Mar 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! It is probably the most calm and laid back of the holidays for Danny and me. Even more so this year since he had to work. We still took part in some Easter festivities together though.

We decided to get each other Easter treats this year. We have this problem with waiting until the holiday has arrived to give each other gifts. So in true Mr. & Mrs. Summers form, we traded Easter treats on Thursday. Danny made a trail of Reese eggs from our room to the kitchen where there was a chocolate softball bunny and a book that I can read to our children one day. Isn't he so cute? Danny got a little spoiled with his treats but he works hard and is good to me so I wanted to spoil him.
There are some Reese eggs under there. We LOOOVE Reese eggs in this house.  Side note: between the ones we got each other. what my mom, his mom and we've randomly bought, we had 2freaking4 eggs. Back on track... I was recruited to fill eggs for the Easter Egg hunt for our nieces and nephews, so I made asked Danny to help me.
Saturday after getting a Shred sesh and some power walking in at the park with my BFF Rach, we had Easter with my dad's family at my Grammy's house. Holidays use to be a huge deal, but now that the "kids" are all growing up, my Grammy and her siblings have started breaking off and doing their own things with their immediate families. I don't mind at all. Its much calmer and just makes more sense.


Thats my lovely Gram and she is one of a kind. And all dressed up in her "nighty" haha. The boy is my brother and the 2 girls are our cousins. We ate like fools. I rationed my calories all day so I wouldn't feel guilty about the pending food coma. Or the wine. The whole bottle and a half.
Today I had Easter with Danny's family at his brother's house and the kids had an Easter egg hunt. There were 180 eggs! No wonder my sister-in-law needed help. My mom joined me. Danny's family is absolutely wonderful and invite her to all of our family get togethers. Its nice to spend time with all of my family at the same time. I always bring dessert because 1) I'm good at them and 2) They're hard to F up :) I usually bring Dirt Pudding, but I wanted to mix it up for this holiday. I made Strawberry Cheesecake Salad and Reese Egg Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookies. Both got great reviews! The Cheesecake Salad was super easy, light and perfect for spring. I'll definitely be making it for spring and summer parties. The Reese Egg cookies were wonderful too, but awfully big.
They were yummy, but 1 is almost too much to handle. I saw the recipe on Pinterest, both actually, and thought they would be perfect for Easter. I don't have a picture of the salad, but you can find the recipe HERE.  And the recipe for the Reese Egg Cookies is HERE.



I had a pretty good Easter spent with family and I hope you all did too :)

Mar 27, 2013

Shred Adjustment

Second post of the day! Look at me blog. To those of you who hopped over earlier today for the Other Half Link-Up, thanks for reading! I think Danny really did enjoy participating and was very pleased to hear that he had some feedback. Thank you for making his day special!

Now that I'm back, I have some news. Last night after putting a satisfying check mark by workout number 10 of the 30 Day Shred, I was evaluating my progress and if I felt like I could keep going on the shortened schedule. I can't. Thats all there is too it. I AM seeing results, but I don't want to push myself so hard that I can't give 100% during all of my workouts. So, there will be no more Shred two times a day. Thats not to say that I won't start walking when Mother Nature gets her shit together and starts acting like spring. (P.S. All that snow that we got on Monday? Practically gone.)

What does this mean for the tail end of the Shred when Danny and I go out of town and workouts get interrupted? Not too much. One of our nieces 6th birthday party is the Saturday we were planning on being gone and being the awesome aunt and uncle we are, we wouldn't feel right missing it. Instead of being gone Friday night-Sunday evening, we're just making it a 1 day trip. Leave Sunday morning and come back Sunday night. Its only a few hours away and thats doable. That Sunday IS the 30th day. Will I work out before leaving? Doubtful by about 99%. Am I mad? Nope because we will be doing a lot of shopping/sightseeing and those activies require much walking. All is fine. I'll get my 30th and final Shred workout in Monday evening and that will be that.

Enough about that, lets move onto the highlight of the highlight of my day. The highlight of my day was my trip to Target. I had to get Danny's Easter presents, some "bigass salad bowls" and whatever else jumped into my cart while I roamed the aisles. The highlight of this Target trip? These beauties.

