Jun 27, 2014

Friday Randoms

How the hell did Friday get here so quickly? Not that I'm complaining! This time of year goes by at rapid speeds because I have so much to do at work. Which leaves for little blogging time since I normally blog there in the mornings and I've been on the road in the mornings this week. Let's see what has been going on...

Monday night Tucker and I stayed at my mom's place. I had continuing ed about 5 minutes from her apartment so we went down there. Then Indy had some bad weather Tuesday afternoon and it's path just happened to be the same one I was taking home. So, Tuck and I took a nap before we headed home. I should also mention that Tucker SCREAMED the whole way down to my mom's and about 3/4 of the way home. I think it was a perfect storm of teething, him being hot (the kid sweats like an adult) and those are his normal "free" times out of the car seat. Longest hours of my LIFE!

Eating and exercise-wise. I've been keeping up with T25 so that's good. I think I pulled a muscle last night though so we'll see how tonight and this weekend goes. Eating wise. Well that's not been great. Monday and Tuesday weren't awesome due to me leaving for my mom's right after work and trying to hurry down there then her and I had lunch at on Tuesday. Wednesday and yesterday went well so I feel like I'm back on track... just in time for the weekend. Hopefully I don't completely derail my good eating!

I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I kind of miss running. I hate running so I don't know what it is about the damn thing that I miss but I just kind of want to go run. However, it's hot as balls out at 5pm when I have the chance to go run and I am not about to go do that. Maybe I'll pick up the running again in September when its starting to cool off again and I'm done with T25.

Oh, we got Tucker's 6 month pictures done last week and then family pictures done this week. They were supposed to be at the same time but it rained during our first scheduled appointment so we just did Tuck's 6 month pics, which were done at the fire station with his daddy. And let me just say this photographer is INCREDIBLE! She does amazing work and what I like even better, she's fast. Our family pictures took no more than 20 minutes and she got like 7 different poses. I can't wait to see the rest! And when we have the rest, I'll share a funny story about them. Here's a look at Tuck's pics and one of our family pictures.

Like I said, she is incredible! And I have the cutest baby on the planet. :)
Hope you all have a great weekend. I have a surprise planned for the hubs tomorrow!

Jun 23, 2014

Weekend Recap

We have arrived at another Monday morning. I did not want to come back to work this morning. Nope, not at all. Its going to be another busy week around here! This is pretty much how I felt about it.

The weekend started off with 2 T25 workouts for this mama. I had a major case of the Don't Wants on Thursday and really wanted to go to bed. So I did just that. I planned on getting up at 5am so I would have enough time after I pumped to work out. Nope. Tucker had other plans and got up at 5:30 and that left me with 2 workouts to do that evening. I got them done and it wasn't too bad. I don't want to do it again really, but it wasn't bad.  Friday also brought the beginnings of a tooth for Mr. Tucker!

Saturday I got up and did yet another T25 workout. Saturdays are my scheduled double days but I just don't know when that will actually workout for me. After I worked out, I got myself ready to head to a bridal shower for my big sis in my sorority. Two of my Pi Phi sisters picked me up at my house and visited with Tucker before we headed over. It was so nice to see everyone and catch up.

Danny and Tuck picked me up from the shower so we could go to dinner at a place called Fuji. Its a Japanese Steakhouse and Hibachi Grill. It was pretty good! It had been a while since just the 3 of us went to dinner so it was nice. When we got home we gave the little dude some Tylenol to help with his new chompers then he went to bed and we relaxed the rest of the night.

Sunday was just a plain old day. Tuck and I went to Target and Kohls and that was pretty much the highlight of the day.

It was a rather low key, normal weekend. I need those every once in a while so it was kind of nice!

Jun 19, 2014

The Costs of Breastfeeding

There are so, so many advantages to breastfeeding. It's free, you always have your boobs, it's free, its great for the baby... and did I mention it's free? Can you tell I'm kind of a tight ass?

While there are a number of advantages and wonderful things about it that you seem to only read about while you're pregnant, there are just about as many that you miss out on during your preparation and research. Or at least I missed them.

If you're new here, I've posted a few times about Tucker and I's breastfeeding experience. I talked about how it sucked and how I switched to exclusively pumping for 2 days then Tucker threw me a curve ball. Things are much better now though!

