Oct 25, 2016

19 Weeks!

We are almost to the official halfway point! We are also at the magical week where my OB does the big ultrasound!!

Baby size: heirloom tomato. I just looked at the 19 week bumpdate from Tucker and it said mango.
Any symptoms?  Feeling a little more energized than last week, but still tired. Headaches. Heartburn.
Cravings? Not really. I got a cheese ball to satisfy my craving from last week and it wasn't good so that was disappointing.
Favorite part this week? More and more movement
Least favorite part this week? back pain after a lot of shopping
Boy or Girl? We find out Thursday evening!
Names? Danny has suggested a boy name that I don't love and I'm not even sure he is serious about. Tucker started randomly singing it on Sunday so that's nice.

With Tucker, I did all the Old Wives Tales for gender prediction, so I thought I would do them again!

1. Morning Sickness - yes: GIRL
I had a lot more morning sickness with this pregnancy than with Tucker. I've only gotten sick a few times, but the entire first trimester was a huge nausea fest.

2. Cravings - mostly sweet: GIRL
I've eaten a lot of cereal and purchased Oreos on a whim Saturday.

3. Chinese Calendar - BOY
This one is tricky. My app says I ovulated between 6/30 and 7/2 sooooo, my best guess is I go with the July box for my age.

4. Baby's Heartbeat - above 140s: GIRL
It's been 140s-150s the whole time.

5. Sleeping On - Right: GIRL
My sleeping position mostly depends on if Danny is home or not. I sleep on my right when he is home and try to sleep on my left when he is at work. I generally wake up on my back but leaning towards the right.

6. Mood - Danny and I both agree I've been more moody: GIRL
I don't know if pregnancy is completely to blame since I haven't slept well since before we found out I was pregnant and work has been stressful as well.

7. Disposition - Not any clumsier than normal: GIRL
I'm not the most graceful person in the world and I haven't noticed myself any less graceful than normal. I've been doing a significant amount of sitting around too.

8. Headaches - More: BOY
Every. Single. Day.

9. Ring Test - GIRL
I did the ring test that was floating around on Facebook that would predict the number of kids and the order. It said Boy, Girl, Boy, Boy. I THINK it includes miscarriages, but when I had mine it was more of a blighted ovum I think so I don't know if that counts?

10. Hands - Dry: BOY
This is common for me anyways.

11. Carrying Baby - I don't know! lol
I have a short torso so this one is hard for me to judge!

12. Skin - Dry: BOY
I'm using body lotion all over earlier than I normally do.

Girl - 7
Boy - 4
Don't know - 1

It was tied with Tucker so maybe this time they are more right? I'll share the results here on Friday, but I'm sure something will be posted on Instagram (erinshell10) Thursday night!

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  1. EEEE so exciting! I can't wait to find out what your having. You are looking great!!!!