Oct 10, 2016

Weekend Recap

Boy we had a productive weekend and I am paying for it today.

Friday night when I got home with Tucker, our neighbors came over to hang out. The boys played in the sandbox for nearly the entire hour. It was nice to just sit and chat with his mom. I love having neighbors that are our age with kids the same age. Their little boy is 5 months younger than Tucker and their youngest will be about 9 months older than Baby Goofy (We're embracing the name Tucker picked out until we know what we're having and can decide on an official one).

They headed home as the weather cooled. It was past the point of cooking dinner, so I ran to Subway for salads while Danny did bath time. We ate, Danny left for a bit to hang out at his old fire station, Tucker went to bed, and I caught up on Grey's Anatomy.

Saturday was surprisingly productive. I woke up when Danny did to go teach and couldn't go back to sleep due to an extremely high level of hunger. Tucker woke up a little bit later and we snuggled while watching Paw Patrol. After an episode or two, Tuck and I got to work. We cleaned out his old closet and moved his hanging clothes to his dresser that is in his new room. I started clearing things out and purging for a rummage that I'm participating in this weekend. I thought I'd only have a couple of boxes of things. I'm at 5 or 6.

Once Danny got home, I showered and we headed to a pumpkin patch because the weather was perfect. Tucker fell asleep as we were paying for our McDonalds lunch after declaring he wanted "barbeque sauce and chicken nuggets in a box." He scarfed all 6 nuggets down and was extremely disappointed when he reached in the box and they were gone haha. His top priority when we arrived was finding a pumpkin. He almost wouldn't let me pee before we got on the hay ride to go out to the pumpkin patch.

After walking all over the pumpkin area, which was much larger than what you can see in the picture above, he found the perfect pumpkins. Not kidding, it took him 20 minutes I think. He would find one, try to lift it and if he couldn't pick it up then it wasn't the one. No matter how many times we explained that he can get one that he can't carry, he wanted to be able to carry it himself. He picked one up and once he realized it was really heavy, he dropped it... right on my toes. Of course this happened as a wagon full of people was driving by so I was their hay ride entertainment.  We let him get 2, one for him and one for Baby Goofy. My mom went with us so we actually have family pictures thanks to her!

This place had all kinds of other activities. They had 2 bouncing pillows (one for small children and one for big children), a blow up caterpillar with slides and things inside, bikes, camel rides, pony rides, pumpkin shooting, a playground and a maze for little kids made out of hay bales.

They also had apple slushies. So. Good! They had deep fried pizza balls that I really wanted to try but I resisted.

We had a great time at this pumpkin patch (Stony Creek Farms if you're in the central Indiana area) and will be going back!

Sunday was more work. We went to church and afterwards Danny, Tucker and Danny's mom went to a war re-enactment thing. I'm not into it and Danny forbids me from going when pregnant since I can't walk much. Totally fine with me. While they were gone I went to the grocery and cleaned out toys while the child was gone. I was able to get rid of 1 large tote full of stuff and took it to my father-in-law's house where the rummage will be. They were home when I got home and Tucker and I rested since I was beat and on my own for the next few hours! The rest of the day was spent meal prepping, pricing things, and more meal prepping. When Danny got home I informed him that I was done and not moving for the rest of the night. And I did just that.

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