1. It can be mentally challenging and exhausting. Lets be honest though, those first few weeks with a newborn are exhausting no matter how you're feeding your baby. But after that newborn phase and even when the baby is by some divine miracle sleeping through the night and you've developed your version of a routine or schedule, many of your thoughts are still going to be breastfeeding related. Have I pumped enough today? Will this broccoli make him gassy? There's no way in hell I'm drinking a Diet Mt. Dew after 4pm? Do I have time to fit a beer in before he eats again? Don't judge me. Or if you're on the road for work a lot like me, you're thinking of the best places on your route to stop and pump, if you're meeting is at such and such time and it will take an hour, then you need to be done pumping at this time which means you need to start at this time, meaning you have to leave this many minutes earlier than normal.

2. When your life isn't revolving around your baby, its revolving around your boobs. You're going out for the day? You better take that pump with you. Skipping a pump every ONCE in a while isn't going to kill your supply, but if you do it often you're setting yourself up for issues.

3. You're probably going to lose some sleep. Not because you're feeding your baby at that particular moment. But because you're pumping. Only about once a week, Danny and I go to bed at the same time. When he's heading to bed, I'm staying up so I can pump, wash parts, make bottles, THEN get ready for bed. That puts me in bed an hour later than him most nights, which is almost 2 hours after Tucker. Then I have to get up early to pump again. Tucker doesn't get up until 645/7 normally (though right now he thinks its cool to wake up at 5:30ish) so in order for me to pump with enough time to replenish, I have to get up at 545. Your supply is highest in the morning after your longest stretch of sleep and this pump is vital to my supply for the next day's bottles. So, even though baby is sleeping 10 hours, I'm only sleeping about 6.5.

4. Losing weight isn't automatic. In fact, it might not even happen. There are some very fortunate women whose weight melts off while they are breastfeeding. There are also some women who don't lose weight. They actually have to hold onto that extra weight in order to keep making milk. Which brings me to my next point...

5. Don't try too hard to lose weight or you'll lose your supply. Make it gradual. And drink water like it is your J-O-B! If you're like me, "but I'm breastfeeding" will become your ultimate excuse for eating the delicious, unhealthy crap.

6. The milk itself is free (unless you have supply issues), but everything else isn't. Extra/spare pump parts, nursing clothes (bras, tanks, easy boob access shirts), pump accessories (car adapter), supply boosting tricks (Fenugreeks, Mother's Milk Tea). These don't add up to the cost of formula, but they do add up.

7. You're it. If the baby is hungry, you're up. If you want your husband or someone else to feed the baby a bottle, see #2.

8. Pumping sucks. Plain and simple, no way around it. It sucks.

I'm not pointing these things out to scare new mama's. Its all stuff that I've learned along the way and I didn't really pick up on before I had Tucker.  I get really annoyed with breastfeeding sometimes. Especially #3 and #4, almost to the point that I've wanted to stop. But then I see my bank account flash before my eyes and my dreams of a new car, master bedroom and camper fly out the window. No, formula for a year (or 5.5 months at this point) isn't going to break the bank but like I said, I'm a tight ass and that's the number one reason I'm still going. There are millions of babies every day that are thriving while they are on formula and I am not at all against it. I just like my money :) And after we got nursing figured out. Not having to clean bottles was another perk.

To convince you all that I don't hate breastfeeding and maybe un-scare you, I'll highlight some of the unexpected perks of breastfeeding that you might not realize exist!

Jun 18, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

I feel like it would be a good idea to move Transformation Tuesday to Weigh In Wednesday and check in with everyone else on this same weight loss train. This is my first time every participating in this so I'm kind of excited.

Things have been going GREAT on the weight loss front.

Last Tuesday I started T25. I was very nervous about starting, especially since the program starts out with cardio.

I powered through it and let me just say I felt like I was going to die. But it felt oh so good to get it done and I felt so great about all of  my T25 workouts all week. I got all 6 of them in, but didn't do the double workout on Saturday (usually Friday, but I start my "week" on Tuesday), so I moved that second one to Sunday. I didn't feel confident about a second workout Saturday and felt like I would get more out of it the next day.

My eating was pretty good all week as well. I was over on calories pretty much every day, but like I've said before that's fine with  me as long as I'm only eating when I'm hungry due to me breastfeeding still. I may have also eaten turtle cheesecake Wednesday night and Thursday at lunch.

The best part about last week? My most favorite, would wear every single day if I could, pair of jeans from my pre-pregnancy days FIT! They button and there's not even a muffin top. Maybe a mini-muffin. But not enough to make me take them off and not wear those bitches. I'm getting there! And I am so stinkin excited. Plus, 2 people told me yesterday that I was looking good and like I was losing weight. SCORE!

