Oct 4, 2016

16 Weeks!

In true second child form, bumpdates for this kid are starting 7 weeks later than they did with the first born. I'm going to blame the blogging break and not myself directly. I'm going to keep the questions the same as last time.

Baby size: Avocado
Any symptoms?  weak gag reflex which caused me to throw up yesterday. so tired. some heartburn. my bra has to come off as soon as I walk in the door. I think I took it off before my shoes yesterday.
Cravings? steamed white rice. soup.
Favorite part this week? I've started to feel some flutters!!!
Least favorite part this week? getting sick before breakfast yesterday
Boy or Girl? We find out on 10/27!!
Names? As of right now, Baby Goofy. I'll let you guess who picked that one out ;)

I'll use this first bumpdate as a pregnancy catch up.

I was very nauseous, all day, from 5 weeks until about 9 weeks. Then just after lunch and at night for a couple of weeks. Then just at night for a couple more weeks. The nausea was replaced by gagging though so that's been interesting. I can probably count on both hands the number of times I've brushed my teeth at night in the last 8 weeks because of it.

Physically I have been okay. I continued walking until through 9 weeks while we were on vacation with friends. That wore me out and I took a break from walking, which was good since I had some bleeding the next week proving that I had overdone it. I have had 2 bleeding episodes which have landed me on pelvic rest again as a result of a placenta previa. I had this with Tucker so I know the drill, but its harder this time. It is affecting me physically and mentally. My muscles are sore from sitting and laying down so much and I feel a lot of guilt because I can't pick Tucker up or do much around the house other than cook and fold clothes. I'm limited to one outing per day other than work per recommendation of my sister-in-law, which is a good rule of thumb. I've been behaving though and haven't had any bleeding or spotting for almost 2 weeks.

Emotionally this pregnancy has been tough for obvious reasons. I think you're on high alert a little more when it isn't your first rodeo, but even more so when you've experience a miscarriage. I don't remember being nervous before appointments with Tucker like I have been this time. I barely slept the night before our ultrasound in August. Now that I am a couple of weeks into the second trimester, my worries have eased some.

I haven't completely dropped the ball on documenting this pregnancy. I've been sending pictures almost every week to my BFF Shelby so she can keep tabs on the bump. She was almost pissed with Tucker when my bump didn't really arrive until about 22 weeks. 
That's how its been going so far. I start progesterone injections this week, maybe today even. That has been an ordeal too. When the health insurance hell that I'm in regarding those ends, I will share the story because its ridiculous.

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  1. I am super excited to find out what you are having....