Oct 18, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday: My Quirks

I skipped recapping my weekend yesterday because there wasn't much to talk about other than I was really tired, Tucker gave us a preview of age 3, and I painted an awesome pumpkin for the Tiny Dictator.

I've been doing Bumpdates on Tuesdays, but when I saw Andrea's topic for this week's Show & Tell Tuesday, I knew I needed to participate. I tend to think everything I do or think is normal until I vocalize these things to my husband or brother and then they think I'm off my rocker. 

1. Tags on comforters/quilts/blanets - They HAVE to be at the foot of the bed. This is one that my brother and I share and Danny thinks is completely crazy. It doesn't matter if Danny is already comfy in bed, if I come in the room and find the tag is up by my pillow, I will start turning the blanket on our bed. It drives him crazy. If its up by his face? I don't really care. He can fight the tag all night for all I care since he thinks its normal. Why don't I just cut the tag off? If I did that then I wouldn't know which way the blanket goes!

2. Animals that scurry, fly or slither - This includes but is not limited too: mice, rats, shrews, vols, chipmunks, snakes, bats, birds of all kinds, hamsters(I actually had one for a brief period of time. Sorry mom.), gerbils. I also hate possums and raccoons. This time of year I become a little more on edge. When farmers start harvesting and the corn starts disappearing, the rodents come out. I start kicking cabinets in the kitchen to scare them off and when I am outside or in a barn I keep my eyes focused on what I'm doing and I do not scan the area.

3. I tend to know what I'm eating about 3 meals ahead - This includes going out to eat. I blame my dad for this one. He had to know hours in advance where our family was eating. He usually had a plan of his own but asked just to be nice half the time. I do the same. If Danny and I are planning on a date night, I start asking him a few days in advance where we are going if I don't already have a suggestion so I can start figuring my meal out. My uncle made fun of my dad one time and said "you eat to live, you don't eat to live." No, Sir, that is incorrect.

4. I will change my hair on a whim - There is little variation to it. It is either dark brown, blonde or somewhere in between. Never black or anything like that. Style is generally the same too. The girl that does my hair now pretty much knows what I like and I honestly didn't know how it was going to come out when she got done. I just let it happen and I was really happy with the outcome.

5. I think every house should have a front porch - They don't have to be big wrap around porches or even go from end to end. There just needs to be something. I really want to extend our porch on our house if we end up staying there long-term.

6. Certain meals require certain drinks - Qdoba requires Cherry Coke Zero with a lime. Anything from Cracker Barrel requires iced tea, even breakfast. Mexican from the place in town requires Diet Coke. I once ate French fries without Diet Coke and they weren't even good.

7. Apparently I fold clothes a certain way and a certain way only - These leads to Danny laying all of my clothes out flat on the coffee table or couch even if they clearly should be folded. Like shorts or t-shirts.

Seven is all I can think of for now. And as I've said before, I don't think any of them are that strange.


  1. I am with you on tags, folding clothes AND the front porch thing. There was actually this house at the end of our road that didn't have one and it drove me crazy. Some people bought it and now it has a beautiful one. I want the house now....I am kind of the same on the drink thing. There are some mom and pop places here that I love only certain sodas they carry and it only tastes great with their food, an italian place by us carries misc soda products so I get their root beer and only do I get it there. Subway I will only drink Cherry Coke. I am glad I am not the only one.

  2. Some of these are funny! I'm the same way about tags. Luckily, Michael doesn't mind it. Haha. I like a house with a porch too. I feel like they look so naked without one! I definitely dislike animals that scurry as well. Yikes! I used to be really particular about how clothes we folded and would re fold them if necessary. Until I had a baby and had someone over to help with some much needed laundry. Then I decided I could give two shits and I haven't cared since. Lol.