Oooooh my gosh. I got one of these bad boys a week and a half ago on my way home from a meeting. It was 4pm, I was hitting a wall and had an hour and a half drive back to the office. It was also day 1 of the Shred. I NEEDED a pick me up in the form of chocolate. The gas station had the ones with just chocolate, which were awesome. But when I saw there were peanut butter ones, I couldn't have grabbed them quicker. This was one of those snacks that you watch what bag the cashier puts them in, dig them out as soon as you get to the car and eat on the way home. They are that good. The really awesome part? 110 calories and thats it. Its a decent sized candy bar too. I'm really just in love with the whole SkinnyCow line of food. The ice cream sandwiches that they have are delish. Danny had one last night and commented on it before I could even ask how he felt about it. On your next trip to the grocery, grab a box of whatever you can find. I would even suggest a special trip to the grocery haha.

I am now going to enjoy my last sleep in the stinkin' mattress because our new awesome mattress will be here in the morning!!!! Along with our new couches and end tables! I'm one happy lady :)

Other Half Link-Up

I sweet talked Danny into participating. And you'll find that it didn't take me long. He's a good sport. Here is my favorite picture of him from our wedding so you can put a face with the answers.

1. What are your thoughts on your wife's blog? I'm glad she has a hobby that she can work on on the days I'm at work.
2. Do you know what IG stands for? How about OOTD? Nope.
3. How long would you say you've been together? 5 years
4. Does her working out and eating healthy make you want to join in? It took me quite awhile but I joined in 10 weeks ago and have lost 25 lbs so far.
5. Is there anything you can do to inspire him to workout/eat healthier?
6. What do you love best about fit/ healthy life? I have had more energy and just felt better in general
7. What do you like least? I miss the days of eating sacks of frys, greasy cheeseburgers and other food that taste good!
8. How long did it take for you to agree to answer these questions? About ten minutes

There ya have it. Mr. Summers is on board the healthy bandwagon with me and he has been great motivation for me. And because I love him so much, I'm also going to share my second favorite picture from our wedding.
He doesn't look nervous at all does he? He had this framed and gave it to me for our first Valentine's Day has a married couple. It is proudly displayed in my office.

I'll have a regular post up tonight!

Mar 26, 2013

Link Up Part 2!

Who is pumped about Part 2 of this linkup? I AMMMM! So, if you're here from that, welcome :)
1. If calories didn't count, I would eat... a buffalo chicken ranch sandwich from Chilis after eating their chips and salsa. Dessert would be cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. 
2. On my Prom night.... I spent the night flirting with a guy that had a girlfriend. We're married now so its fine.
3. When I go to the store, I always buy... Pretzel M&M's.
4. Family functions typically... involve a few of my best buds: Captain Morgan and Oliver (its wine, not a real human)
5. I think my blog readers... are awesome. All 5 of them :)
6. I'd much rather be..... knee deep in the water somewhere with the blue sky breeze blowing wind through my hair.
7. I have an obsession with.... my DVR and I get very uneasy when there are more than 5 backed up episodes.
8. My work friends.... consist of my brother and the boss I had when I worked at the ice cream shop here in town, who was one of my dad's best friends. My life is completely normal.
9. When I created my Facebook account.... I lied about my age.
10. My least favorite word is... rural because I can't say it.
11. I really don't remember.... There is nothing I don't remember. Ask my husband :)
12. Justin Bieber.... and everyones obsession with him needs to go ahead and stop now. 