Here are my official stats. I actually stepped on the scale this morning before I even decided to start doing this. Its fate, I tell ya.

Starting Weight(from the beginning): 175
Goal Weight: 140
Current Weight: 169

So that's where I'm at this week. We're getting somewhere!

We have family/Tucker's 6 month pictures tonight. It is currently 78 degrees and it isn't even 9:15. Please say a prayer for my hair and patience. Oh and lets not forget to mention that I had a zit under my nose yesterday and then woke up with 2 more on the side of my face. Great timing.

Jun 16, 2014

Father's Day Weekend

Last week got pretty busy and the blog got put on the backburner. Apparently being a full time working mom and wife leaves little free time, even when you do your blogging at work. Who knew, right?

I worked a half day on Friday and took the little man to his 6 month check up (how is that possible?) Danny went along with us. Tuck weighs 16 lbs 9 oz and is 26 inches long. He is a growing boy and the doctor said he looks great! After the appointment, we used what time we had left before the Tylenol we gave him in the parking lot of the dr office wore off and went to look at travel trailers. I am beyond impressed with us that we didn't make an impulsive decision and buy one on Friday. We found a couple that we really like and we have the one picked out that we want to buy. Just need to get a couple things paid off first, which those will all snowball once we get our old mower sold. After about an hour of looking, we were given our warning from Tuck and we headed home.

Saturday was a busy day. I got up and did one of my T25 work outs and skipped the second one. I felt like I wouldn't benefit from pushing myself through it and I wanted to take Diesel to the park while Danny was home. After that we got ready and headed out to celebrate Father's Day since Danny worked on the actual day. I bought Danny and his mini-me special shirts for the occasion.

Skinny Meg bought these for her husband and their new little boy and I had been wanting to get shirts like this for Danny. These can be found on Etsy HERE.

We went to lunch at Montana Mikes where my eating went completely downhill for the rest of the weekend and then recliner shopping for Danny. That was my Father's Day gift to him. Well, buying half of it anyways. After that we went to visit some friends at the campground they were at for the weekend, just to see what camping is like in the daytime. We knew nighttime was sitting around, shooting the shit and drinking, but I have been concerned about what to do all day. For Danny's sake, not mine. Day time is a lot like nighttime. You RELAX. That's where I'm worried about the hubs. That word is not in his vocabulary and he almost physically cannot do it. After a couple hours there we headed home and I pretty much did nothing the rest of the evening.

Sunday Danny worked so it was just Tuck and me. We headed to the small airport in town to watch Danny's grandpa go on a glider ride. The man is 89 years old and took a ride in a glider. He is awesome!

After that Tucker and I headed to Target and the mall, then back to town to visit Danny at work and Danny's dad.

After we made the rounds, we met my mom at our house. She watched and fed Tuck while I did  my workout from Saturday. My brother and his girlfriend came over and we ordered pizza from my dad's favorite pizza place. My brother and I have done it the last few Father's Days and I hope we keep it up. Once they all left, Tuck went to bed and I followed shortly after.

It was a busy but fun weekend! We have another busy week this week though. Its the calm before the storm at work and we have family picture scheduled for Wednesday evening. I can't wait! :)

Jun 10, 2014

Transformation Tuesday

As I mentioned yesterday, I ran my very first every 5K. I've walked 2 of them before with a  couple girlfriends, but never have I ever paid money to run. I just haven't and I never would have guessed that would be something I would do. But I did it and I would probably do it again.

A little over 2 months ago when I set out on this mission to lose the baby weight, my very first goal was to run in the 5K with Danny. Even though I walked part of it, I'm still going to mark that goal as achieved. So, now what?

T25 is next on the agenda. I ordered the program through Shannon @ Life After I Dew after much inspiration from Christi @ A Full Time Keller. I love that about blogging. Just a group of women inspiring others and helping you figure your shit out.

Last night I wrote all the work outs in my planner. Yes, I still write in a planner. Now I just have to stick with it. The two 5 week sessions will end just in time for my birthday weekend. If I do this right, I can start Year 25 off feeling much better about myself That doesn't sound half bad now does it.

Now if I can just control myself and not plow through the 2 packages of bagels I bought yesterday. Buy one, get one is too good of a deal to pass up.

Keeping it short and sweet today since I have lots to do!

Jun 9, 2014

Weekend Recap

The Summers family had a fun and tiring weekend.

