Mar 9, 2013


I guess that link up and my new followers got the blog-juices flowing. Those do exist right? Yeah they do. Anyways, welcome new followers :) I'm glad I could trick you into following my crazy life!

Last night Danny and I went to eat at one of the hand full of restaurants in our town, The Curve. I may have talked about it a month ago when I was recapping my brother's birthday. I went there with every intention of getting fish. Yes, it was fried but it was probably better than the burger that I ended up ordering that I washed down with a Coors Light. While I was thinking about how I was going to enter those calories into LoseIt and how many I was going to be over, I came to a realization. I am not going to beat myself up over a bad meal once a week. Granted, I did binge on Tuesday night with the almost full bottle of SkinnyGirl and the pizza, but that was a special occasion. The realization came with the thought that I'm not in a big hurry to lose a bunch of weight, right at this moment. Yes, it is important to me but I am SO much happier with my body than I was just 6 months ago. The weight is coming off slow and thats alright. I've been putting very little effort into this and it IS going to be a slow process.

There is the monetary motivation from Erin's DietBet, and I am already down 2 pounds. I did very well eating this week. Yes, very well is still used to describe a week with 2 bad meals. I could be doing worse. Next Friday is the end of my crazy work schedule and I can commit to this journey. I can lose the last 4 pounds by the end of the bet. So for the next week, I will continue to coast along at the current pace. After I take a break next Saturday and indulge in some St. Patty's Day fun at the Curve, its back at it on Sunday.

The other day I came up with a breakfast idea that I wanted to share. I woke up with a craving for something sweet, chocolate to be more specific. While in the shower thinking about a good way to go about this craving, I came up with the plan to make Hot Chocolate Oatmeal.


200 calories for a sweet breakfast treat? I'll take it! I used Swiss Miss Sugar Free mix and I HAD to add marshmallows because whats hot chocolate without marshmallows? Not hot chocolate thats what!

Alright, I am off to meet my mama for lunch, house hunting for her, and maybe some light shopping? I see Target in my near future. See yens!


  1. That breakfast looks delish!! Just started following! love your blog!

  2. oh my goodness that recipe looks amazing and oh so easy! thanks for sharing!