May 26, 2016

Blog Challenge: First Celebrity Crush

Today's topic on this 31 day blog challenge is my first celebrity crush. Aside from picking a side between the Backstreet Boys and Nsync battle (I was a BSB girl just for Brian, but actually went to an Nsync concert), from what I can remember my celebrity crushes didn't begin until middle school. And there are 2. We'll start with the easy one.

Paul Walker. I saw this guy while flipping through magazines with a friend one night and it was love at first sight. I had no idea who he was, what he was in, or if he was an actor or singer. I think we were in 7th grade, or going into 7th grade, so it was around 2002 or 2003. He looked something like this around then.
He had a great smile and pretty eyes, but I think my favorite feature was his hair. I'm a sucker for longish, wavy hair. Danny's hair gets some curl to it when he grows it out, which is about never.

And we can all agree that Paul Walker aged well.  His car accident happened the night of the Diaper Party for Tucker and the same friend that I was with when I discovered him was there. She said "Erin, that's your guy!" I probably would have cried had I not been miserably pregnant (35 weeks and 3 days is miserable when its 2 days after Thanksgiving and you're having high blood pressure issues) and surrounded by a huge group of people that would have made fun of me.

The second, and biggest, celebrity crush was... Kenny Chesney.
I was IN LOVE with Kenny Chesney 7th grade through high school. I have seen him in concert 7 times. While he's not super good looking, he is handsome. I loved the energy he put into his shows the most. I mean he's won Entertainer of the Year how many times now?! My heart also broke a little when he married Renee and I can't say I was all that disappointed when they called it quits, except for the fact that people were speaking negatively about Kenny.

My favorite album of his was When the Sun Goes Down. There isn't a bad song on that record. The Good Stuff is still my number one favorite song. I like his old stuff more than the new stuff, but still consider myself a Kenny fan.
Fun Kenny Chesney related fact: I took AP English classes in high school simply for the fact that all students older than me gave the impression they were easier. I didn't have a chance in hell of scoring high enough on the tests to earn college credit. I tried my junior year, but after getting a scored of ONE out of FIVE, I didn't even try on the test senior year. I also didn't want to just sit there for the entire 2-3 hours either. Instead of half assing the essay, I chose to write out the lyrics of Summertime in the test booklet that was submitted to the people that graded the tests. I also think I drew a picture and the word Summertime in fun, bubbly letters. I was the definition of Senioritis that day.

Now you all know who I had pictures of hanging on the walls of my room as a teen.

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