Oct 31, 2016

Weekend Recap

We had a pretty great weekend... for the most part. It is very obvious that age 3 is near. We are dealing with some major emotion from our little guy and it is a hell of a time for me to not be able to drink. Had I not been pregnant and Cracker Barrel had a cocktail menu, I would have had one yesterday. Its hard to imagine this cheesy smile screaming at the top of his lungs as your carry him out of a restaurant.

Let's get to the good stuff...

Friday: I left work after our last event of the month to eat lunch and pack so we could head out of town for the night. We picked Tucker up around 2 and made our way to Evansville. On the way down, we mentioned going to a mall just to kill time once we arrived and Tucker associated that with "a cookie place and riding animals" like he does at one of the malls he goes to with my mother-in-law. After some Googling and hoping and praying, we learned that this mall did in fact have animals he could ride. I pulled the pregnancy card and told Danny this one was on him.

I think he enjoyed riding around on this thing for 10 minutes.

After dinner and perusing Gymboree to satisfy my desire to shop for this baby girl, we headed to my aunt's house where we were staying for the night. Tucker got a couple of surprises and threw a fit about not being able to open all the drawers and cabinets in someone else's house before we headed to bed.

Saturday morning we woke up and visited with my aunt and uncle. They are empty nesters with no signs of grandchildren in the near future, so they enjoyed having a small child running around for an hour or so. After breakfast it was time to head to Paw Patrol! Tucker didn't really get it until the show started, but once he saw the stage with the Paw Patrol logo he was so excited.

Coming down from a sugar high and seeing your favorite characters on stage is rough.

We met my aunt and uncle for lunch and some play time at a nearby park before heading home.

Sunday we went to church and breakfast. This kid asked me to take a picture of him on the way to breakfast. "Push the cheesey button mom!"

This can pretty much sum up the rest of our day.

Oct 28, 2016

And Baby Goofy is....


Our ultrasound and check up with my OB was scheduled for yesterday at 11am. We had to wait 20 minutes past that to be called back because the machine wasn't working correctly! I spent the 20 minutes telling Danny he could not beg the ultrasound tech to tell him the sex while simultaneously trying to not pee my pants since I needed a full bladder. Mind you I had just peed 10 minutes before my scheduled appointment time. We finally got called back and got through half of the ultrasound and the machine FROZE! Thankfully she knew the sex so we didn't have to cancel the party.  We were able to finish getting the images she needed and baby looks great! The placenta has moved as well so I am off of pelvic rest. I've already resumed laundry duties.

We had 5 hours to kill between the end of our appointments and the big reveal. We grabbed lunch, delivered the sealed envelope to Danny's sister who was the keeper of the secret and headed out to do some shoe shopping for Danny and other errands. I warned him he needed to buy things he needed now since I would be spending all of his monies if the baby was a girl.

5:30 quickly arrived and our house filled with our family and closest friends. Danny's mom arrived with a  not-so-happy Tucker, but once he realized we were getting balloons, his friends were there and we could eat cupcakes he turned his attitude around.

Everyone headed outside, called my brother and sister-in-law to figure out where they were since the party started at 5:30 and it was 5:34 haha. Its acceptable to be 10-15 minutes late to family dinner or a holiday, but not this. This was big stuff!

Danny's sister didn't trust Danny, so she got a little tricky with the balloons. She put pink and blue, along with a  couple of white, in the box. The balloons representing the baby's sex would stay in the box while the other color (and white) flew away. We opened the box and first out were blue, leaving most guests speechless since they didn't know what was actually going on and thought we were having another boy. My sister-in-law actually started fake cheering since no one was clapping or cheering and she felt bad haha. A couple people thought since they saw pink and blue we were having twins! No way Jose!

When the pink balloons were the only ones remaining, everyone screamed and clapped! Danny's worry of showing obvious disappointment was gone as he has wanted a little girl the whole time. I had a gut feeling the whole time that it was a girl, but no real dreams to confirm my feelings like I did with Tucker, other than the blue balloon dream. Danny and I looked at each other and said "We can be done now!" Now whether or not that's true will be determined at a later date.