Mar 25, 2013

Self-Employed Life

Soooo,  Indiana has this going on right now

If I didn't know any better I'd think it was freakin January. Danny has been out plowing since 1:30 this morning and its now after 8:30. He's planning on coming home to take a nap and then go back out because this snow dump ISN'T OVER! We've heard a few more inches before its all said and done. Ugh.
On to the point of this post. I got up around 6:30 this morning to see what the damage was and it was still coming down. I reset my alarm for 7:30 because I didn't want to sleep in too much and not be able to go to bed tonight then be exhausted tomorrow. I'm a creature of habit. While I was in the shower and getting ready for work I started thinking to myself... "This self-employed gig isn't too bad." Thats a far cry from what I was thinking about it 2 months ago when it all about came crashing down when our employees quit and were telling us they were gonna gut the business. Then I was thinking, "F this shit, I want a boss, a cubicle and an entry level position" Well, now that I'm on the other side of the hell that my brother and I went through, I wouldn't trade being self-employed for anything in the world.  Yes, being self-employed means EVERYTHING is your responsibility from managing finances all the way down to cleaning the toilets. It has its perks though.
You make the calls - I've seen all over Facebook and Twitter this morning that people can't believe they still have to go to work. It is dangerous out there. The roads are bad and some people act like they've never seen snow so they don't know how to drive. Me? I woke up, looked out the window, then texted my brother and said, we're on a 2 hour delay. That was that.
Flexibility - Tomorrow I'm taking the day off to go run some errands and go with Danny to the doctor. By errands I mean spending my lovely morning at the BMV since the plates on our trailer expired at the end of February and neither of us have changed the address on our licenses since we moved... in November. That doesn't mean my phone won't ring during any of this or that I won't have to go into work tomorrow evening. Part of it.
When there are kids - I can only recall ONE event that my dad missed because of work in the 20 years that I knew him and that was moving me into my college dorm. I'm still not convinced the old man had a meeting. I think he was just trying to get out of it because he knew I lived on the second floor... from the TOP. Anyways. If my kids have a school program in the middle of the day, sporting event, doctors appt, or I just want to spend time with them, I can do that. I've told Danny I can be a Half-Ass Housewife/Stay at Home Mom.
Vacation/Sick Days - There are none. Yes, this goes along with flexibility, but I'm refering to the vacation part. Last August when we went on a cruise, I was on the phone while I was enjoying trip #1 to the free buffet. The alarm company was calling to tell me the battery was low on the system. I was on the freaking BOAT and talking to the alarm company. My response? I'm in Tampa, I don't care for the next 6 days, call me September 1st. The day we got back? One of the rentals that we have was being remodeled and some hoodrat broke in, cut some wires and stole tools. I was back on land for less than 24 hours and was dealing with the police. It happens. But, the perk? There is no hoping your request gets approved, worry that you'll run out of sick days, or the boss getting mad.
I've only been self-employed for 2 years, so I'm sure my opinion is likely to change and the perks are also likely to shift. What I do know is most 23 year olds shouldn't allowed to have this much responsibility, flexibility or authority. There are some days, like when I get my hair done at 11 am on a Tuesday, where I shouldn't, but then I remember that if you work hard you CAN reward yourself. 

Mar 24, 2013

Recap of the week

My LoseIt calendar starts on Monday so I'm kind of on my last day of the week. I hate when all of my calendars don't start and end of the same day. OCD much? Maybe. Regardless, its good for me to look back over the week and see if I did well and what I can improve on.

Food - I stayed under my calorie limit until Friday. Which is pretty good. I have the app set to lose 1.5 pounds a week. That gives me some wiggle room to play with and still lose. I'm always shooting or the 1.5 pound limit, but I'm not gonna beat myself up if I go over but still stay under the 1 pound limit. Generally by Wednesday I'm on track to be over the weekly budget if I don't tighten the reins a little, so to be under budget going into Friday was great. What ruined Friday for me you ask? Subway cookies. I had a dinner date with my Gram and she said Subway sounded good. She's had a tough time lately so I got us some cookies. Being that they are $.60 ea or 3 for $1.30 or something, I went ahead and got 3. Being the ass that she is, she wouldn't eat the 2nd one OR split it. Chunky living inside me didn't mind though. (Sidenote: If you knew my Gram, calling her an ass is completely acceptable and not disrespectful at all. Ol Girl gave me the finger at the age of 10 for beating her in a card game.) Things also got a little tough on Saturday. I told Danny we were having steak for dinner and he offered to go get some out of the garage freezer. We bought 1/8th of a cow back in the fall so we have beef on hand. Well, this is what he came back with...
The funny part is he knew he made a bad choice. I just went with it and ate well during the day so I didn't feel super guilty about the steak. By the time I cut all the fat off of mine and cut it off the bone, it was half the size. Still doesn't make it okay but not as bad as it would of been.

On to my exercising. I'm kinda loving the 30 Day Shred. I can already tell my body is getting stronger. I started out using 3 lb weights, then on work out 3 or 4 I mixed the 5 lb weights in. Now I'm on all 5 lb for all the moves. Only a couple more workouts to go then I'm moving to level 2. Moving to level 2 is a big deal for me. On previous DVD programs, I've never made it long enough to make it all the way through Level 1. So, this is huge.

Let's hope this next week is just as successful. Its the last full week before the end of the diet bet and I've got some work to do!

