May 23, 2017


I'm going to give this thing another go. Of course, I picked a Tuesday to start again. The last like 10 posts have been Tuesdays so why not. I didn't even plan this.  Life is flying by in the blink of an eye and I know one day I will want to read about it. Plus if it weren't for this blog, Tucker's baby book that I finished when he was nearly 3 years old would be kind of thin. I'm half kidding. And since I'm 3 weeks into being back at work, I'll be able to do it consistently.

I'm going to start with a catch up on each family member then I'll recap March and April. Probably in 2 posts. I'll save May for What's up Wednesday.

We'll start with Danny. He is still at the same fire department he was at when I "came back" the last time and rocking it. This one keeps him busier but I think he kind of enjoys it. He took over the fire training for the department shortly after being hired and is organizing a training burn on a house that was donated to the department. It has him a bit stressed out, so any extra good thoughts and prayers for him would be appreciated :) He is also rocking this dad of 2 thing.

He's pretty much taken over bedtime with Tucker on nights that he is home. I try to do it when he is home some, but to keep Charlee's crying to a minimum is also nice. He isn't mowing this summer, except for my office, his sister's house and one other yard. It's been nice having him home a little bit more. I say a little bit because he is still teaching. We see each other occasionally haha.

Where do I even begin with this one?

Tucker is still a sour patch kid. Seriously, sour and then sweet. I'm sure most 3 year olds are, but man he gives us a run for our money almost daily. He loves his baby sister still. He has recently started calling her Danielle. He is playing tee ball this year. Well, he is on a tee ball team. There's SOME playing going on. He spends most of the games trying to not play.

He has a game tonight and we've had a couple talks about how he needs to listen. We are pretty confident that he is doing the not listening and playing in the dirt to be defiant and not because he doesn't actually like tee ball. He had a blast the first 2 practices, so I think its just 3 year old shenanigans. But when he is sweet he is the sweetest. He is obsessed with giving hugs and kisses, randomly tells me he loves me, picks dandelions for gifts, pulls chairs out for his Gigi, buys flowers for her and Mamaw, and occasionally tells me I'm the best or that I make the best whatever food he is eating. We signed him up for preschool, which will start in August. That's only like 10 weeks from now and will be here before I know it.

Charlee is babying.

Eating, sleeping, eating, crying, eating, spitting up and then more eating. Seriously though, she eats all the time. At her 2 month appointment, she weighed 10lbs 1oz, which is  more than 4 lbs over what she weighed when she left the hospital. If she's awake, she wants to eat. She will eat until she gets sick and then start rooting for more. She does it more now that I've gone back to work since she doesn't get to nurse during the day. Her sleep is pretty good. I consistently get 5 hours the first stretch. Of course I only get about 3.5 or 4 hours by the time the nightly chores are done, but it's okay. Last night she gave me 7 and I think I know how to get that out of her again. She rolled belly to back about 3 weeks ago and is always moving. The nurses commented on her squirminess in the hospital and its gotten worse haha. Makes nursing interesting. She is firmly in 3 month clothes and yesterday even wore a 3-6 month shirt, so she is growing like a weed.

I am doing okay. I am surviving. The first few weeks after Charlee was born were great. I was successfully breastfeeding, I was sleeping 3-4 hours at a time and I felt like I had a good handle on life. Then I didn't. I would have a few good days and then I'd have a day or two that were terrible. I eventually went to the doctor for postpartum depression. I'll write more on that another day, but things have improved tremendously. Going back to work helped. I would love to be home snuggling my newest baby, but my mental health needs routine and maternity leave was the opposite of that for me. I love routine and need routine if my ADD isn't medicated.

That's where we are at as of today. Now that its nearly 11 am I should do something productive for my professional life. I look forward to catching up more!

Mar 14, 2017

Introducing Miss Charlee

Our newest little love has arrived. Charlee Danielle was born on March 9th at 2:57pm. She weighed 6 lbs 8.2 oz and was 19 1/4 in long. She is a petite little girl! 