We are so excited to add a little girl to our family! Within an hour I was given my restrictions on how much money I'm allowed to spend per week. He was generous with his dollar amount so I think I can make it work!

Aunt Dee is relieved that its a girl because she thinks we are done. She says she can't handle another pregnancy haha!

Oh, and baby girl's name still remains Baby Goofy.

Oct 26, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

It's time for one of my favorite link-ups! What's Up Wednesday with Shay, Sheaffer & Mel to recap what's been going on for the last month.

What we're eating this week...
We quit Whole30 haha. I would say 75% of our meals are still Whole30, but life just gets crazy and I just don't feel like cooking when its like that. We have things come up, Danny works a crazy schedule and I keep forgetting to order meat for the main dish so sometimes you just have to throw a few turkey sandwiches together and be happy. Which is what I did last night before I headed out to a volleyball game and the boys headed to a Halloween party with my mother-in-law. See, crazy.

What I'm reminiscing about...
High school sports. For the first time since I graduated 8.5 years ago, I went to a volleyball game with my mother-in-law a couple of weeks ago. It was senior night for someone from church and my nephews girlfriend plays, so we went. I got hooked again. I played from 6th-10th grade. Unfortunately I had to quit after 2 games my junior year due to back problems at the tearful request of my dad. You can't say no when your dad asks you with tears in his eyes. I hated not being on the team anymore, but I was still able to enjoy softball because of it. It was the lesser evil of the two. Last night I went with one of my high school bff's and my nephew to the regional game. They fought hard but ended up losing.

What I'm loving...
The cooler weather. FINALLY! I was running out of short sleeve shirts that fit!

What we've been up to...
Getting Christmas picture outfits.

I've been eating donuts every Friday at work for our Farmer Appreciation Days.

I'm also on the hunt for a nightstand for Tucker's room. I've only been meaning to buy one for 3 years. He is currently using a tv tray, which is also what is still in what will be Baby Goofy's room. It's time for an actual nightstand.

What I'm working on...
Still not done with the mudroom. I REALLY need to get the last crate painted so Danny can do his part of that project. Mentally I am working on nursery themes! For a boy I'm thinking trucks or sports and for a girl I think I'm just going to stick with a color scheme. Whatever it is has to look good with green walls!

The crib, changing table, glider and shelf in the corner will stay. The farm stuff, dresser and Tucker's name will go.

What I'm excited about...
OUR GENDER REVEAL TOMORROW!!! I had a dream that the balloons were blue. That's the first dream I've had about the baby being boy or girl. I've painted my nails for the occasion. *Please ignore my already swollen fingers. I took these in the morning before I had much water.

What I'm watching/reading...
Loving the old faves... Grey's Anatomy, Law & Order: SVU, Modern Family, Chicago Fire & PD
Loving the new ones too... Designated Survivor, This is Us, The Mindy Project
I'm also watching Desperate Housewives!
I'm mad at Hulu Plus though. They no longer have rights to Quantico, so I have NO IDEA what is happening on that show. I was irrationally upset when I figured out why it wasn't on there.

What I'm listening too...
Tucker is still loving Head Over Boots by Jon Pardi. He's also loving International Harvester by Craig Morgan. He asked me to play "the tractor song" a couple of weeks ago and I had no idea what he meant but remembered that had a tractor sound. I tried it and now he loves it.

What I'm wearing..
I broke the boots out. My fun Toms didn't look right with the denim tunic I am wearing. I typically try to keep my boots and heat off before November 1st, but I have already utilized both this year.

What I'm doing this weekend...
A friend and I are making 2 little boys very, very happy
We're traveling to Evansville with them and our husbands Friday and going to the Saturday morning show. Tucker is going to lose his mind!

What I'm looking forward to next month...
The annual Frankenmuth weekend with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. We have so much fun and get so much Christmas shopping done. And fun shopping.

What else is new...
My back is already giving me trouble so that's going to make my shopping weekend and the rest of this pregnancy difficult.

Bonus: What is your favorite Halloween tradition?
Confession: We don't really have any. We have been slacking on the tradition portion of holidays and now that Tucker is almost 3 we really need to get going on some.

