May 31, 2016

Weekend Recap - Memorial Day

I think Tuesdays after long weekends are worse than a standard Monday.

Friday was a full day at work, meaning until 4 haha. After a workout, I picked Tucker up and we went to my sister-in-laws to deliver birthday wine. She unexpectedly kept Tucker for a few hours, so that was nice. I enjoyed a Grapefruit Shandy on the porch since I decided Danny was going to pick him up when he got back in town. After we ate dinner, we played and went to bed pretty early. The rest of the weekend would be busy so I wanted to make sure I got one good nights sleep.

Saturday was a Tucker & Mommy day since Danny worked, which is also why we didn't spend the weekend camping with ALL of our friends.

I decided Tuck and I would go get Danny's Father's Day present and things to have a night with my mom and future sister-in-law. We also had a date at Fazoli's where Tucker chose a second breadstick over a chocolate chip cookie. Raising him right!

We also got Tucker's frog pool out. Thank goodness for father-in-laws that own air compressors!

After some swimming, my mom arrived for our girls night. Knowing my mom loves lemon ice cream, I decided we needed to go to Dor-Tee's before we ate dinner. Tucker loved the blue moon ice cream, which is my favorite!

When we got back, Megan arrived. We ate dinner, drank wine and worked on wedding programs. Tucker didn't join since he fell asleep on the way home from ice cream, but crashed the party at 9:30 after a 3.5 nap. I really thought he would sleep all night because he usually does. Nope.

Sunday was a fun day! Tucker and Danny went to church while my mom, Megan and me worked on bubbles for the wedding. We got them all done. After it was a whirlwind of getting things packed to go to the campground to visit. I got everything ready in an hour thanks to my mom sticking around to entertain Tucker. As we loaded everything in the truck, we remembered why we bought a camper! We had a great time up there though. We got to visit, enjoy some drinks, and parent just a little bit due to there being a few girls old enough to want to play and watch Tucker. We also took a walk to feed the fish!

We left right before dinner so we could get food on the way home and get home at a decent time since Danny had to work again Monday. Plus we were celebrating Fathers Day early since the next few weekends are crazy and the wedding is Fathers Day weekend. Tucker and I picked out farm toys for Tucker and Daddy to play together. Tucker spilled the beans on the way home, but the gift was still appreciated.

Danny did bedtime and went outside to enjoy a drink. Samual Adams Summer Ale is a definite summer fave!

Sunday was pretty much devoted to the sandbox. I wanted to get a mudroom project done and the only way I could do that was if Tucker had something to do. I got the sandbox cleaned out which was no easy task and we endured a couple of fits in Hobby Lobby and Meijer before getting home. Tucker fell asleep after lunch and we BOTH TOOK A NAP!!!!!!!!! He slept for about 2 hours and I slept for an hour. Gosh it was awesome!

He woke up talking about his turtle sandbox, so outside we went. 

My hard work bought me an hour of time and I got 2 crates painted, meaning I have one set of 3 done so far and 3 sets left. I think I'm going to like the final product though!

After a bath and pizza, Tucker went to bed and I went to bed shortly after.

The weekend wasn't spent camping like we hoped, but we still had fun!

May 26, 2016

Blog Challenge: First Celebrity Crush

Today's topic on this 31 day blog challenge is my first celebrity crush. Aside from picking a side between the Backstreet Boys and Nsync battle (I was a BSB girl just for Brian, but actually went to an Nsync concert), from what I can remember my celebrity crushes didn't begin until middle school. And there are 2. We'll start with the easy one.

Paul Walker. I saw this guy while flipping through magazines with a friend one night and it was love at first sight. I had no idea who he was, what he was in, or if he was an actor or singer. I think we were in 7th grade, or going into 7th grade, so it was around 2002 or 2003. He looked something like this around then.
He had a great smile and pretty eyes, but I think my favorite feature was his hair. I'm a sucker for longish, wavy hair. Danny's hair gets some curl to it when he grows it out, which is about never.

And we can all agree that Paul Walker aged well.  His car accident happened the night of the Diaper Party for Tucker and the same friend that I was with when I discovered him was there. She said "Erin, that's your guy!" I probably would have cried had I not been miserably pregnant (35 weeks and 3 days is miserable when its 2 days after Thanksgiving and you're having high blood pressure issues) and surrounded by a huge group of people that would have made fun of me.