Mar 20, 2013


I've only jumped on a hand full of bandwagons in my life and I'm pretty proud of it. Twilight is probably the one I am most proud of. I have not and don't plan on reading a single book and I am still undecided on my plans for the movies. If I watch the movies, I'll probably have to watch them all in one day. Twilight brings me to another bandwagon, the whole vampire thing as a whole. I really don't get it at all. General Hospital (go ahead and judge me) did a vampire story over the last couple of weeks and I definitely fast forwarded through some of the scenes. Another bandwagon I don't get. The Walking Dead. My husband LOVES it though! Thankfully he watches it when I'm at work or in our room or living room depending on which one I'm in. Now, I jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon as soon as it came flying by and don't ever plan on looking back

Since I discovered this wonderful blogging world, I think I've hopped on more bandwagons in the last 6 months than I have in my entire life. The difference between these blogging bandwagons and those other ones? They've had a positive impact on my life.

1. 30 Day Shred - I know like one person in real life that has done this. I couldn't tell you if she finished it, saw results or even did it more than one day. Without hearing any feedback, I had no idea what this Shred thing was. Then I saw that a few of the bloggers that I stalked followed had done it, saw success, and had great things to say about it. I recently got bored with Zumba, temporarily I'm sure, and the Shred seemed like a good way to mix it up. I have hopped on the Shred Bandwagon.

2. Luna Bars - I forget what blog I saw them on first, but I know I saw them on Mama Laughlin's and Elle Noel's at some point in time. I saw them at CVS one day and picked a couple up. They weren't bad, but not great. Target had about 6 more flavors, including White Chocolate Macademia. That happens to be my second favorite cookie (1st is snickerdoodle in case someone wants to send me some, just fyi ;) ) THEN I found the absolute motherload of Luna bars at a supermarket about 15 minutes away and have countless other flavors that I love. If I know I'm going to have a calorie heavy lunch, I'll have a Luna bar and coffee for breakfast. I have hopped on the Luna Bar Bandwagon and have no intentions of getting off of it. Danny LOVES them too.

3. Fashion - My most favorite fashion bandwagon would have to be Kiki La Rue and I want it all! Not even kidding. Also, seeing everyone's OOTD gives me clothing inspiration. My wardrobe mainly consists of jeans and solid t's. My customers are farmers and they don't wanna see "frilly shit" on their insurance agent. I've become inspired for my weekend wear and the weeks that I don't have to actually see my customers. Stepping out of my comfort zone is due in part to losing weight, but losing weight has come at the help of reading blogs.

4. Spaghetti Squash - When people were doing the cleanse this shit was EVERYWHERE! I wanted to try it prior to it being plastered in every blog post and Instagram picture but just never picked one up at the grocery. I like to test things out on myself and not throw it on a plate for Danny not knowing what could possibly happen. Spaghetti squash was one of those things. Since he had a MWF rotation this time, this week was the perfect time to get one. I tried it tonight and freaking LOVED IT! Going in I wasn't sure what I wanted to mix it with, other than some ground beef that Danny cooked to eat on this week. I didn't want to open a whole can of spaghetti sauce for just me so normal spaghetti was out. I made the decision to add in a Laughing Cow cheese wedge (Chipotle Fresco) and 1/4 of a green pepper along with the ground beef. After eating it, I really think the possibilities are endless for this miracle vegetable.

The next bandwagon I plan on jumping on? Running. I really don't know how this one it going to play out, but we'll see. With all those fun themed races and the fact that everyone keeps saying its a fat blaster, its worth a shot.

Mar 18, 2013

So it begins

Day 1 of the Shred? COMPLETE! I was off to a rough start though because of this...

EVERY time I work out in the living room... whether its a DVD or just doing some random shit and calling it a work out... he does this. If I'm wrapping a present, he lays right where the wrapping paper rolls out.  If I'm clipping coupons during my "I"m going to coupon phases" he lays on the paper. When I'm folding clothes, he lays on the freshly folded clothes. If he wasn't so cute, I don't know what I'd do. You know what else? I'm pretty sure he's training me for when we have two-legged children running around.

Back to the Shred. It was a great work out thats for sure and I can't wait to start seeing the transformation. I tried to push myself on some moves and keep up with the "more advanced" girl that Jillian roped into doing it with her, but didnt want to overdo it right out of the gate. I probably worked at the pace of the "beginner" girl. I think I'm going to be a little sore in the morning, but tough shit because tomorrow is a double session. Shred in the morning and shred at night. Like Jillian said during the workout.. Its not gonna come free.