It started early Saturday morning as I got everything ready for my very first 5K. I fed the baby, got dressed, had a bagel thin and waited on Danny to get home. We dropped the babe off at his mom's and headed to the middle school where we got our packets and I prayed the school was open so I could pee, again. Everyone gathered at the start line about 5 minutes before it started and then off we went. Danny hadn't ran at all basically since last June and I didn't make it all the way through C25K so we agreed that walking in the beginning was in our best interest. After we walked about a 1/2 mile, we started jogging. I ran most of it, but I slowed down to wait on Danny and he said "WTF are you doing? Don't wait on me" So, off I went. I ran up the dreaded hill that Danny warned me about just to say I did then walked just a little bit before I jogged the rest of the way. I would guess I ran about 2.5 miles out of the 3.1. I will say this, running in the morning versus at 5 pm, aka the hottest part of the day, is so much better! I may keep running up on the weekends. But we'll see. My time was 38:20something I think and Danny finished about 30 seconds later. I wanted to make it under 40 minutes and I did just that. So yay!

After the race we picked up some breakfast and got ready for my mom's work picnic. We got to her place, got the coolers loaded in the vehicles and headed to the park that was 20 minutes away. It took us a damn hour to get there. Note to all work event planners: Pick a location that isn't nestled in the middle of a damn extremely wooded park with shitty signs. We got so f'ing lost. Gigi had a great time showing off her grandbaby in person. Of course everyone already knew who Tuck was since as we walked up we heard about 3 people say "Tucker's here!" It was pretty cute. After the picnic, Danny and I dropped my brother and Megan off at a concert and we headed to Sams Club. That was our date. Never again will we go to Sams without a list and a plan. We just started grabbing shit. $430 and a packed to the gills Jeep later, we headed to get Tuck from my mom and headed home.

Sunday we got up and went to church then took Danny's mom to Cracker Barrel. They had the best high chairs by the way. Tuck hasn't mastered sitting yet so they were perfect for him. 

After breakfast we headed home, lounged for a bit, and visited with some family. After they left, I dozed off a bit then got dinner in the crock pot and cleaned the kitchen a little bit. Sunday was just a random ass day. Which is fine. After Tucker went to bed we rearranged the living room so we could see if a recliner would fit. Good news is it will. We also have so much more room for activities!

Now its time for another work week. I have a feeling its the last calm one before it gets crazy around here. Have a good Monday everyone!

Jun 6, 2014

Five on Friday: Dad Edition

Today marks 4 years since my dad passed away. Last year I talked about what that horrible day was like. This year, and hopefully for all the years to come, I want to remember the good things about my dad. The happy times. He was a fun guy who made everyone around him laugh, even if you didn't want too. He was a straight shooter too. So, my 5 things today are going to be about my dad. Stories, things he did, whatever. All happy stuff!

1. The man LOVED Pizza King. Every Sunday, and when I say every I mean no less than 3/4 of the Sundays in a year, he ordered Pizza King. It didn't matter if the rest of the family wanted it, he ordered it. If we didn't want it, that was okay. He would order a pizza for himself. We ordered it so often for a couple years that they knew my mom's voice, my dad's voice, our phone number and where we lived. They didn't ask for the address anymore. It gets better though. They sent us a CHRISTMAS CARD which included a free pizza. The Alexandria Pizza King was his favorite. There are some all over Indiana, owned by different people. No one can make a pizza quite like ours though.

2. He also loved Thirsty Thursday. From the time I was a little girl all the way up to right before he passed away, I always knew Thursday was his night. His night to relax, hang out with his friends and have a few drinks. When I was really little he bowled. After he hurt his shoulder, him and a few guys just started hanging out at his office and I think they played Craps. The all even had special John Deere cups (one guy worked for a John Deere dealer) with their names and their "Titles" on them. After the office moved and we built the barn, Thirsty Thursday moved out there. I loved it. When I was home on breaks or during the summer, I joined. I LOVED hanging out with my dad and his friends. I don't know why, but I just did. It was only fitting that his funeral was on a Thursday. You better believe we all gathered at the barn after and had a few drinks.

3. One of the funniest things my dad ever did happened on the way to a baseball game. We were in the middle of some little Podunk town that we had never been too trying to find the ball diamonds. We were at a stoplight and the 4 of us were just minding our own business. Then all of a sudden my dad rolls down my mom's window and starts talking to this old lady. She asked where the farmer's market was. My dad, without missing a beat and as serious as could be, told her to turn right at the next light and then it would be a few blocks down. It happened so fast we didn't know what to do. I'm pretty sure my mom's jaw, along with mine and my brother's, was resting on the floor of the car. And I shit you not, I think my mom and I got lost of the way to a dr appointment a couple weeks later.

