now and will be here before I know it.

Charlee is babying.

Eating, sleeping, eating, crying, eating, spitting up and then more eating. Seriously though, she eats all the time. At her 2 month appointment, she weighed 10lbs 1oz, which is  more than 4 lbs over what she weighed when she left the hospital. If she's awake, she wants to eat. She will eat until she gets sick and then start rooting for more. She does it more now that I've gone back to work since she doesn't get to nurse during the day. Her sleep is pretty good. I consistently get 5 hours the first stretch. Of course I only get about 3.5 or 4 hours by the time the nightly chores are done, but it's okay. Last night she gave me 7 and I think I know how to get that out of her again. She rolled belly to back about 3 weeks ago and is always moving. The nurses commented on her squirminess in the hospital and its gotten worse haha. Makes nursing interesting. She is firmly in 3 month clothes and yesterday even wore a 3-6 month shirt, so she is growing like a weed.

I am doing okay. I am surviving. The first few weeks after Charlee was born were great. I was successfully breastfeeding, I was sleeping 3-4 hours at a time and I felt like I had a good handle on life. Then I didn't. I would have a few good days and then I'd have a day or two that were terrible. I eventually went to the doctor for postpartum depression. I'll write more on that another day, but things have improved tremendously. Going back to work helped. I would love to be home snuggling my newest baby, but my mental health needs routine and maternity leave was the opposite of that for me. I love routine and need routine if my ADD isn't medicated.

That's where we are at as of today. Now that its nearly 11 am I should do something productive for my professional life. I look forward to catching up more!

Mar 14, 2017

Introducing Miss Charlee

Our newest little love has arrived. Charlee Danielle was born on March 9th at 2:57pm. She weighed 6 lbs 8.2 oz and was 19 1/4 in long. She is a petite little girl! 

I didn't get to skip the appointments last Thursday like I had hoped, but I didn't get to go home from them either. The ultrasound was first. Towards the end I noticed the nurse was spending some time focusing the cord, which I hadn't recalled her doing so in the other ultrasounds. I didn't think much of it. The NST went great and showed some uterine activity but none that I could feel. When my OB came in the exam room she started with the good news that the baby looked great and passed the BPP and NST with flying colors then followed with the discovery that there was a knot in the cord. The cord was also a 2 vessel cord. Neither were a big deal but they each have their own concerns. Being that I was 38+2 at this point, she didn't want to risk the baby making one wrong move and the knot causing big problems, so off to the hospital we were sent. Like directly. She said do not pass go, just go over and I'll let them know you're coming. Before she sent us on our way,she checked me just so she could give the floor a starting point. I was 4cm and we suspect she swept my membranes because as soon as I stood up I started leaking. 

If you remember from Tucker's birth story, Danny's sister works on the OB floor of the hospital. Luckily she was working and didn't have to come in. We got there at 9:36 and she got me all hooked up to pitocin so we could really get things going. She also kind of wanted to smack me since this was not the plan and I had to pee every time she came in to up the pitocin haha. My OB checked me around 12 and I was 5cm. She broke my water since it looked like I just had a leak earlier. Things progressed quickly. By about 1:30 I think, I had had enough and needed the epidural. Once it was set, history repeated itself. I was looking forward to some rest while I finished dilating, but once the epi was working I was already at 9.5 cm meaning there would be no nap. 

After about 7 minutes of pushing I had to to stop so my doctor could make it over. Danny's sister said she would be mad if she got me to 38 weeks and missed the birth haha. Once she got over there I pushed a couple more times and Charlee  made her debut! It was 5.5 hours from the time I was admitted to Charlee arriving. 

I've said all along that if I could have a repeat experience of Tuckers birth then that would be ideal. This birth was just as easy and done in half the time. She is also almost the exact same size as Tucker. She weighed a little over 1 ounce more and was only 1/4 in shorter in length. 

Big brother is obsessed! 

I'm sure this is just a honeymoon phase and he'll start getting annoyed with her crying soon, but I'm going to enjoy the cuteness while it's here. 

We've been home for a few days and things are going pretty well. She is nursing like a champ and naps pretty well. I *think* I've figured out how to get a couple good stretches out of her overnight but I'm not going to put much weight in that just yet. 

