Mar 24, 2013

Recap of the week

My LoseIt calendar starts on Monday so I'm kind of on my last day of the week. I hate when all of my calendars don't start and end of the same day. OCD much? Maybe. Regardless, its good for me to look back over the week and see if I did well and what I can improve on.

Food - I stayed under my calorie limit until Friday. Which is pretty good. I have the app set to lose 1.5 pounds a week. That gives me some wiggle room to play with and still lose. I'm always shooting or the 1.5 pound limit, but I'm not gonna beat myself up if I go over but still stay under the 1 pound limit. Generally by Wednesday I'm on track to be over the weekly budget if I don't tighten the reins a little, so to be under budget going into Friday was great. What ruined Friday for me you ask? Subway cookies. I had a dinner date with my Gram and she said Subway sounded good. She's had a tough time lately so I got us some cookies. Being that they are $.60 ea or 3 for $1.30 or something, I went ahead and got 3. Being the ass that she is, she wouldn't eat the 2nd one OR split it. Chunky living inside me didn't mind though. (Sidenote: If you knew my Gram, calling her an ass is completely acceptable and not disrespectful at all. Ol Girl gave me the finger at the age of 10 for beating her in a card game.) Things also got a little tough on Saturday. I told Danny we were having steak for dinner and he offered to go get some out of the garage freezer. We bought 1/8th of a cow back in the fall so we have beef on hand. Well, this is what he came back with...
The funny part is he knew he made a bad choice. I just went with it and ate well during the day so I didn't feel super guilty about the steak. By the time I cut all the fat off of mine and cut it off the bone, it was half the size. Still doesn't make it okay but not as bad as it would of been.

On to my exercising. I'm kinda loving the 30 Day Shred. I can already tell my body is getting stronger. I started out using 3 lb weights, then on work out 3 or 4 I mixed the 5 lb weights in. Now I'm on all 5 lb for all the moves. Only a couple more workouts to go then I'm moving to level 2. Moving to level 2 is a big deal for me. On previous DVD programs, I've never made it long enough to make it all the way through Level 1. So, this is huge.

Let's hope this next week is just as successful. Its the last full week before the end of the diet bet and I've got some work to do!

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