Jun 18, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

I feel like it would be a good idea to move Transformation Tuesday to Weigh In Wednesday and check in with everyone else on this same weight loss train. This is my first time every participating in this so I'm kind of excited.

Things have been going GREAT on the weight loss front.

Last Tuesday I started T25. I was very nervous about starting, especially since the program starts out with cardio.

I powered through it and let me just say I felt like I was going to die. But it felt oh so good to get it done and I felt so great about all of  my T25 workouts all week. I got all 6 of them in, but didn't do the double workout on Saturday (usually Friday, but I start my "week" on Tuesday), so I moved that second one to Sunday. I didn't feel confident about a second workout Saturday and felt like I would get more out of it the next day.

My eating was pretty good all week as well. I was over on calories pretty much every day, but like I've said before that's fine with  me as long as I'm only eating when I'm hungry due to me breastfeeding still. I may have also eaten turtle cheesecake Wednesday night and Thursday at lunch.

The best part about last week? My most favorite, would wear every single day if I could, pair of jeans from my pre-pregnancy days FIT! They button and there's not even a muffin top. Maybe a mini-muffin. But not enough to make me take them off and not wear those bitches. I'm getting there! And I am so stinkin excited. Plus, 2 people told me yesterday that I was looking good and like I was losing weight. SCORE!

Here are my official stats. I actually stepped on the scale this morning before I even decided to start doing this. Its fate, I tell ya.

Starting Weight(from the beginning): 175
Goal Weight: 140
Current Weight: 169

So that's where I'm at this week. We're getting somewhere!

We have family/Tucker's 6 month pictures tonight. It is currently 78 degrees and it isn't even 9:15. Please say a prayer for my hair and patience. Oh and lets not forget to mention that I had a zit under my nose yesterday and then woke up with 2 more on the side of my face. Great timing.


  1. Yay, so glad to have you link-up! Umm, pre-pregnancy jeans with no muffin top?! That's a huge accomplishment right there... talk about motivation! Great job!!

  2. oh my goodness.... I know that feeling of struggle struggle struggle.... power thru..... VICTORY!!!! Whenever I hike a particular mountain in my town I always feel like Rocky when I make it to the top... I find myself chanting the theme song... dun dun na na... na na na na na!!!! ha ha! go girl!

  3. tried to "follow" your blog but blogger is having issues and wouln't let me do it..... i'll try again later

  4. Best thing ever when you can fit into those old jeans. Way to go!

  5. Keep up the good work. It is always nice when you are in pre-baby jeans.

  6. Great job with the loss and fitting into your pre-pregnancy jeans!

  7. Congratulations! Pants that fit are the best feeling! (Even though I'd rather wear a dress!)

  8. Wahoo from pre-pregnancy jeans! Great job with the T25 - I may be dying during a workout, but I always try to remember the good I feel when I am done :)

  9. Great loss! Always great fitting into those jeans.