Oct 25, 2016

19 Weeks!

We are almost to the official halfway point! We are also at the magical week where my OB does the big ultrasound!!

Baby size: heirloom tomato. I just looked at the 19 week bumpdate from Tucker and it said mango.
Any symptoms?  Feeling a little more energized than last week, but still tired. Headaches. Heartburn.
Cravings? Not really. I got a cheese ball to satisfy my craving from last week and it wasn't good so that was disappointing.
Favorite part this week? More and more movement
Least favorite part this week? back pain after a lot of shopping
Boy or Girl? We find out Thursday evening!
Names? Danny has suggested a boy name that I don't love and I'm not even sure he is serious about. Tucker started randomly singing it on Sunday so that's nice.

With Tucker, I did all the Old Wives Tales for gender prediction, so I thought I would do them again!

1. Morning Sickness - yes: GIRL
I had a lot more morning sickness with this pregnancy than with Tucker. I've only gotten sick a few times, but the entire first trimester was a huge nausea fest.

2. Cravings - mostly sweet: GIRL
I've eaten a lot of cereal and purchased Oreos on a whim Saturday.

3. Chinese Calendar - BOY
This one is tricky. My app says I ovulated between 6/30 and 7/2 sooooo, my best guess is I go with the July box for my age.

4. Baby's Heartbeat - above 140s: GIRL
It's been 140s-150s the whole time.

5. Sleeping On - Right: GIRL
My sleeping position mostly depends on if Danny is home or not. I sleep on my right when he is home and try to sleep on my left when he is at work. I generally wake up on my back but leaning towards the right.

6. Mood - Danny and I both agree I've been more moody: GIRL
I don't know if pregnancy is completely to blame since I haven't slept well since before we found out I was pregnant and work has been stressful as well.

7. Disposition - Not any clumsier than normal: GIRL
I'm not the most graceful person in the world and I haven't noticed myself any less graceful than normal. I've been doing a significant amount of sitting around too.

8. Headaches - More: BOY
Every. Single. Day.

9. Ring Test - GIRL
I did the ring test that was floating around on Facebook that would predict the number of kids and the order. It said Boy, Girl, Boy, Boy. I THINK it includes miscarriages, but when I had mine it was more of a blighted ovum I think so I don't know if that counts?

10. Hands - Dry: BOY
This is common for me anyways.

11. Carrying Baby - I don't know! lol
I have a short torso so this one is hard for me to judge!

12. Skin - Dry: BOY
I'm using body lotion all over earlier than I normally do.

Girl - 7
Boy - 4
Don't know - 1

It was tied with Tucker so maybe this time they are more right? I'll share the results here on Friday, but I'm sure something will be posted on Instagram (erinshell10) Thursday night!

Oct 24, 2016

Weekend Recap

The weekend began a little early last Friday.  October is a quiet month around the office with all of the farmers out in the field, so we usually take off a couple of hours early, if not at lunch. I went home to change clothes, let Diesel out and then headed to pick Tucker up. We went to CVS to rent a movie and get bubble bath then headed to pick dinner up. I noticed Tucker was starting to doze off on the way to pick dinner up, so I decided to put a pull up on him before we headed home. It was a good thing I did.
That would be a chip next to his arm.

He slept from 5:30-10:15, was up for an hour, then went back to sleep until about 7. I think there was a wake up in there that required me to lay in bed with him. I can't remember because they happen so frequently.

Saturday we lounged and watched the Zootopia from the night before. We planned on attending fire truck rides at the park, but there was a massive fit thrown and doing something fun after that seemed wrong. We went to lunch and shopping with my mom so I could return some pants I ordered online and pick up a couple more shirts. Danny was home when we got home, which was good since I was pretty much done doing anything for the rest of the night. We ate dinner and I proceeded to lay on the couch or in the chair until I went to bed.

Sunday was more shopping. This time with Danny's mom. She has already purchased outfits for Christmas pictures for 4 out of the 5 grandchildren, Tucker being the only one left. Each year there is always one kid that is hard to shop for. This year it was Tucker. 8 stores later, we finally figured out an outfit. Thank you, Babies R Us. And also thank you for the bribe that is placed at the entrance of the store. As a parent that isn't too proud to bribe her child, it is much appreciated.

