Jun 24, 2015

What's Up Wednesday!

How is it the last Wednesday of June already? Oh I know, its because I was gone for nearly half of it.

What's Up Wednesday with Mix and Match Mama is the perfect way for me to attempt to hop back into blogging and play catch up with where we're at. I'll be answering the questions below and you should do the same. I love this link up!

What we're eating.... Not everything under the sun like we did the last 2 weeks that's for sure. After much begging, I gave into Mr. Summers request to eat Whole30 style after the cruise. We are Whole30'ing long term, but will take breaks for events such as weddings, parties, camping, etc. So far, I've been completely compliant and the only non-compliant thing Danny has had is a little bit of sour cream. I feel better already.

What I'm reminiscing about... Wedding season is in full swing around here, so it's got me thinking about our big day. You can read about that HERE.
What I'm loving... being home. While it was nice to be away from work, cleaning, cooking, laundry and my cell phone(at least for half of the trip) for 12 days, I sure missed  my routine. And my bed. I took a nap in my bed at lunch yesterday that's how much I've missed it.
What we've been up too... visiting Alaska. Danny is trying to figure out how to get me to move there, but it ain't happenin. I'll hopefully recap the trip next week! Now we are just playing catch up and figuring out how to get all the crap done that needs done. More on that.

What I'm dreading... while I love the fact that our mudroom/laundry room addition is moving right along, I'm not looking forward to having to repaint the kitchen because of it. We took a window in the kitchen out and plastered over it (our whole house, except our room is plaster for some reason). Painting kitchens kind of sucks, but there is a very large and very noticeable white area in my blue kitchen that is driving me nuts and I've only been looking at it for 3 days.

What I'm working on... what am I not working on? Finding time for the above, laundry, getting back into running, not losing my mind.

What I'm excited about... this weekend! Its one of my best friends' bachelorette party weekend! After 12 days of being with a teething toddler, whiny 5 year old girl (what little girls aren't whiny though) and an 8 year old who thinks she's 14, two whole days of adult time sounds GREAT!

What I'm watching/reading... Not watching much TV these days, even before the trip! I did read a whole book though. What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty. So good! I bought it, along with Big Little Lies, before the trip with hopes of reading both. I started Big Little Lies on the flight home and can't wait to pick it back up. They are easy reads. And I like easy!

What I'm listening too... Tucker talking up a storm! Being around his cousins for almost 2 weeks made his vocabulary take off. Well, he's saying like 4 more words but still. The cutest is "Okay." I know there will be one day that his talking will drive me nuts, but I couldn't be more excited about the game of "guess why the toddler is mad/crying/asking" being almost over. Grunts and yells aren't very informative.

What I'm wearing... I'm actually wearing the shirt I wore for most of my bump pictures. I love that it fit me during pregnancy and now. The picture below is from when I was pregnant.

What I'm doing this weekend... Bachelorette Party! I have no idea how I'm going to survive. Dinner at 7 on Friday followed by a chill night at the hotel. Saturday is boating, a concert and THEN going out. Its going to take me at least 3 days to recover. Because this accurately describes my life.
Not happening...

What I'm looking forward to next month... We have 2 weddings to attend, one of which we are in. I'm looking forward to seeing some of our friends that we haven't seen in a while. We are also hoping to go camping at the end of July. And the 3rd week of July is the beloved 4H fair. July is always busy!

What else is new?  Besides my love for beer cocktails that I drank daily on the cruise, not much. Oh! I did challenge myself to something before we left! With the exception of a couple pairs of work pants and a few more pair of underwear, I am going to attempt to not buy ANY clothes for the rest of the year! This will be interesting. And challenging. I should probably just avoid Target too.

Bonus questions: What are you doing for 4th of July? I'm hoping the same thing I do every year. Go to fireworks in the small neighboring town. I've missed one year out of like the last 20. Danny used to volunteer at the fire department there, which is who puts them on, so that makes it even more special. Danny works this year so he won't be joining us, that's not a huge surprise though. 

Alright.. that's what we've been up too! I'm hoping next week I can recap then trip before I lose all of my memories of it, share our room addition progress and basically just start blogging again!

Jun 5, 2015

Life Goes On

If there is one thing I've learned in the past 5 years, its that life goes on. Just because one of the single most important people is your life is no longer here, it doesn't mean that you can stop living. So many things have happened since that horrible day  I lost my biggest hero. My dad.

Last week I talked about how I've been thinking about my dad a lot lately because of the time of year it is. Saturday will be 5 years.