The second, and biggest, celebrity crush was... Kenny Chesney.
I was IN LOVE with Kenny Chesney 7th grade through high school. I have seen him in concert 7 times. While he's not super good looking, he is handsome. I loved the energy he put into his shows the most. I mean he's won Entertainer of the Year how many times now?! My heart also broke a little when he married Renee and I can't say I was all that disappointed when they called it quits, except for the fact that people were speaking negatively about Kenny.

My favorite album of his was When the Sun Goes Down. There isn't a bad song on that record. The Good Stuff is still my number one favorite song. I like his old stuff more than the new stuff, but still consider myself a Kenny fan.
Fun Kenny Chesney related fact: I took AP English classes in high school simply for the fact that all students older than me gave the impression they were easier. I didn't have a chance in hell of scoring high enough on the tests to earn college credit. I tried my junior year, but after getting a scored of ONE out of FIVE, I didn't even try on the test senior year. I also didn't want to just sit there for the entire 2-3 hours either. Instead of half assing the essay, I chose to write out the lyrics of Summertime in the test booklet that was submitted to the people that graded the tests. I also think I drew a picture and the word Summertime in fun, bubbly letters. I was the definition of Senioritis that day.

Now you all know who I had pictures of hanging on the walls of my room as a teen.

May 25, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

It's that time people! Time to catch up on what's been happening around here for the past month with Shay, Sheaffer and Mel.

What we're eating this week...
Whole30-ish. Emphasis on the "ish" since I implemented some flexibility. I'm getting into a busy time with work and just summer in general. Plus, the schedule of a firefighting family is anything but routine. I also miss bread. I've established some ground rules for the bread: only at breakfast on mornings that I walk. I love the Thomas Double Protein English muffins. They have a touch of cinnamon that really adds to the flavor. They are great with peanut butter or even as part of a savory sandwich with bacon or sausage.

What I'm reminiscing about...
A couple of things. First, our wedding. My brother's wedding is just weeks away at this point and it has me thinking about our big day. They sent me a picture of the cart after the booze trip to Sam's Club and it reminded me of the evening Danny and I made that trip. It was so ridiculous and fun. Also, I'm excited to hopefully re-create this picture.
Right before the ceremony started, my brother and I shared a Crown Royal drink. I had glasses made for the moment that said "For every king, a Crown" and they were great.

Second thing I'm reminiscing is this sweet babe that would sit still. My mom shared this Facebook memory yesterday. Those cheeks! And how tired do I look?!
What I'm loving...
Getting up at 4:40 am to go walk! I've never been a morning exerciser. I've tried various activities... T25, 30 Day Shred, running... and nothing ever clicked. But a friend of mine that I started walking with last fall texted me last week to see if I wanted to start walking in the morning. I'll do about anything for some adult socialization these days so I said yes. We've went 2 days already this week and are going again tomorrow. I'm probably going to be exhausted come Friday night.

I also did a T25 workout because I was feeling ambitious, so that contributed to the results.

What we've been up to...
Danny has been working his butt off between his full time firefighting job, his part time firefighting job and his side business of mowing and handyman work. We're both looking forward to him having a bit of downtime next month. I've been doing the same old song and dance and Tucker is too. I call May the "calm before the storm" at work. It'll be acreage reporting season before I know it and I'll wish there were more hours in the day.

What I'm dreading...
Nothing really. I was supposed to take Tucker to the dentist today but we uncovered a dental insurance mess up so that isn't happening at the moment. I was dreading the appointment so I'm not too bummed.

What I'm working on...
Something like this for the mudroom. Mine will be painted grey, there will be another set of 3 and they won't be beautifully decorated. They will be more functional since that is the purpose of the mudroom.
I have exactly 1 painted. So this will probably take weeks upon weeks.

What I'm excited about...
My brother's wedding. And this.
Tucker's head is going to explode when we do this. We are going in about a month with our neighbors who have a little boy a few months younger than Tucker.

What I'm watching/reading...
They suckered me in. And they've got Danny too and he almost can't handle it. He doesn't do well with cliff hangers and if you're watched any episode, they all end with one! We have the finale left and I'm dying to watch. From the beginnings I've compared it to Pretty Little Liars. I have so many theories and I know its this person, then something else happens and you're clueless. Its the FBI version of PLL.

What I'm listening too...
My favorite song right now is Livin' the Dream by Drake White. In true Erin fashion, it plays on repeat.

