Jul 5, 2017

4th of July

My favorite holiday has come and gone. There is just something about the 4th of July that makes me happy. I don't know if its the fireworks or the cookouts or what, but I love it. Always have. This year was no different. If anything I  loved it more. This holiday is the beginning of another year of holidays that Danny and I have spent together and we just started our 10th year of holidays. This was the 3rd time we've spent this particular holiday together. It's the holiday that we've spent apart the most so to get to enjoy it with him was really special. Especially since it was our first as a family of 4.

We started the festivities at his sister's for a cookout. Tucker had a blast playing with his favorite cousin and it was nice to sit and relax for a bit while Charlee was passed around. She obviously didn't mind.

Next was a cookout at my brother's house with my mom and my brother's friends. Tucker enjoyed running around, riding his bike and blowing bubbles.

After stuffing ourselves we headed up to our traditional fireworks show. This is the one Danny used to help put on, so it's always weird for him to watch them. I told him this was the first time the Last Call tribute to fallen firefighters hasn't gotten to me and I think it was because he was there this time.

We got home around 11 with some very tired babies. Tucker slept through a car to bed transfer and Charlee had no problems falling asleep once she nursed a little bit. Everyone but mama slept until at least 7:45 this morning. I got up at 5:20 so I could pump and get ready for the day. I was able to eat breakfast, drink coffee, and watch Friends in peace. I even priced some items for a rummage I'm doing this weekend.

Now it feels like we are on the downward slope of summer and I'm not ready for it to end!

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