I didn't get to skip the appointments last Thursday like I had hoped, but I didn't get to go home from them either. The ultrasound was first. Towards the end I noticed the nurse was spending some time focusing the cord, which I hadn't recalled her doing so in the other ultrasounds. I didn't think much of it. The NST went great and showed some uterine activity but none that I could feel. When my OB came in the exam room she started with the good news that the baby looked great and passed the BPP and NST with flying colors then followed with the discovery that there was a knot in the cord. The cord was also a 2 vessel cord. Neither were a big deal but they each have their own concerns. Being that I was 38+2 at this point, she didn't want to risk the baby making one wrong move and the knot causing big problems, so off to the hospital we were sent. Like directly. She said do not pass go, just go over and I'll let them know you're coming. Before she sent us on our way,she checked me just so she could give the floor a starting point. I was 4cm and we suspect she swept my membranes because as soon as I stood up I started leaking. 

If you remember from Tucker's birth story, Danny's sister works on the OB floor of the hospital. Luckily she was working and didn't have to come in. We got there at 9:36 and she got me all hooked up to pitocin so we could really get things going. She also kind of wanted to smack me since this was not the plan and I had to pee every time she came in to up the pitocin haha. My OB checked me around 12 and I was 5cm. She broke my water since it looked like I just had a leak earlier. Things progressed quickly. By about 1:30 I think, I had had enough and needed the epidural. Once it was set, history repeated itself. I was looking forward to some rest while I finished dilating, but once the epi was working I was already at 9.5 cm meaning there would be no nap. 

After about 7 minutes of pushing I had to to stop so my doctor could make it over. Danny's sister said she would be mad if she got me to 38 weeks and missed the birth haha. Once she got over there I pushed a couple more times and Charlee  made her debut! It was 5.5 hours from the time I was admitted to Charlee arriving. 

I've said all along that if I could have a repeat experience of Tuckers birth then that would be ideal. This birth was just as easy and done in half the time. She is also almost the exact same size as Tucker. She weighed a little over 1 ounce more and was only 1/4 in shorter in length. 

Big brother is obsessed! 

I'm sure this is just a honeymoon phase and he'll start getting annoyed with her crying soon, but I'm going to enjoy the cuteness while it's here. 

We've been home for a few days and things are going pretty well. She is nursing like a champ and naps pretty well. I *think* I've figured out how to get a couple good stretches out of her overnight but I'm not going to put much weight in that just yet. 

We are all in love with our newest addition and couldn't be happier that she's here!

Mar 7, 2017

38 weeks

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine being THIS pregnant. While I'm thrilled that she's cooked beyond the point everyone expected her too, I'm also ready to not be pregnant.

Baby size: leek. I hate when its a vegetable that I don't even recognize.
Any symptoms?  everything boobs down hurts. BP is starting to get high. heartburn is a raging bitch still. my brain is mush.
Favorite part this week? Another week without insulin
Least favorite part this week? WAITING!
Boy or Girl? GIRL!
Names? Charlee Danielle

The entire Summers household is over this pregnancy. I'm over it because it hurts. Danny is over it because he's ready to meet his little girl. Tucker is ready to meet his little sister. He's been strapping all dolls and stuffed animals into all of the baby gear. The bumbo, swing, rock n play, car seat... if it is meant for a baby he has tested it. We are all anxiously awaiting her arrival... which we have a pending date for!

March 14th this baby is getting evicted! While her daddy is not happy about the 6am arrival that day, we are excited to know that we don't have that much longer to wait. The 6am arrival doesn't bother me since I'm sure I won't sleep anyways.

A couple weeks ago I came very close to getting put on insulin at bedtime. After a week of better eating, the nurse and doctor were happy and I have made it through another week without it. I have to send my numbers again on Friday and then I'll be done monitoring it so closely. Obviously I'll have to see it through until my induction, but its nice to know that end is in sight too.

Other than that I'm just hoping my body is prepared to birth a baby. I'm 3 cm dilated, so I'm already ahead of the game compared to the 1cm I was when my water broke with Tucker. I'm hoping that helped the induction move quickly since those can potentially take a while. We have one last OB appointment Thursday morning along with a final ultrasound and an NST. I'm also scheduled to have an NST on Monday. Of course the ideal situation would be to skip all that but its doubtful.