After stopping at one more store on the way home, we grabbed shakes from Steak n Shake and headed home. I. Was. Beat! Even more so than Saturday. My back was hurting so bad I couldn't even take a shower. I sat and let Tucker play with water, food coloring and baking soda. This provided rest time for 20 minutes and it was great.

We ate dinner, he went to bed and I sat in the recliner while I ordered groceries and watching This Is Us.

Now Monday is here. Only 3 more sleeps until we find out if Baby Goofy is a boy or girl!

Oct 19, 2016

18 weeks!

I realized something yesterday. If this babe makes his/her debut when big brother did, I am at the half way point! While I hope that is not the case and I can keep this one in a bit longer, that is pretty exciting. And terrifying since the holidays are only going to make time go quicker!

Baby size: Sweet Potato
Any symptoms?  Exhausted. I had some round ligament pain that stopped me in my tracks last night.
Cravings? I saw a Tasty video for a cheese ball recipe last night that has me trying to think of an excuse to go to the next town over so I can grab one at the grocery store. I don't even eat cheese balls when they are available.
Favorite part this week? Movement!
Least favorite part this week? the tiredness. Its really cutting into my TV watching
Boy or Girl? We find out NEXT THURSDAY!
Names? Still on Baby Goofy still.

Our big ultrasound is next Thursday morning and we have an appointment and my progesterone shot after. Danny and I were thisclose to having an elective ultrasound done Monday if the place had any openings. Not knowing the sex is driving us crazy! I told Danny's sister this and she made me a deal that I could come up to her floor at the hospital this week (she is an OB nurse) and she would do an ultrasound, but wouldn't tell me if the baby is a boy or girl and would plan a party. I seriously had to sleep on it and changed my mind at least 4 times over a 24 hour period. Danny is tired of me lol.

We won't be doing it her way, but we will be having a small get together next Thursday evening. She is going to handle taking care of the reveal since she has the day off of work and our family and close friends (just with that we are looking at 38 people) will come over for a quick reveal. If we did a big party, we would have to wait until the 30th and there is no way. 7 hours is manageable though!

I am in that stretch of weeks where there is nothing going on and I am anxiously waiting for the moment I can start prepping for this baby. I just have 8 days left and then we can really start on names, nursery d├ęcor, shopping and all that fun stuff!

Oct 18, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday: My Quirks

I skipped recapping my weekend yesterday because there wasn't much to talk about other than I was really tired, Tucker gave us a preview of age 3, and I painted an awesome pumpkin for the Tiny Dictator.

I've been doing Bumpdates on Tuesdays, but when I saw Andrea's topic for this week's Show & Tell Tuesday, I knew I needed to participate. I tend to think everything I do or think is normal until I vocalize these things to my husband or brother and then they think I'm off my rocker. 

1. Tags on comforters/quilts/blanets - They HAVE to be at the foot of the bed. This is one that my brother and I share and Danny thinks is completely crazy. It doesn't matter if Danny is already comfy in bed, if I come in the room and find the tag is up by my pillow, I will start turning the blanket on our bed. It drives him crazy. If its up by his face? I don't really care. He can fight the tag all night for all I care since he thinks its normal. Why don't I just cut the tag off? If I did that then I wouldn't know which way the blanket goes!

2. Animals that scurry, fly or slither - This includes but is not limited too: mice, rats, shrews, vols, chipmunks, snakes, bats, birds of all kinds, hamsters(I actually had one for a brief period of time. Sorry mom.), gerbils. I also hate possums and raccoons. This time of year I become a little more on edge. When farmers start harvesting and the corn starts disappearing, the rodents come out. I start kicking cabinets in the kitchen to scare them off and when I am outside or in a barn I keep my eyes focused on what I'm doing and I do not scan the area.