As I've mentioned about 82 times, work is coming to a screeching halt this week. I still have to work, I just won't be going in a million directions all hours of the day. But this boss lady is taking a time out for fun and getting her hair done... AT 11 A.M. PEOPLE! Right smack in the middle of the day. Why? Because I can and I can't wait!

Mar 17, 2013

25 Day Shred?

Last night after our cheat meal date at Red Lobster, the hubs and I hopped on over to Target. While we were there I picked up the 30 Day Shred for my April goal that I talked about last time.  Today I got to thinking about the Shred and how it is going to get interrupted by a little weekend getaway we're planning for mid-April. I figured I had 2 options. A). Start the shred tomorrow, take a 3 day break and never finish when I'm 4 days from the end finish in the few days the week following our trip or B). Start April 1, take a 3 day break in the middle, then do a morning session 3 days the week following the trip.

I didn't really love either of them to be honest and I came up with a plan thats a combination of the two. I'm startin this shit tomorrow and am going to do a morning session 5 times in the first 2 weeks, making my last day the Thursday before we go out of town. So, the 30 day shred is turning into a 25 day shred. I'm pretty pumped about this. Jillian Michaels is a bad ass and Zumba hasn't been doing it for me the last couple weeks. I dont know if my body is getting use to it or if my brain is bored. Hopefully taking a break will help me love it again.

Another exciting event this weekend? CRAFT TIME! I needed a good hour or two of getting paint on myself and creating something that I can be proud of to display in our new home. My first project was an "S" to hang on our front door. I found one on Pinterest that I could by through Etsy, but I wanted to make one and I knew Pinterest in all of its greatness had to have a tutorial on how to paint something to make it look "distressed" ... I was right. HERE is the tutorial I used.  Super easy and makes it seem so simple, which it was.

I hate that you can't really see the distressed look too well, or at all really, but its there :) The final product is hanging beaufitully on our front door and Danny even said it was about time we added some color to the outside. We are definitely ready for spring around here.

Time to snuggle with my boys and relax before another week. If you don't hear from me, blame Jillian.

Mar 13, 2013

The Woman With You

Tonight as I was driving home, I turned on Kenny Chesney's song "Woman With You" from his When the Sun Goes Down album, my all-time favorite Kenny Chesney cd, hands down.  Every song is incredible. But this song is the one I can relate too the most.

Ever since my dad died 2 1/2 years ago, I have taken on a whole new life. I went from being a 20 year old college student that had a boyfriend and thinking about running for president of her chapter, to 20 year old college student that was president of a company and also managed a couple of rental houses and sorted through her dad's estate. That is A LOT! I asked for it though and was hell bent on it being that way. My dad built everything from the ground up and I would do whatever it took to continue his hard work.  Now, almost 3 years later, everything is really resting on my shoulders. The employees that my dad "trusted" quit, without notice(after being given the world on a silver platter), and majority of the work is on my shoulders, I have never worked so hard in my entire life. I've complained almost nonstop all of my posts that I'm crazy busy. It all comes to a screeching halt on Friday and I couldn't be more excited. The thing I'm looking forward to the most? I can go back to being Danny's wife.

I miss just being with my husband and sitting on the couch together.  I miss cooking him dinner every night, getting all of his laundry done before the last second, running random errands in the afternoon, long lunches. I am going to get all of this back in a few short days and I couldn't be more thrilled.

Ever since the early months of our relationship, I knew I wanted to be Danny's wife. When I got to college and quickly learned the "party scene" wasn't my cup of tea, I couldn't wait to be in this part of my life. Now that its hear and we are a year and a half in, I am LOVING life and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us because its going to be great! Even greater if we get to go on the Newlywed Game, since I totally signed us up last Friday night :)

Alright I'm done being mushy girl in love and will talk about my greatest accomplishment of the day. It was 7pm, I was headed home from visiting my grammy in the hospital (all is okay, she has cellulitis, aka infection) and STARVING! Its a 15ish minute drive from there to my house. You can take the long route and drive by Taco Bell, Wendys, Arbys, McDonalds and Burger King which are all quick, cheap and easy food options. OR you can go the country route and bypass all of that greasy goodness. I chose country route so I could speed and get home quicker and eat my healthier dinner that consisted of a wrap for 260ish calories. Of course I wanted a mexican pizza, jr bacon cheeseburger, mozzarella sticks, french fries and a shamrock shake, but I wanted the healthier wrap more. Progess is being made folks!