Five years since I've talked to him.
Since I've heard him laugh at his own jokes.
Since I've laughed at him for laughing at his own jokes.
Since he's shared a story about why a song means so much to him.
Since I've had a barn night with him and his friends.
Since he's given Danny shit about something.
Since I've watched him punch my brother in the arm for avoiding the "no mid-torso" rule on poking him.
Since I've worked with him in his office.
Since we ate a turkey bacon club a side of a mayonnaise and french fries together
Since we went on an F.O.E. (F**k Off Excursion) in the middle of the work day.
Since he trash talked my brother about their upcoming game of golf.
Since I've heard him make a joke about his best friend's big ears in response to a joke about his big head.

And in that 5 years he has missed so much that he was supposed to be here for...
My first legal drink. He missed this one by 2 months and 15 days.
My first trip to the casino. His friends pulled some strings and got Danny and me a free room at the casino they went to a couple times a year.
My engagement. The one that would be to a guy from Alexandria even though he begged me not to marry anyone from here. The one that would be to a guy that he already told would never be good enough to marry me because no one ever would.
My wedding. The one where I marry a guy from Alexandria even though he begged me not too. The one where I had to dance with his 3 best friends.
My brother's college baseball career. The one where he finally gets to sit in the stands and relax because the goal was achieved.
My college graduation. The one that would be the start of my real job working with him.
My first house with my husband. The one that he helped me save for. The one with the living room that he would have helped me paint red even though all walls in every house should be Antique White.
My first big customer. The one that he tried to get 2 years before he died.
My brother trying to master "Dad's Chicken" on the grill. The kind that cooked every night he could during the summer. Even if he didn't start it until 9pm.
My first baby. The one that has his cheeks, round head and small mouth... and temper when you wake him up before he's ready.
My Grammy passing away. It would have broken his heart, but I never imagined having to go through that without him.
My brother's college graduation. The one that would be the start of his real job working with us.

Things have been tough professionally too. Not only because I'm doing this job without him, but because people have made it tough by trying to "give" our business to someone else right out from under us, then someone actually taking half of it the next year, and another guy just flat out taking advantage. None of which would have happened if he were still here.

It's hard to believe its been 5 years. So much has happened since he's been gone. I miss him just as much now as I did the day it happened. I think about him every single day. I tell everyone that it doesn't get easier. Because it doesn't. You just learn to live with the hurt because life goes on. And it's for the best that it does. If I didn't keep going with my life, I wouldn't be where I am today, and I like where I am. Even though I'm missing a huge part of my life.

Jun 1, 2015

Family Weekend

This year for Mother's Day, we opted for giving experiences rather than items. This weekend those experiences, and memories were made.

Our moms love the zoo. My mom has talked about taking Tucker to the zoo since I was pregnant with him. Danny's mom usually has a zoo membership and Christmas at the Zoo is almost an annual tradition.  It was only appropriate that they join us for Tucker's first trip. I was a little worried that Tucker wouldn't think too much of it since he's going to be 18 months old this week. I was so very fortunately wrong. The kid loved it! At first he wasn't so sure about the sharks (me either, buddy!) and fish, but once we hit the penguins the excitement came out.

This is where he discovered his love of penguins like his daddy.
He's got both of them wrapped around his fingers.
The orangutans were another favorite. He yelled at them. Multiple times.

We shelled out the extra money to ride the train and carousel. Worth it.

We timed it perfectly and were done seeing everything just as nap time approached.

The rest of the weekend was the rest of my moms gift and included my brother and his girlfriend. And our dog and their dog.  My mom also talks about us all staying the night at her place a lot and it never happened. Until this Saturday. We hung out, ordered pizza, enjoyed some drinks, and played Cards Against Humanity. I know I'm late to the party on this, but that game is hysterical! Definitely some awkward moments when you're playing with family (though, not as awkward when you're eating lunch at the zoo and your mom asks you what the "bruise" on your neck came from), but still LOTS of fun. The Lemon-ade-ritas might be my favorite.

Sunday was an early day for those with a toddler, meaning Danny and me. We went to Starbucks to get him out of the house so those without small children could sleep. We took Diesel too since he's just as disrupting. After driving around for a bit, we got back to my moms and she made breakfast. Pancakes and bacon! We were going to go to the Indianapolis Indians game, but the weather was crappy and our seats were in the lawn. It had rained all night and all morning so that would have been a mess! The big boys went to the gun show (literally and not the muscle/gym kind) and the girls and little boy went shopping. Tucker and Danny needed more clothes for our cruise and Drew's girlfriend hadn't been shopping in months. We all met for Mexican for a late lunch then headed home shortly after.

It was such a great weekend that we can hopefully repeat again.