3. I tend to know what I'm eating about 3 meals ahead - This includes going out to eat. I blame my dad for this one. He had to know hours in advance where our family was eating. He usually had a plan of his own but asked just to be nice half the time. I do the same. If Danny and I are planning on a date night, I start asking him a few days in advance where we are going if I don't already have a suggestion so I can start figuring my meal out. My uncle made fun of my dad one time and said "you eat to live, you don't eat to live." No, Sir, that is incorrect.

4. I will change my hair on a whim - There is little variation to it. It is either dark brown, blonde or somewhere in between. Never black or anything like that. Style is generally the same too. The girl that does my hair now pretty much knows what I like and I honestly didn't know how it was going to come out when she got done. I just let it happen and I was really happy with the outcome.

5. I think every house should have a front porch - They don't have to be big wrap around porches or even go from end to end. There just needs to be something. I really want to extend our porch on our house if we end up staying there long-term.

6. Certain meals require certain drinks - Qdoba requires Cherry Coke Zero with a lime. Anything from Cracker Barrel requires iced tea, even breakfast. Mexican from the place in town requires Diet Coke. I once ate French fries without Diet Coke and they weren't even good.

7. Apparently I fold clothes a certain way and a certain way only - These leads to Danny laying all of my clothes out flat on the coffee table or couch even if they clearly should be folded. Like shorts or t-shirts.

Seven is all I can think of for now. And as I've said before, I don't think any of them are that strange.

Oct 14, 2016

Friday Favorites

I'm going to try to get a quick post in before I have to get ready for work. We are having Farmer Appreciation Days, so my blogging time is spoken for!

A few weeks ago, my sister-in-law and Danny's step mom asked if I had anything to put in a rummage. I anticipated having like a box or bag or two. Once I started cleaning stuff out, I couldn't be stopped. I got rid of a large Thirty-One utility tote worth of stuff, 3 diaper boxes and another bag. And I'm not bringing any of it home. If it doesn't sell, which it is priced to do, its going to Goodwill.

I had my weekly progesterone shot yesterday morning and my mom happened to have an appointment at the same hospital around the same time. We had a breakfast date and it was much needed. I've had a rough week and some mama time was definitely needed. She always seems to know when I need some too.

Since I've been pregnant, I've broken the "no TV at night" rule that Danny and I do our best to implement for Tucker. It has its perks though. Tucker fell asleep a few minutes into his one episode of Paw Patrol while we were snuggling. I can't remember the last time he did that and I enjoyed every second of it.

Finally, I got my fall hair on Wednesday! My hair was getting REALLY blonde! Plus October is when I usually make the change. I'm loving it.
Those are the happenings for the week! I'm ready for the weekend!

Oct 11, 2016

17 Weeks!

Another week has come and gone and I really can't believe it. This pregnancy is flying by at a much quicker speed than the first one. We are 2 weeks away from our next ultrasound that will tell us if Baby Goofy is a boy or girl. TWO! How is that even possible?

Baby size: Onion.
Any symptoms?  weak gag reflex. I coughed and got sick right as we were leaving to go to church Sunday and we were actually going to be early. Headaches every single day. The pure exhaustion has reduced to a normal level of tiredness.
Cravings? pizza. I only caved once and got a single slice Thursday while I was out running errands.
Favorite part this week? Not feeling as tired is definitely my favorite. Also got my progesterone shot mess figured out.
Least favorite part this week? getting sick before church
Boy or Girl? We find out on 10/27!!
Names? As of right now, Baby Goofy. I'll let you guess who picked that one out ;)

Let's start with a funny story that our babysitter shared with us after church on Sunday. She told us that she has known for about 2 months that we were having another baby but never said anything. A couple of weeks after we found out, I had her watch Tucker one night while Danny was working so I could go out to eat with some girlfriends. As she was getting Tucker ready for bed, she asked him to go get his toothbrush. He went off to the bathroom and returned with one of the pregnancy tests! I had been storing the few that I had taken in one of the drawers. I was in shock and disbelief that we were actually pregnant so I held onto them for a while. So, she finally got to share that story with us on Sunday.

Now for my progesterone shot/health insurance nightmare. I'm sharing this in case anyone runs into this in the future. I can't be the only one.