What I'm wearing...
I'm not wearing them right now, but I will be as soon as these puppies hit my front porch.

I've been on the hunt for new black sandals since my favorite pair bit the dust last summer on our cruise. Per usual, Toms came through. They are on sale AND I get 4% cash back on Ebates AND they qualify for free shipping. Come to mama!

What I'm doing this weekend...
Not camping that's for sure. I'm not bitter or anything. Danny works Saturday and Monday so its just not possible. We may go visit our friends at the campground on Sunday, but that's about our only plans at the moment.

What I'm looking forward to next month...
The wedding. Thomas. My husband being home more.

What else is new...
Just the walking before the sun comes up.

What am I looking forward to this summer...
A couple camping trips! One as a family to Michigan and to visit friends in Ohio, then one with my BFF and her husband for an adults only trip. She needs some kid free time, as all parents do from time to time.

May 23, 2016

Weekend Recap

We had one of our last not so busy weekends before the summers craziness begins. Next weekend is it and then its on.

Friday I left work a little early to get a workout in before going out to eat with my 2 main men. I started a PiYo/T25 hybrid calendar. I think I'm going to love combining the two programs! This one got really excited though when I put my tennis shoes on. I promised him a walk when I was done. It was the perfect way to end a T25 workout!

After getting cleaned up, my boys came and picked me up. We went to Outback Steakhouse. It was one of those meals out that you consider not going out to eat with children ever again. Tucker may have been put in timeout on the porch of the restaurant. Plus our meal was just okay so it was not a great experience. However, we ended up going to Menards afterward to buy a sprinkler. God had mercy on our souls and the car cart was right inside the door. Which is great, until its time to leave and you have to exit the "Nards Cart" and go home.

Saturday we ran around most of the day. Tucker and I went to lunch with my good friend Amber and her 3 year old nephew. Tucker helped me get ready.

The nephew is quiet, calm and likes to take naps. Tucker... is none of those on a good day. On this wild day, the 3 year old was over Tucker's shenanigans and complained to his aunt at one point that he wanted to take a nap but Tucker was too loud. This solidified my plans to buy rum when I stopped at CVS to get diapers. After we got home, we blew bubbles from our Minnie Bubble Bucket and then went inside to rest. I don't like to turn the TV on during the day, but Tucker needed some quiet time and that is the only way it gets done. I was praying for a nap, but was fine with just some quiet time. We went to Subway to get dinner, stopped and got popsicles at the dollar store, then went home to eat and play. This kid loves his popsicles!

After a short walk and playing with our neighbor, it was time for bed. Thank goodness. After he was asleep, I showered and watched the Grey's finale and Chicago Fire. The Grey's finale did not disappoint as usual. Chicago Fire had me on the edge of my seat at the end and now I have no idea if that was the finale or not. I ended the night with some light hearted Fixer Upper.

Sunday ended up being a productive day. I took Tucker to my mom's to get some me time in before this crazy week. I went to Target and the grocery store by her house. It was so nice to leisurely walk around Target and the grocery. I love my kid, but he was insane this weekend in case you couldn't tell! When we got home I changed clothes and worked on the garden. We got it planted a couple of weeks ago and I'm trying to stay on top of the weeds. After some work outside, we ate dinner and played. Tucker must have been tired because he went to bed at 7:30 and was asleep within 10 minutes. That's quick for him. I was jealous since Danny did bedtime. After I did PiYo Core, Danny and I had a gelato and Quantico date. It was the episode before the finale. We are hoping to watch the finale tomorrow night. I love this show!

Now its Monday, I'm 2 cups of coffee and 6500 steps into my day. I met a friend at 5am to walk and am expecting to be in bed around 8 tonight.

May 18, 2016

Blog Challenge: Piercings & Tattoos?

Today's topic is piercings and tattoos. Let's talk piercings first. Each just so happen to come with a funny story so this is a perfect topic.

I've had my ears pierced since I was a small child. Not a baby though. My mom took me when I was an infant/toddler and they wouldn't do it because my ears were too small. I think at 4 years old they were finally big enough. I still have unusually small ears. The holes grew shut a couple of times and I think I got them pierced 2 or 3 different times. I got second holes pierced when I was 16 or 17 too. those eventually grew shut, but the first holes stayed.