Thats it for now. Don't be surprised if you don't hear from me until after the St. Patty's Day shenanigans. Wish me luck!

Mar 11, 2013

Monday, Monday

I swear, if you were to watch the Bachelor and take a shot every time you saw Sean without a shirt, you'd be hammered. Its very likely.

So, I've made it to the LAST week of my busy season at work. Its been a long two months and I can't wait to have a somewhat normal life back. With the end of pure craziness, comes new plans and goals for my personal life.

Numero Uno: April = 30 Day Shred. I'm gonna do it. This means a Zumba break and I hope that doesn't come back to bite me in the ass. I've heard great things about the Shred though and I know my blogging idol Holly saw success with it. My biggest challenge in this is going to be sticking with it for 30 freaking days. On the upside, the workouts are 20 minutes. That is not long at all and right up this girl's alley. Hopefully I can fit in some walking too because Diesel really enjoys it and Danny even likes to go with us!

Numero Dos: No pop. This one shouldn't be too difficult. I refuse to eliminate Crystal Light Energy at the same time. I love that shit. Also, I go days without it as it is. I'm doing a trial run this week. Yeah, the week of my crazy schedule and I cut out pop. Genius.

Okay so 2 goals isn't a lot, but thats where things are at weight loss wise. I mentioned a while back in this post that I wanted to work on those Pinterest crafts I've been dying to work on and get this adorable house that we bought decorated and make it home. Its home already because of who I share it with (such a freakin sap, I know), but it needs our added touch. By our I mean, I make and buy the shit, and Danny hangs it on the walls :)

Sorry for the boring post. I'm very distracted by The Bachelor: After The Final Rose. Reality tv junky I'm telling you.

Mar 9, 2013


I guess that link up and my new followers got the blog-juices flowing. Those do exist right? Yeah they do. Anyways, welcome new followers :) I'm glad I could trick you into following my crazy life!

Last night Danny and I went to eat at one of the hand full of restaurants in our town, The Curve. I may have talked about it a month ago when I was recapping my brother's birthday. I went there with every intention of getting fish. Yes, it was fried but it was probably better than the burger that I ended up ordering that I washed down with a Coors Light. While I was thinking about how I was going to enter those calories into LoseIt and how many I was going to be over, I came to a realization. I am not going to beat myself up over a bad meal once a week. Granted, I did binge on Tuesday night with the almost full bottle of SkinnyGirl and the pizza, but that was a special occasion. The realization came with the thought that I'm not in a big hurry to lose a bunch of weight, right at this moment. Yes, it is important to me but I am SO much happier with my body than I was just 6 months ago. The weight is coming off slow and thats alright. I've been putting very little effort into this and it IS going to be a slow process.

There is the monetary motivation from Erin's DietBet, and I am already down 2 pounds. I did very well eating this week. Yes, very well is still used to describe a week with 2 bad meals. I could be doing worse. Next Friday is the end of my crazy work schedule and I can commit to this journey. I can lose the last 4 pounds by the end of the bet. So for the next week, I will continue to coast along at the current pace. After I take a break next Saturday and indulge in some St. Patty's Day fun at the Curve, its back at it on Sunday.

The other day I came up with a breakfast idea that I wanted to share. I woke up with a craving for something sweet, chocolate to be more specific. While in the shower thinking about a good way to go about this craving, I came up with the plan to make Hot Chocolate Oatmeal.


200 calories for a sweet breakfast treat? I'll take it! I used Swiss Miss Sugar Free mix and I HAD to add marshmallows because whats hot chocolate without marshmallows? Not hot chocolate thats what!

Alright, I am off to meet my mama for lunch, house hunting for her, and maybe some light shopping? I see Target in my near future. See yens!

Mar 8, 2013

Finish the Sentence...