4. He wore 2 types of shirts, and 2 types only. T-shirts and Tommy Hilfiger polos. He wore striped Tommy polos for a while, then when the guy that worked for him started wearing stripes, my mom and I were ordered to only buy solid ones from then on. He had probably 25 polos hanging in his closet. My mom and I tried to get him to branch out and I bought him a button down Tommy shirt for Christmas one year that we thought he would look great in. I gave it too him since I thought being a "daddy's girl" might help me win the battle a little bit. He opened it, and without even holding it up or taking it out of the box, gave me a side eye and said something like "you're not serious." I admitted that I knew it was a long shot and that I would take it back. He said "Sorry but you know better" And he was right. In the fall he would wear a pullover. One of those windbreaker, golf looking things. Those were his favorite.

5. He did things BIG and on a whim. I will never forget a softball tournament I had in July one year. It was hot. as. balls.  As most tournaments were. This one was apparently too much for the guy to handle. We got in the car during a break and he said "We're going to Watsons" (it was a place to buy fun shit... pools, playsets, pool tables, game room stuff) 2 hours later, there was a date and time scheduled for a pool to be delivered and installed at our house. One year for Christmas when my brother and I went shopping with him for my mom, he was planning on buying her a pair of earrings. He went to Kay while Drew and I went to find her an outfit and some other things. We met back up outside Kay and he held up the bag and said "I bought 2 pair" He bought a big set and then a set with a smaller diamond. I looked at him so confused and told him she didn't have her ears pierced twice. He basically told me tough shit, she's going to get them done. He couldn't wait the 7 days we had until Christmas and gave them too her that night. He was SOOOO proud of himself.

Jun 5, 2014

June Goals

Its time for me to nail down what I accomplished over the past month and figure out what is next on the agenda.

Lets take a look at May first.
1. Again, organize craft supplies - This is DONE and the eye sores of containers are tucked neatly away in the spare closet. Freaking finally!
2. Spring cleaning - Got our bedroom, the living room and the bathroom done. Danny did the bathroom and I did the others. The kitchen still needs cleaned really good, but that's going to require a babysitter and beer.
3. Come up with a weekly cleaning schedule - Didn't do it.
4. Finish C25K - Nope. Just nope.
5. Get one of the rentals ready to sell - Its close! My brother and I, well mostly my brother, got one of the garages cleaned out and the surveyors are doing their thing. Just need to get the carpets cleaned and burn some old work files from the garage and then we are ready to list it!
6. Plant the garden -  This did happen. I planted the tomatoes and Danny  planted the rest. Everything is coming up nicely and we might actually have a successful garden this year!

Here is what I'm thinking for June.
1. Make some freezer meals - I found a great list of freezer meals that you literally just throw the shit in a Ziploc bag and then when you're ready to use it, put it in the fridge the night before and in the crock pot the next morning. Too easy. I'm entering the really busy season for work and dinners are going to have to be quick and require minimal work. I need to get this done soon.
2. Come up with a cleaning schedule - I did really well with staying on top of housework last week without feeling overwhelmed. I need to maintain that, or tweak it enough for it to last. I'd like to make some sort of fun to-do checklist of weekly chores so I can keep track. I just like lists. A lot. Hence these posts.
3. Wine bottle craft - I want to do this. Or something similar.
I tested my string wrapping ability on a bottle last year and it turned out pretty good. I have 3 bottles sitting by the sink that have had soapy water soaking in them for a couple days(so it might be more like a couple weeks) so I just need to get too it. The hard part will be picking out the embellishments and what to put inside. I'm very particular and hard to please when it comes to these things.
4. Take Tucker swimming - My brother in law has a pool, my mom's apartment complex has a pool, one of my good friend's parent's have a pool and I can count on one hand the number of times I've been swimming in the last 3 years. We're going swimming.
5. Plan a one night trip for Danny and me - Danny has been wanting to get away and I have been hesitant leaving Tucker. Its not that I don't trust one of our moms to keep him, I would just feel like I was missing something. I have not spent a single night away from him since he was born. Danny does it 3 nights a week so it wouldn't be a big deal for him. Plus a lot of planning would go into pumping, and bottles, and making sure I left enough milk, blah blah blah blah blah. It needs to happen though.

That's it for now. I'm keeping them simple this month since I'm getting ready to get super duper busy!