A couple of months after I turned 18, I got my cartilage pierced. That hurt like a mother you know what. It was just a month after my first pilonidal cyst and even compared to that it still hurt. Everything was going swell and I was almost to the point where it felt normal again and I could change the earring. At Thanksgiving I was reaching up into the closet to get a game out and a couple of boxes came crashing down. My natural reaction was to turn my head so I didn't lose an eye. The corner of the box hit smack dab on the new-ish piercing. It hurt worse than getting the actual piercing. After a day or two of pain, I decided hell with it and took it out.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks after high school graduation, I went to Mexico with my BFF and her family. Her family is pretty calm, not wild at all, they don't drink or cuss, and they definitely don't do anything crazy. So that's why her mom about shit a freaking brick when we came back from shopping with her older brother and my NOSE WAS PIERCED. I seriously just woke up that day and decided to get my nose pierced. Of course Chelsea thought it was hysterical that I was doing this while on vacation with her mother and couldn't wait to see her reaction. She wasn't too upset since I'm not her actual child and she knew my parents wouldn't be upset either.

The 3 of us that ventured out thought the place I got it done was pretty safe. We watched them pull all of the tools out of their own individual packages, so we knew everything was clean. That night while sleeping, my nose must have itched and since the piercing was still pretty fresh, I forgot about it and messed with my nose like it wasn't there. It hurt so bad I thought I was going to pass out. So my mind naturally went to, its infected and I'm going to die. After sleeping some more, the pain went away and I still have my nose.

I eventually took the piercing out a few months into college... because of a pimple. One came in right under the stud, so I took it out to pop it. I couldn't get the stud back in and decided to just leave it out. I wasn't happy because I really loved having my nose pierced. It was my favorite. My dad thought it was hilarious and was relieved.

Last piercing... second holes in my ear. I think this was Thanksgiving break and I think before I lost the nose piercing. I was on my way to pick up Andrea from her school and stopped at the mall to get my second holes done again. I'm not so sure they still exist. I rarely wear earrings anymore because of grabby toddler hands.

I didn't realize how many piercings I got within a 12 month period until right this second. And I am literally not wearing a single earring in any of those holes.

Now... the tattoo. I have one. Its a pretty big one that has a pretty big meaning behind it.

About a month after our dad died, my brother and I decided to get tattoos in his memory. Drew went with a baseball that had his initials in it. I wanted a Crown Royal crown. My dad loved Crown Royal so it seemed like a good idea. He also loved Lynyrd Skynyrd and we played Simple Man at his funeral. I loved the line "Be Something You Love & Understand" because it fit my dad. He knew who he was and wouldn't change that for anyone. He was a very confident man and I wish I had half of his confidence. This is what I came up with.
Danny went with me so this was taken right after the guy got done.
My Gram said my dad would be upset that I got a tattoo and I told her he deserved it since he left me. I'm a real peach sometimes. Danny's mom raised the question of what if my wedding dress was strapless and I had this big tattoo. I told her that was the plan. It was for my dad and if he couldn't be there, I at least had something there to remember him. I think it looked pretty tasteful. Well, as tasteful as a Crown Royal crown can.

That's probably it for my piercings and tattoos. Unless I eventually have a daughter and she wants to get matching mom/daughter tats when I'm 45, I'll probably say yes so she'll think I'm cool.

May 16, 2016

Weekend Recap

Monday got here in a hurry! And it feels like a Monday in March, not May! Its currently 48 where I'm at and I may or may not have forgotten to turn the heat on before I left the office Friday, making it a whopping 60 degrees right now. Whoopsie.

This weekend flew by and I'm sure they all will from now until August when things at work slow down again. Friday I picked Tucker up from my mother-in-law's after he helped his cousin walk the 4-H pigs.

Tucker was stuck in Danny's truck all day picking up gates in Ohio, so I took him to the park to run off some energy. It kept him up until like 10 pm so it wasn't all that effective.

Saturday we slept until 8ish, but that's only because Tucker ended up in our bed at some point. He sleeps like a rock snuggled up next to me. We tried on Tucker's outfit for the upcoming wedding. He was a little pissy even though he looks adorable. I wanted to make sure it looked good since we're running out of shopping weekends and I was headed out to get my shoes.

After getting ready, we headed down to pick my mom up and we went to lunch at Qdoba. Even though the food at Qdoba isn't 100% Whole30 compliant, Mexican food is the easiest to get by with I think. Plus I love Mexican food with all of my heart. I had a taco salad without the dressing and no beans. There was corn but I don't follow the corn rule 100% because I'm a rebel. Tucker was happy as a clam because from our booth he could see the TV. This also got him to eat his food for once. 

