Jun 5, 2014

June Goals

Its time for me to nail down what I accomplished over the past month and figure out what is next on the agenda.

Lets take a look at May first.
1. Again, organize craft supplies - This is DONE and the eye sores of containers are tucked neatly away in the spare closet. Freaking finally!
2. Spring cleaning - Got our bedroom, the living room and the bathroom done. Danny did the bathroom and I did the others. The kitchen still needs cleaned really good, but that's going to require a babysitter and beer.
3. Come up with a weekly cleaning schedule - Didn't do it.
4. Finish C25K - Nope. Just nope.
5. Get one of the rentals ready to sell - Its close! My brother and I, well mostly my brother, got one of the garages cleaned out and the surveyors are doing their thing. Just need to get the carpets cleaned and burn some old work files from the garage and then we are ready to list it!
6. Plant the garden -  This did happen. I planted the tomatoes and Danny  planted the rest. Everything is coming up nicely and we might actually have a successful garden this year!

Here is what I'm thinking for June.
1. Make some freezer meals - I found a great list of freezer meals that you literally just throw the shit in a Ziploc bag and then when you're ready to use it, put it in the fridge the night before and in the crock pot the next morning. Too easy. I'm entering the really busy season for work and dinners are going to have to be quick and require minimal work. I need to get this done soon.
2. Come up with a cleaning schedule - I did really well with staying on top of housework last week without feeling overwhelmed. I need to maintain that, or tweak it enough for it to last. I'd like to make some sort of fun to-do checklist of weekly chores so I can keep track. I just like lists. A lot. Hence these posts.
3. Wine bottle craft - I want to do this. Or something similar.
I tested my string wrapping ability on a bottle last year and it turned out pretty good. I have 3 bottles sitting by the sink that have had soapy water soaking in them for a couple days(so it might be more like a couple weeks) so I just need to get too it. The hard part will be picking out the embellishments and what to put inside. I'm very particular and hard to please when it comes to these things.
4. Take Tucker swimming - My brother in law has a pool, my mom's apartment complex has a pool, one of my good friend's parent's have a pool and I can count on one hand the number of times I've been swimming in the last 3 years. We're going swimming.
5. Plan a one night trip for Danny and me - Danny has been wanting to get away and I have been hesitant leaving Tucker. Its not that I don't trust one of our moms to keep him, I would just feel like I was missing something. I have not spent a single night away from him since he was born. Danny does it 3 nights a week so it wouldn't be a big deal for him. Plus a lot of planning would go into pumping, and bottles, and making sure I left enough milk, blah blah blah blah blah. It needs to happen though.

That's it for now. I'm keeping them simple this month since I'm getting ready to get super duper busy!


  1. I have a ton of wine bottles I want to craft with too. I just don't know what to do. I was thinking candle lighting for outside but I don't know how to hang them without them burning something down and how boring if they just sit on the patio table. I think Tim and I need a night away too... I just get overwhelmed when thinking about where to go.

  2. Love the craft idea! I second the getaway with the husband. It's pretty difficult when you're a milk maid! ;)

  3. Sounds like some good goals for June! I agree with those freezer meal plans! So simple! So why don't we ever do it?! Haha!