My OB informed me after I had Tucker that in my next pregnancy/pregnancies I would receive weekly progesterone injections from 16-36 weeks to help prevent preterm labor. Great, anything to help. About 3 weeks ago, my OB's office called with news that our health insurance doesn't cover the medication. There are no alternatives as they were recently banned by the FDA. Recently as in end of 2015 or beginning of 2016. I forget. There is only ONE option and my insurance doesn't cover it. I called the drug company, Makena, to ask how much each injection costs: $4,000. The rep failed to mention its $4,000 per order and each order contains 5 injections. Either way, $4,000 was financially impossible. They offer financial assistance, which I qualified for and said I'll take it. I didn't bother appealing insurance because that could have taken months and I only had about a week to find a solution. This was the Friday of that week.

The next Thursday my OB's office called again and said there is a problem with my assistance. In order to receive the assistance, I had to file an appeal with my health insurance. That would have been nice to know a week ago since I now had 5 days until the 16 week mark. My OB was able to get an emergency vial sent to her office so I could begin the injections as planned. I was able to find a fax number for urgent appeals through my health insurance. I faxed that over on Friday morning and from that point my health insurance company had 72 hours to respond. If my appeal was approved then I only had to pay $100/order. If it was denied, then I received the medication for free.

The next Friday (we are now up to last week), I call to get an update since I hadn't heard anything and it has now been a week. After being put through the ringer by people not knowing what they are talking about, I find out my appeal was approved. Finally getting somewhere. I give my consent to pharmacy to allow my OB's office to schedule shipment and give my credit card info. It's all settled!

Yesterday my OB's office calls telling  me I need to call and give consent and a credit card for my $100 copay. I tell them I already have, I gave them my credit card, the Makena rep gave them my assistance info and the pharmacy told me to call my OBs office and tell them to order my medication. The nurse was returning my call. She said she is going to call them back and tell them this. She found out that the pharmacy rep had given her the completely wrong information and that it was another patient who needed to do all that.

As of right now, it is all settled. Finally.

So, here is rundown of what to do if you need Makena injections and your insurance doesn't cover them.
1. File an urgent appeal with your insurance company. Not a regular appeal. Get the info for the Urgent Appeals department. Go ahead and do this first since it takes a few days. It is a medical appeal and not a prescription appeal even though it is a medication.
2. Call Makena to see how much assistance you are eligible for. This was done in about 5-10 minutes.
3. When the appeal has been approved or denied, get the information back to Makena and its all gravy from there.

Oct 10, 2016

Weekend Recap

Boy we had a productive weekend and I am paying for it today.

Friday night when I got home with Tucker, our neighbors came over to hang out. The boys played in the sandbox for nearly the entire hour. It was nice to just sit and chat with his mom. I love having neighbors that are our age with kids the same age. Their little boy is 5 months younger than Tucker and their youngest will be about 9 months older than Baby Goofy (We're embracing the name Tucker picked out until we know what we're having and can decide on an official one).

They headed home as the weather cooled. It was past the point of cooking dinner, so I ran to Subway for salads while Danny did bath time. We ate, Danny left for a bit to hang out at his old fire station, Tucker went to bed, and I caught up on Grey's Anatomy.

Saturday was surprisingly productive. I woke up when Danny did to go teach and couldn't go back to sleep due to an extremely high level of hunger. Tucker woke up a little bit later and we snuggled while watching Paw Patrol. After an episode or two, Tuck and I got to work. We cleaned out his old closet and moved his hanging clothes to his dresser that is in his new room. I started clearing things out and purging for a rummage that I'm participating in this weekend. I thought I'd only have a couple of boxes of things. I'm at 5 or 6.

Once Danny got home, I showered and we headed to a pumpkin patch because the weather was perfect. Tucker fell asleep as we were paying for our McDonalds lunch after declaring he wanted "barbeque sauce and chicken nuggets in a box." He scarfed all 6 nuggets down and was extremely disappointed when he reached in the box and they were gone haha. His top priority when we arrived was finding a pumpkin. He almost wouldn't let me pee before we got on the hay ride to go out to the pumpkin patch.

