Our Home

After months of looking for our first home, we found a winner and moved in November 2012.

Our cute little country(ish) home.  I say "ish" because its in a neighborhood, but it is also on 4.5 acres.  Our neighbor to the east is right on our property line and the neighbor to the west is half a football field away. So countryish is an appropriate description.
It has an open layout, 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a very large 3 car garage that has a kitchen and full bathroom... aka Party Barn... and like I already said, 4.5 acres.  A house with more then 3 or so acres was a must. We both grew up in the country and didn't want anything different for our family. 
As the inside of the house gets put together and decorated, I promise to share. Until then, the front view is all ya get :) 

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