On this lovely, and long awaited, Friday morning as I sit here and drink my coffee, I am joining my first ever Linkup. I know, its huge. And it's almost as if Holly knew there would be some newbie wantin in on this hilarious-ness because if it weren't for those instructions... I would of been late to work.
So if you wondered over here from Holly or Jake, welcome and enjoy!
1. People always tell me I look just like my mom then 5 minutes later someone tells me I look just like my dad.
2. In the movie based on my life, the casting team would have a hell of a time finding another person on this earth with a head as big as mine and size 10 feet all on a 5'3" frame. That can also act. Best of luck!
3. Typically, I end up regretting eating the whole DQ Blizzard.
4. I always ask to leave off the freakin onions.
5. Kim and Kanye really need to stop pulling me in like I'm watching a car accident.
6. My Parents always reminded me that people in hell wanted ice water too (my mother) and that I could "want in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up faster (my dad).
7. Every single day I want to chop my hair off as I blow dry it.
8. This one time in College  4 of my sorority sisters went to Chicago for a night, thought we had a place to stay, got kicked out, then lied and told the hotel we stayed at there were only 2 of us. Wild, I know!
9. My grossest habit is probably not showering after Zumba then curling up in bed next to Danny.  Sorry honey.
10. My latest white lie was I don't lie. (Does that count?)
11. I know all the words to Air Force Ones by Nelly and his intro to Girlfriend by Nsync. Love his old shit.
12. When I grow up I want to be Carrie Underwood's twin.
13. Sexy time is almost always interrupted by the dog.
14. I will never, ever drive a minivan. I'll mexipack the shit out of a Tahoe or Traverse if I have too.
15. I think it's hilarious when little kids cuss. I no joke had tears in my eyes on the episode of Modern Family when Lily said the F word. Tears, stomach hurt, couldn't talk laughing. I'm so ready for kids.
That's all folks. :)



Mar 6, 2013

The bet is on!

The DietBet began today and this girl is getting back on track! Yesterday was a one of very best friend's birthday so we went over to his house for cake. Their house usually involves drinks of some sort, so I came prepared with SkinnyGirl Sangria. I wasn't, however, prepared to have 3 servings of it, which is 3/4 of the bottle.  I could of done worse (like drink the whole bottle) though because those 3 servings were just shy of 400 calories. A good buzz for a lunch's worth of calories? I'll take it. I could hardly help it though. When the birthday boy keeps filling your glass up, you can't exactly tell him no. Its his birthday for pete's sake!

After visiting for a couple hours, I rode around with the hubs while he plowed his mom and dad's driveways because central Indiana got hammered with this last night...

Snow is all fine and dandy: if you're in grades kindergarten through 12th, or its not MARCH! Its completely okay to snow AFTER Thanksgiving until March 1st. Any other time? I don't want any part of it. Thankfully we have a plow because we live on the edge of town thats kinda city, kinda county and neither really would want to plow. I mean, thank heavens I was able to get to work! I kid.

At the beginning of this post I said I was getting back on track, then I got distracted with bitching. My apologies.  I've eaten extremely well today and have done oookay on my water intake. An afternoon meeting threw me off, but thats life.  I didn't get home from work until 6pm, right when Danny was going to a meeting of course, but I STILL got a small workout in.  I stumbled across some TV show work outs about a year ago and always seem to forget about them. I'm bringin those babies back out and putting them to use! I turned on last night's episode of Pretty Little Liars and went to work. Last nights episode got me this...


Its not a lot but at least its something. When I have more time I'll post my TV show workouts and help someone else make the most of their time in front of the tube. Fow now, I've gotta feed my husband dinner.

Mar 4, 2013

Creamy Shrimp Stir Fry

First things first folks: Check out that header! I did that bad boy all by myself after I did my button through the help of Hubby Jack's tutorial! I was so proud of myself! I still want to have him design my blog sometime in the future, but my little changes will do for now.

I survived Monday.  It started off kind of rough with that whole not wanting to get out of bed thing. It probably had a lot to do with the fact that after I went to bed at 10pm, Diesel wanted to go outside at 11pm, 2 am, then at 4am whined just enough to get me out of bed and walk over to the bedroom door while he walked over to Danny's side of the bed and proceed to jump up on the bed JUST missing Danny's face by about a half a centimeter. It was like it happened in slow motion and I held my breath the whole time. Quite an eventful morning.  Although a baby requires more attention, Diesel has been a great test run.

I signed up for Erin's DietBet today on my lunch hour. I don't know who invented these things but GENIUS! I was talking about motivation the other day, and this girl is motivated by money. Hopefully in a month this picture looks a lot better. Don't mind the dog, he is such a nibshit and I normally don't weigh myself in the living room by the front door and take pictures of myself. He was all confused.