We are all in love with our newest addition and couldn't be happier that she's here!

Mar 7, 2017

38 weeks

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine being THIS pregnant. While I'm thrilled that she's cooked beyond the point everyone expected her too, I'm also ready to not be pregnant.

Baby size: leek. I hate when its a vegetable that I don't even recognize.
Any symptoms?  everything boobs down hurts. BP is starting to get high. heartburn is a raging bitch still. my brain is mush.
Favorite part this week? Another week without insulin
Least favorite part this week? WAITING!
Boy or Girl? GIRL!
Names? Charlee Danielle

The entire Summers household is over this pregnancy. I'm over it because it hurts. Danny is over it because he's ready to meet his little girl. Tucker is ready to meet his little sister. He's been strapping all dolls and stuffed animals into all of the baby gear. The bumbo, swing, rock n play, car seat... if it is meant for a baby he has tested it. We are all anxiously awaiting her arrival... which we have a pending date for!

March 14th this baby is getting evicted! While her daddy is not happy about the 6am arrival that day, we are excited to know that we don't have that much longer to wait. The 6am arrival doesn't bother me since I'm sure I won't sleep anyways.

A couple weeks ago I came very close to getting put on insulin at bedtime. After a week of better eating, the nurse and doctor were happy and I have made it through another week without it. I have to send my numbers again on Friday and then I'll be done monitoring it so closely. Obviously I'll have to see it through until my induction, but its nice to know that end is in sight too.

Other than that I'm just hoping my body is prepared to birth a baby. I'm 3 cm dilated, so I'm already ahead of the game compared to the 1cm I was when my water broke with Tucker. I'm hoping that helped the induction move quickly since those can potentially take a while. We have one last OB appointment Thursday morning along with a final ultrasound and an NST. I'm also scheduled to have an NST on Monday. Of course the ideal situation would be to skip all that but its doubtful.

Feb 28, 2017

37 weeks

If I had to bet money on whether or not I'd be writing this post, I would have lost the money. I cannot believe I am posting a 37 week bumpdate. Those shots were worth every penny since they did their job!

Baby size: swiss chard
Any symptoms?  everything boobs down hurts. BP is still in the normal range, but getting higher.
Favorite part this week? Making it through the week!
Least favorite part this week? The waiting game
Boy or Girl? GIRL!
Names? Charlee Danielle

I just might make it to March! Originally I felt like this could be a long shot, but after the gestational diabetes diagnosis and learning that Charlee was a little thing, it became a little more realistic. However, this past weekend I was nervous that she would arrive simply because it would have been inconvenient.
1. My sister-in-law that will be my nurse, and actually deliver the baby, had a bachelorette party Friday night.
2. Danny worked Friday and Sunday.
3. My OB was out of town all weekend.
4. As of my 36 week appointment last Thursday, I am 2 cm dilated already. I realize this doesn't mean much, but on top of 1-3 and 5 it was just icing on the cake.
5. Storms were in the forecast for Friday night making all of this quite literally the perfect storm for labor to start.

The storm for Friday night fizzled out and I remained pregnant. I took Friday afternoon off work so I could rest before my solo-parenting weekend and when the first wave of rain came through, I was having contractions every 18-20 minutes. That was making me pretty nervous! But, here I am hoping we get the storms they are saying are possible tonight so I WILL go into labor haha.

My diabetes experience is going okay. My numbers have been elevated, but we've attributed that to being sick and I've just gotten kind of lax with the diet since I learned she most likely won't be the typical bigger diabetes baby. But, I've gotten my eating back under control and my numbers are looking better. Its mostly been because the Girl Scout cookies are gone but whatever. They've been higher this morning, but I also had to have a snack at 4 am. I don't know if this means things are happening or if I the extra oreo I had after dinner was a bad idea. Who knows.

I'm nearing the point where I'm ready to be done. Everything hurts, I'm not sleeping well (this is partially due to pregnancy, partially due to dog and kid), and I've 99% mentally checked out of work. Having 2 kids scares that absolute shit out of me, but I'll survive. I probably won't thrive, but I'll survive haha.

Hopefully this is my last update! I'm ready to meet this sweet girl!