Mar 17, 2013

25 Day Shred?

Last night after our cheat meal date at Red Lobster, the hubs and I hopped on over to Target. While we were there I picked up the 30 Day Shred for my April goal that I talked about last time.  Today I got to thinking about the Shred and how it is going to get interrupted by a little weekend getaway we're planning for mid-April. I figured I had 2 options. A). Start the shred tomorrow, take a 3 day break and never finish when I'm 4 days from the end finish in the few days the week following our trip or B). Start April 1, take a 3 day break in the middle, then do a morning session 3 days the week following the trip.

I didn't really love either of them to be honest and I came up with a plan thats a combination of the two. I'm startin this shit tomorrow and am going to do a morning session 5 times in the first 2 weeks, making my last day the Thursday before we go out of town. So, the 30 day shred is turning into a 25 day shred. I'm pretty pumped about this. Jillian Michaels is a bad ass and Zumba hasn't been doing it for me the last couple weeks. I dont know if my body is getting use to it or if my brain is bored. Hopefully taking a break will help me love it again.

Another exciting event this weekend? CRAFT TIME! I needed a good hour or two of getting paint on myself and creating something that I can be proud of to display in our new home. My first project was an "S" to hang on our front door. I found one on Pinterest that I could by through Etsy, but I wanted to make one and I knew Pinterest in all of its greatness had to have a tutorial on how to paint something to make it look "distressed" ... I was right. HERE is the tutorial I used.  Super easy and makes it seem so simple, which it was.

I hate that you can't really see the distressed look too well, or at all really, but its there :) The final product is hanging beaufitully on our front door and Danny even said it was about time we added some color to the outside. We are definitely ready for spring around here.

Time to snuggle with my boys and relax before another week. If you don't hear from me, blame Jillian.

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