Anywho, back to Sunday. The hubs and I went on a breakfast and errands day.  We went to Bob Evans and had a decently healthy breakfast. I had an omelet with egg beaters and home fries. Not bad for 570 calories and it lasted me until late afternoon.  After breakfast we roamed around Target and picked up a bunch of random shit that we needed. It was absolutely hilarious when we checked out and Danny said in pure shock "How the hell did we come in here and just spend $100 no problem." The cashier and I both, almost simultaneously, said "it just happens." Its so stinkin' easy to just fill that cart up, not even realizing until you get to the check out and you're just like wtf happened?!

After we got home I lounged a bit, we went to Danny's dad's to visit, then came home and I started dinner. I'm pretty freakin proud of it if I do say so myself.

 Ingredients include:
  • 10 shrimp, I cut the tails off before cooking
  • 1 small zucchini, sliced
  • 1/2 cup mini peeled carrots, I cut them in half
  • small can of mushrooms
  • 2 tablespoons Philadelphia Cooking Cream, Santa Fe flavor
Throw it all in the skillet and cook until shrimp is done and vegetables are tender. I removed it from the heat then stirred in the cooking cream. Picture is before the cooking cream. Serve over a cup of whole grain rice and you have yourselves a tasty and filling meal for 310 calories!

I doubled the recipe so if you're thinkin "girl's crazy if thats ALL thats in there" The hubs has to eat too so I threw enough in there for the both of us.  This was his first time eating shrimp that wasn't fried and, well, he didn't love it. He's a "texture" person.

My other accomplishments for the day were Easy Blueberry Peach Cobbler and Zumba toning sesh. The Easy Cobbler was just a bag of frozen peaches, some blueberries I had in the freezer from the fall, a box of yellow cake mix and 12 oz of Sprite Zero. Spread the fruit over the bottom of a 9 x 13 pan, top with cake mix, then pour the sprite over it and bake for 30-35 minutes. Viola! 1/12th of the recipe is 164 calories. Not bad for something so tasty. I've eaten quite a bit of it and feel a lot less guilty knowing its not TERRIBLE! Zumba wasn't bad, it was just ehhh. My legs are sore and the bod got worked, but it could of gone better.
Time for bed! Its way past my week night bedtime.

Mar 2, 2013

Mr. Summers = the best

I am dedicating this post to talking about how wonderful and amazing my husband is.  I've mentioned in just about every post that work has been nuts and I've been super busy.  Its a good day at work if I can make it home before 6. I try really hard to get home by 5:15 on days that he is off work but sometimes its not possible. We aren't use to me being the one with the crazy schedule.  From August 2010 until May 2012, Danny was the one that worked like his life depended on it. Don't get me wrong, I worked a lot too and had a lot to juggle with school and running my dad's companies, but I was generally home everyday by 4:30. During this time Danny was balancing paramedic school which required crazy clinical hours. This led to him doing a lot of sleeping and not a lot of housework. I did all of the laundry, which his needed done multiple times a week because of nasty patient germs, all of the cleaning and all of the cooking.  He's always been responsible for outside chores, like mowing. Fast forward to present day, and the roles have totally reversed. 

This amazing man that I married has been doing all of the cleaning for the past few weeks. I ran the sweeper and dusted a couple of weeks ago, and thats pretty much it. I still do all of the laundry and most of the cooking.  I'm a little better at making dinners in a healthier way and since we're both on the lose weight train, I handle it.

On two separate occasions this week, he made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I came home after a stressful day at the office on Wednesday and the living room was neat and tidy, the dining room/office area had been swept and mopped and the kitchen was spotless, smelled heavenly and dishes were done and put away.  Oh wait, it gets better. I got stuff out to make taco salads for dinner and he just took over. I just stood in the kitchen and watched as I relished in how fortunate that I am. So that was Wednesday. Yesterday, I had a GREAT day at work. Things are starting to turn around and I'm finding my groove. I had a great meeting with a potential customer. My husband is always great at letting me know how proud he is of me, and sometimes he does a great way of showing it too.
A clean house, dinner and beautiful flowers, all in one week.  It really is the little things in life that matter. 

Alright, I'm done bragging out my husband now. He might read this and think he's off the hook for a while and we don't want that happening :) Time for me to indulge in hours of recorded tv and see if I can make some shit happen on this blog to make it look more legit without screwing it up.  I can't wait until the day I have enough readers to justify a blog design by Hubby Jack !