After walking all over the pumpkin area, which was much larger than what you can see in the picture above, he found the perfect pumpkins. Not kidding, it took him 20 minutes I think. He would find one, try to lift it and if he couldn't pick it up then it wasn't the one. No matter how many times we explained that he can get one that he can't carry, he wanted to be able to carry it himself. He picked one up and once he realized it was really heavy, he dropped it... right on my toes. Of course this happened as a wagon full of people was driving by so I was their hay ride entertainment.  We let him get 2, one for him and one for Baby Goofy. My mom went with us so we actually have family pictures thanks to her!

This place had all kinds of other activities. They had 2 bouncing pillows (one for small children and one for big children), a blow up caterpillar with slides and things inside, bikes, camel rides, pony rides, pumpkin shooting, a playground and a maze for little kids made out of hay bales.

They also had apple slushies. So. Good! They had deep fried pizza balls that I really wanted to try but I resisted.

We had a great time at this pumpkin patch (Stony Creek Farms if you're in the central Indiana area) and will be going back!

Sunday was more work. We went to church and afterwards Danny, Tucker and Danny's mom went to a war re-enactment thing. I'm not into it and Danny forbids me from going when pregnant since I can't walk much. Totally fine with me. While they were gone I went to the grocery and cleaned out toys while the child was gone. I was able to get rid of 1 large tote full of stuff and took it to my father-in-law's house where the rummage will be. They were home when I got home and Tucker and I rested since I was beat and on my own for the next few hours! The rest of the day was spent meal prepping, pricing things, and more meal prepping. When Danny got home I informed him that I was done and not moving for the rest of the night. And I did just that.

Oct 5, 2016

Catching Up: August

Last month of the "catch up" then I have to actually come up with things to write about haha.

August was another fun month!

We kicked off the month by celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. We had dinner at Bru Burger I had just eaten there 2 days before but had to have their nachos again. We stopped at my mom's on the way home to visit and pick up our awesome anniversary gift.  She had a similar sign made for my brother's wedding with their song on it and had one made for Danny and I with one of our songs.

Tucker started looking like a 5 year old.

We got to see Baby Goofy for the first time!

We also started potty training. Right in the middle of the house.

He has done really well with it! He had peeing in the potty down in about a week. Poop is a different story, but that's always been a hot mess for him.

I turned 27! I spent the day in the rain keeping score at a softball tournament benefiting an old teammate's mom. I had a lot of fun and loved every minute of it. When it was over, it was time for cake. Danny special ordered an apple cake from a lady in town and it was delicious and so rich. I couldn't even eat dinner.

On my actual birthday, Tucker and I went to Target where we had our first public pee accident. We happened to be there to pick up his reward for doing so well with potty training. We still got the toy so he didn't think he was being punished for having an accident.  Thankfully we had just arrived so I didn't have to abandon my cart. We got it cleaned up, changed clothes and went on our way. I now know that "I want to go home" really means "I need to pee right now" Tucker stayed all night at my moms and I ate my weight in (cooked) sushi for dinner.

Tucker stayed with my mom since Danny and I were leaving the next day for our adults only camping trip with my BFF and her hubby. We went to the Indiana Dunes for 3 nights. 

The first night we visited the beach and climbed up a dune and it was then I realized how out of shape I had gotten over the summer. 

The next day we took the train into Chicago. 

We walked. Visited popular landmarks.

Walked to Dylan's Candy Bar. They had champagne gummies and I could have spent a fortune in there.

We ate at Giordano's for lunch. So freaking good. We have one in Indy but it just seems to taste better when you're actually eating it in Chicago.

We walked some more.

Visited the Navy Pier.

And walked back to the train. In case you didn't catch that, we walked a lot. 10 miles to be exact. I was noticeably wore out at the end of the day!

We walked a lot less the next day and went shopping at the nearby outlet mall since it was raining and we couldn't spend the day at the beach. Danny did what any man should do while his wife is in Coach.

We had a great trip with our friends! They have a little boy who is about 18 months younger than Tucker. Hopefully we can bring the kids one day!

That was August!