Oct 19, 2016

18 weeks!

I realized something yesterday. If this babe makes his/her debut when big brother did, I am at the half way point! While I hope that is not the case and I can keep this one in a bit longer, that is pretty exciting. And terrifying since the holidays are only going to make time go quicker!

Baby size: Sweet Potato
Any symptoms?  Exhausted. I had some round ligament pain that stopped me in my tracks last night.
Cravings? I saw a Tasty video for a cheese ball recipe last night that has me trying to think of an excuse to go to the next town over so I can grab one at the grocery store. I don't even eat cheese balls when they are available.
Favorite part this week? Movement!
Least favorite part this week? the tiredness. Its really cutting into my TV watching
Boy or Girl? We find out NEXT THURSDAY!
Names? Still on Baby Goofy still.

Our big ultrasound is next Thursday morning and we have an appointment and my progesterone shot after. Danny and I were thisclose to having an elective ultrasound done Monday if the place had any openings. Not knowing the sex is driving us crazy! I told Danny's sister this and she made me a deal that I could come up to her floor at the hospital this week (she is an OB nurse) and she would do an ultrasound, but wouldn't tell me if the baby is a boy or girl and would plan a party. I seriously had to sleep on it and changed my mind at least 4 times over a 24 hour period. Danny is tired of me lol.

We won't be doing it her way, but we will be having a small get together next Thursday evening. She is going to handle taking care of the reveal since she has the day off of work and our family and close friends (just with that we are looking at 38 people) will come over for a quick reveal. If we did a big party, we would have to wait until the 30th and there is no way. 7 hours is manageable though!

I am in that stretch of weeks where there is nothing going on and I am anxiously waiting for the moment I can start prepping for this baby. I just have 8 days left and then we can really start on names, nursery d├ęcor, shopping and all that fun stuff!


  1. GAH! I seriously can't wait. You will have to text me when you know because I don't know if I can wait until the next gender reveal post.... lol. Those Tasty videos get me everytime. I have had to "unfollow" them because I feel if I even watch one I gain weight.

  2. This is so exciting! I didn't even know you were expecting until I seen your 16 week post on IG! I'm so happy for you guys!! I remember when I found your blog through Big Holly and you were expecting with Tucker! My, how time flies! :) Looking forward to finding out the gender! Eeeeek!