Feb 28, 2017

37 weeks

If I had to bet money on whether or not I'd be writing this post, I would have lost the money. I cannot believe I am posting a 37 week bumpdate. Those shots were worth every penny since they did their job!

Baby size: swiss chard
Any symptoms?  everything boobs down hurts. BP is still in the normal range, but getting higher.
Favorite part this week? Making it through the week!
Least favorite part this week? The waiting game
Boy or Girl? GIRL!
Names? Charlee Danielle

I just might make it to March! Originally I felt like this could be a long shot, but after the gestational diabetes diagnosis and learning that Charlee was a little thing, it became a little more realistic. However, this past weekend I was nervous that she would arrive simply because it would have been inconvenient.
1. My sister-in-law that will be my nurse, and actually deliver the baby, had a bachelorette party Friday night.
2. Danny worked Friday and Sunday.
3. My OB was out of town all weekend.
4. As of my 36 week appointment last Thursday, I am 2 cm dilated already. I realize this doesn't mean much, but on top of 1-3 and 5 it was just icing on the cake.
5. Storms were in the forecast for Friday night making all of this quite literally the perfect storm for labor to start.

The storm for Friday night fizzled out and I remained pregnant. I took Friday afternoon off work so I could rest before my solo-parenting weekend and when the first wave of rain came through, I was having contractions every 18-20 minutes. That was making me pretty nervous! But, here I am hoping we get the storms they are saying are possible tonight so I WILL go into labor haha.

My diabetes experience is going okay. My numbers have been elevated, but we've attributed that to being sick and I've just gotten kind of lax with the diet since I learned she most likely won't be the typical bigger diabetes baby. But, I've gotten my eating back under control and my numbers are looking better. Its mostly been because the Girl Scout cookies are gone but whatever. They've been higher this morning, but I also had to have a snack at 4 am. I don't know if this means things are happening or if I the extra oreo I had after dinner was a bad idea. Who knows.

I'm nearing the point where I'm ready to be done. Everything hurts, I'm not sleeping well (this is partially due to pregnancy, partially due to dog and kid), and I've 99% mentally checked out of work. Having 2 kids scares that absolute shit out of me, but I'll survive. I probably won't thrive, but I'll survive haha.

Hopefully this is my last update! I'm ready to meet this sweet girl!

Feb 22, 2017

36 weeks

I totally spaced this yesterday and at this point that could mean I miss doing a bumpdate. Not good!

Baby size: crenshaw melon? whatever that is.
Any symptoms?  still have heartburn. my back, hips, and pelvis hurt all the time.
Favorite part this week? Feeling "ready" at home
Least favorite part this week? Experiencing all of the emotion. Sometimes in 10 minutes.
Boy or Girl? GIRL!
Names? Charlee Danielle

I'm reaching the point where I'm ready to be done, but I'm not quite there. Other than it hurting to do practically anything, I feel pretty good. I'm not super exhausted and my blood pressure has been good. No swelling. I'm still wearing my wedding ring but take it off at night since my hands get a little bigger over night. I've only had a few contractions since the last episode so that's good. Nothing showing up on the NST.

There just isn't much going on at this point. The house is ready. Just need to wash bottles and pacifiers. Bags have been packed. Car seat base is installed. The freezer is stocked with meals. I even got some burritos made.

Work is still mostly ready. I keep having things come up as time goes on, but nothing too major. I have this fantasy of just checking out completely when Charlee gets here for a few weeks, but I just don't think that's realistic.

Danny thinks she'll be here within the next week. I honestly have no idea. I go back and forth between thinking she's going to be in there until closer to 38 weeks, if not 39, and thinking she's got to be running out of room like Tucker did since my uterus didn't change shape between pregnancies. I do know that she is very low and making her way towards the exit.

Tomorrow we have appointments all morning: growth ultrasound, NST and 36 week check up. Tomorrow is my LAST progesterone shot too. After that, who knows what will happen!