Jun 3, 2014

Transformation Tuesday: I forget what week

We are a tired bunch around here today.  Tucker fell asleep during his breakfast, Diesel was asleep beside us on the couch, I dozed off halfway through my coffee, Danny slept through an alarm at work and one of the other firefighters slept late too. Not real sure what is in the air around these parts, but it's making us tired!

I missed Transformation Tuesday last week. Having a Monday off threw my whole schedule out of whack, blogging and otherwise. I even had lots to share! One of which being that this bitch ran for 20 minutes straight, which came out to 1.75 miles. Not too shabby!

Anyways, a lot happened last week as well. I ran for 22 minutes and did just fine. I was about 30 seconds away from reaching the 2 mile marker, but wanted to follow the program so I stopped. Now, this week I am going to completely contradict that thinking. I am about 4 runs behind schedule for C25K. That wouldn't be a big deal if the 5K wasn't THIS SATURDAY! Yep, this Saturday is when I am scheduled to run 3 miles. The baffler of this though is that I freaking paid to do it. Who am I? So, the plan for tonight and Thursday? I'm skipping Week 7 (run 2.5 miles or 25 minutes) altogether and just heading straight for Week 8 (run 2.75 miles or 28 minutes). If I have to stop, then I have to stop. Its not going to be pretty though. I haven't ran since last Thursday and I can only run twice this week. My free childcare with lax drop off/pick up times is in North Carolina this week and Danny worked yesterday and works again tomorrow and Friday. Sooo that's what is going on with the exercise portion of this equation.

Now for the eating. This has been going well for the most part until this weekend. Ooooooof course. I slipped up on purpose though. My milk supply took a hit Thursday and Friday. I don't know if its from not eating enough, not drinking enough, because I dropped a pump session, or because parts need changed. Or a combination of all of it. So, I added some delicious unhealthy food back in and replaced some parts and things are getting back to normal. I need to find the right mix of things so I can lose weight and still maintain my milk supply. Breastfeeding is so damn tricky.

So, this is the last week of the first "phase" of losing the baby weight. What is next? I ordered T25 from Shannon @ Life After I Dew a couple weeks ago. If I start it next week, my last work out will be the day of a sorority sister's wedding, which is also my birthday weekend. Pretty perfect timing if you ask me. So, I think that might be next on the agenda. I'm not sure if running will be mixed in though. We'll see if I get that "runner's high" after the race. I'm kind of doubtful but we'll see. I also don't know if it is realistic for me to fit 2 workouts in on one day, but I've made so much progress running and I don't know if I want to give that up just yet. If anything, I can stick it in my back pocket for when I'm done with T25 knowing that I can run. So much to think about.

Jun 2, 2014

Oh this weekend

This weekend was exhausting.

It started Friday afternoon when I rushed home from work because Tucker was screaming hungry after all of his bottles. Between his hunger fits, we managed to go eat with my mom, brother and his girlfriend at what used to be our favorite Mexican place. Nope. Not anymore. My mom found a hair in her food and the beyond rude waitress gave what seemed like a well rehearsed response of "we don't have women in the kitchen" Oh bologna. This was after she very rudely climbed in our asses about how she "asked us 5 times how we wanted the bills."  It'll be a while if we ever go back. My brother probably will because he refuses to cook and the food options in town are limited, but this is the second time in about a year I've had a really bad experience there. The owner, who has moved to Indy and opened another restaurant, use to be amazing. He probably still is. But since he left his brothers in charge, its gone way down hill. Its sad really.

That brings us to Saturday. Saturday was the most exhausting day I've had since Tucker was a newborn. Two words: Growth Spurt. He was up at 5 am, for the 3rd day in a row, and ate EVERY. SINGLE. HOUR! Every hour until 9pm. He may have gone an hour and a half once. Just once though. Danny was at his other job and then helped his brother get his fields ready to plant after that so I was on my own. I luckily was able to shower and at least eat a decent breakfast. Lunch was popcorn until Danny could bring me home a McD's salad and then dinner. It was a long, long day. I basically sat on the couch the entire time. I watched A LOT of Parenthood. Like 8 episodes and that was after the 3 episodes of General Hospital.
Before the madness. This must have been my warning look.

Sunday was MUCH better! Tuck woke up around his normal time. I ended up being able to meal plan and go to the grocery as well as do a load of laundry. I could have done more but I was still feeling the effects of the day before and Danny was gone helping his brother again. So, more Parenthood it was. That was the extent of my Sunday. Oh, except for Tucker's new favorite thing to do: play with my mouth. Forget the toys, he's got lips and teeth to grab.

That was it for us. I'm hoping for a more fun weekend next weekend.