With Tucker, if you don't order him his own meal, he will eat all of yours but if you order him his own he won't eat a bite. Toddlers.

Next stop was the mall to get shoes for mama and some work clothes for Gigi. Tucker spotted a train that made a lap around the mall and when Gigi is present, Tucker gets everything he wants. 

Even though he sat on my lap, he enjoyed the train ride quite a bit! After chasing him through Macy's in a full sprint and a meltdown (from Tucker not me), we knew our time was up and it was time to leave. We had a couple more stops to make, but Tucker was taking a much needed nap so my mom and I took turns staying in the car. She wanted some delicious popcorn and when she returned Tucker was awake and on the verge of being hangry. The kid loves popcorn so the problem was easily solved. When he and I got home I made dinner, we played and fought the bedtime battle for a good hour and 15 minutes.

Sunday we met my aunt, great-aunt, great uncle, cousin and a family friend for breakfast with my brother. We had to wait on everyone to arrive, so Tucker got a little antsy. He eventually took off running around the restaurant. That wasn't embarrassing at all. Again, a nap was needed and he crashed as soon as we got back into town once he stopped talking. I went in the house and got my make up and some nail polish so I could get ready for Megan's shower while sitting in the car. Mom problems.

After my mom arrived, we headed to the shower where Tucker was happily greeted by a cousin his age. They had never met each other, but you would never know it!

Tucker was all about Aunt Megan at the party. Probably because she was sitting at a table with 6 other females. 

He happily helped her open her gifts too.

After the shower, I pawned him off on Danny as soon as I could haha. I was wiped out. Once I was free, I headed to the grocery solo and stopped at the Starbucks inside first. I opted for a skinny vanilla latte and didn't care about whole30 at all at that point. I needed yummy caffeine and didn't care that I was ordering a latte at 5:15pm. I grocery shopped, went home and meal prepped and straightened the house. It was a quick and productive 3.5 hours without the heathen.

Now for a busy week of a crazy schedule from Danny and trying to fit workouts in.

May 11, 2016

Blog Challenge: Old Photo of Me

I was doing so well with this challenge and blogging every day. But, something I'm learning recently is that perfection is necessary. You just have to be consistent. I've got a whole big thing about that coming up when this challenge is over since it'll be over right around when I'm done with PiYo. Stay tuned!

So, today's topic is an old photo of me. With the school year wrapping up, open house invites are pouring in and so are the memories. My senior year was by far my most favorite year of my 13 year (not including preschool, but I broke my elbow at school my first year of that so that's hardly even in the running)  school career. I had so much fun. From beginning to end, even missing a week due to having to be out for surgery. My friends and I were together all the time and I ran around with a variety of people, Danny and I started dating, our softball team won sectional for the first time in 22 years, and prom was an absolute blast. It only makes sense to share photos from that year of my life. Especially since that's my goal bod and my hair was fabulous.

This was before graduation for the class before me. Since I was an officer for my class, I had to work the graduation. I had to stand in the aisle and tell the graduates when to stand. I like this picture mostly for the hair. It had a reddish tint and I loved it. I dyed it after a break up (stereotypical girl) and it faded really nice.

Seflie Queen is what my mom calls me. And its accurate. This was before a Sadie Hawkins dance. Everyone had so much fun at our Homecoming dance in September that we said there was no way we would be okay with waiting until our winter dance in February. So, the school put on a Sadies in the cafeteria and one of the teachers DJed. So much fun. Danny and I had just started whatever we were at that point and went with other people. We danced a few times anyways, but that's what our school did. You rarely danced with your actual date, even if you were dating. This was also an "Erin & Mike Weekend" with my BFF at the time. We went to Sadies together because in the 7 years of knowing each other we had been best friends and never went to a dance together. I already had my prom date squared away (I'll get to that in a minute) and he wasn't going to the next dance. We went to the John Mellencamp concert the next night.
The last month of school was the best. Softball was in full swing, prom happened and graduation festivities were beginning.
Post prom. When I was a freshman, I told one of my BFF's little brother than if I didn't have a serious boyfriend when I was a senior and he was a freshman that he would be my prom date. Danny and I broke things off in February, so I made good on my promise. We had the best time. We went with his sisters, their boyfriends, his cousin and her boyfriend (the boyfriend was also a cousin of one of the sisters boyfriends. Me and the other guy were the odd men out lol) We made shirts for post prom. Why? Because we're awesome. The guys' shirts said "Don'tcha wish your date was hott like mine?"
Again, picked solely for the hair. I thank sweet baby Jesus everyday for curly hair. I rushed home from softball practice to shower before a graduation activity. Also, no double chin.
Saved my favorite for last. This was the day of my open house. I love everything about this picture, other than you can't tell if my eyes are open are shut since my cheeks are doing what they do. This was a fun day. And this is what I hope to look like again some day. I know it won't be exact, but this is my first goal. I'll get there!

