Mar 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! It is probably the most calm and laid back of the holidays for Danny and me. Even more so this year since he had to work. We still took part in some Easter festivities together though.

We decided to get each other Easter treats this year. We have this problem with waiting until the holiday has arrived to give each other gifts. So in true Mr. & Mrs. Summers form, we traded Easter treats on Thursday. Danny made a trail of Reese eggs from our room to the kitchen where there was a chocolate softball bunny and a book that I can read to our children one day. Isn't he so cute? Danny got a little spoiled with his treats but he works hard and is good to me so I wanted to spoil him.
There are some Reese eggs under there. We LOOOVE Reese eggs in this house.  Side note: between the ones we got each other. what my mom, his mom and we've randomly bought, we had 2freaking4 eggs. Back on track... I was recruited to fill eggs for the Easter Egg hunt for our nieces and nephews, so I made asked Danny to help me.
Saturday after getting a Shred sesh and some power walking in at the park with my BFF Rach, we had Easter with my dad's family at my Grammy's house. Holidays use to be a huge deal, but now that the "kids" are all growing up, my Grammy and her siblings have started breaking off and doing their own things with their immediate families. I don't mind at all. Its much calmer and just makes more sense.


Thats my lovely Gram and she is one of a kind. And all dressed up in her "nighty" haha. The boy is my brother and the 2 girls are our cousins. We ate like fools. I rationed my calories all day so I wouldn't feel guilty about the pending food coma. Or the wine. The whole bottle and a half.
Today I had Easter with Danny's family at his brother's house and the kids had an Easter egg hunt. There were 180 eggs! No wonder my sister-in-law needed help. My mom joined me. Danny's family is absolutely wonderful and invite her to all of our family get togethers. Its nice to spend time with all of my family at the same time. I always bring dessert because 1) I'm good at them and 2) They're hard to F up :) I usually bring Dirt Pudding, but I wanted to mix it up for this holiday. I made Strawberry Cheesecake Salad and Reese Egg Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookies. Both got great reviews! The Cheesecake Salad was super easy, light and perfect for spring. I'll definitely be making it for spring and summer parties. The Reese Egg cookies were wonderful too, but awfully big.
They were yummy, but 1 is almost too much to handle. I saw the recipe on Pinterest, both actually, and thought they would be perfect for Easter. I don't have a picture of the salad, but you can find the recipe HERE.  And the recipe for the Reese Egg Cookies is HERE.



I had a pretty good Easter spent with family and I hope you all did too :)

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