Okay, enough reminiscing and posting pictures of myself. I just had so much fun my senior year it was unreal, because I hated the first 3 years.

Off to do work!

May 9, 2016

Mother's Day Weekend

This weekend flew by. Well, actually Saturday crept by a slow pace, but once Saturday evening rolled around it sped up again.

I took the day off work Friday for my Mother's Day present... painting the living room. When we moved in 3 years ago we painted 2 walls red and lately I've been feeling tired of them. I blame Joanna Gaines.

Here is how the conversation regarding my gift went:
Me: Do you care if I paint the living room for Mother's Day?
Danny: Do I have to help?
Me: No
Danny: Go for it baby.

It was a lot of work, but I love painting. I mean, I get paint all over trim (even with taping everything off) and all over myself.

We've also been wanting to rearrange the furniture so we did that yesterday. I am so glad we did! Since we don't have cable or satellite, we can move our TV where ever. It really transformed our living room and the entire house. 

After my painting, we packed up the camper and I took off to the grocery and Danny headed to the campground. We took off way late for Danny's liking, but its fine. Everyone survived, beer and rum were drank (Whole30 exceptions) and Tucker eventually went to sleep. Danny went to bed early because he had to teach Saturday and I figured since they were both out I may as well go to sleep too.

Saturday it was just Tucker and I. We got up and watched Mickey Mouse while we ate breakfast.

We met my mom for some shopping and lunch. I need shoes for my brother's upcoming wedding (weren't bought) and have been on the hunt for summer work shirts. Old Navy was having an awesome sale on women and kids clothes so between the sale and my rewards, I made out like a bandit: 4 shirt and 2 pairs of shorts for me and a few tank tops, 2 pairs of shorts, 2 sets of pj's and shoes for Tuck. $80! I saved $179. I love Old Navy! However, I do have to return one pair of my shorts because they are too big and Tuck's shoes because nothing was tried on since we shopped like this.

Tucker and I went back to the campground where we went to the playground 3 separate times. We were pretty far from there too. Diesel joined us for one of our trips. This big guy will be 6 on Saturday! 

Also, did you know roads need mowed too? Don't try to tell him that is not true. 

I was able to convince him to sit in our lounge chairs. It lasted for 90 seconds. Can't stop, won't stop.

I invited Danny's mom to join us for dinner for Mother's Day. It worked out because Tucker was up her butt the entire time. He was so excited to show his Mamaw his camper. Once she and Danny showed up I couldn't pour a margarita fast enough. Skinnygirl Margs went down like water. I forgot how delicious those are.

Sunday we got up and went to Bob Evan's for breakfast, with all of Noblesville, IN. Next year we'll be going to O'Charleys since they do brunch at starting at 10am and serve booze with it if you want. Why is going out to eat with small children a Mother's Day thing? I saw at least 3 moms dealing with tired hungry toddlers. I'm included in the 3.

I told some poor mom with an 8 month old that I would pay money to go back to the age her little girl was. No lie. Once we ate he was fine. Tucker is the portrait of the word "hangry" sometimes and makes no exceptions for holidays. Even though he ate yogurt and had a couple drinks of my Shakeology less than an hour before.

After breakfast, we loaded up the camper and while the boys headed home I went to the grocery store to get food for dinner and the week. Planning a whole30 meal plan on the fly like that wasn't as hard as I thought.

My mom, brother and his fiancé came over for dinner. We made lemon lime chicken (minus the skewer part), potatoes and peppers in foil, and paleo apple crisp for dessert. The chicken and apple crisp aren't whole30 approved because of the honey, but I don't feel bad. It was all healthy and all delicious. I would make the apple crisp again.

It was a long, tiring, and fun weekend.