May 18, 2016

Blog Challenge: Piercings & Tattoos?

Today's topic is piercings and tattoos. Let's talk piercings first. Each just so happen to come with a funny story so this is a perfect topic.

I've had my ears pierced since I was a small child. Not a baby though. My mom took me when I was an infant/toddler and they wouldn't do it because my ears were too small. I think at 4 years old they were finally big enough. I still have unusually small ears. The holes grew shut a couple of times and I think I got them pierced 2 or 3 different times. I got second holes pierced when I was 16 or 17 too. those eventually grew shut, but the first holes stayed.

A couple of months after I turned 18, I got my cartilage pierced. That hurt like a mother you know what. It was just a month after my first pilonidal cyst and even compared to that it still hurt. Everything was going swell and I was almost to the point where it felt normal again and I could change the earring. At Thanksgiving I was reaching up into the closet to get a game out and a couple of boxes came crashing down. My natural reaction was to turn my head so I didn't lose an eye. The corner of the box hit smack dab on the new-ish piercing. It hurt worse than getting the actual piercing. After a day or two of pain, I decided hell with it and took it out.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks after high school graduation, I went to Mexico with my BFF and her family. Her family is pretty calm, not wild at all, they don't drink or cuss, and they definitely don't do anything crazy. So that's why her mom about shit a freaking brick when we came back from shopping with her older brother and my NOSE WAS PIERCED. I seriously just woke up that day and decided to get my nose pierced. Of course Chelsea thought it was hysterical that I was doing this while on vacation with her mother and couldn't wait to see her reaction. She wasn't too upset since I'm not her actual child and she knew my parents wouldn't be upset either.

The 3 of us that ventured out thought the place I got it done was pretty safe. We watched them pull all of the tools out of their own individual packages, so we knew everything was clean. That night while sleeping, my nose must have itched and since the piercing was still pretty fresh, I forgot about it and messed with my nose like it wasn't there. It hurt so bad I thought I was going to pass out. So my mind naturally went to, its infected and I'm going to die. After sleeping some more, the pain went away and I still have my nose.

I eventually took the piercing out a few months into college... because of a pimple. One came in right under the stud, so I took it out to pop it. I couldn't get the stud back in and decided to just leave it out. I wasn't happy because I really loved having my nose pierced. It was my favorite. My dad thought it was hilarious and was relieved.

Last piercing... second holes in my ear. I think this was Thanksgiving break and I think before I lost the nose piercing. I was on my way to pick up Andrea from her school and stopped at the mall to get my second holes done again. I'm not so sure they still exist. I rarely wear earrings anymore because of grabby toddler hands.

I didn't realize how many piercings I got within a 12 month period until right this second. And I am literally not wearing a single earring in any of those holes.

Now... the tattoo. I have one. Its a pretty big one that has a pretty big meaning behind it.

About a month after our dad died, my brother and I decided to get tattoos in his memory. Drew went with a baseball that had his initials in it. I wanted a Crown Royal crown. My dad loved Crown Royal so it seemed like a good idea. He also loved Lynyrd Skynyrd and we played Simple Man at his funeral. I loved the line "Be Something You Love & Understand" because it fit my dad. He knew who he was and wouldn't change that for anyone. He was a very confident man and I wish I had half of his confidence. This is what I came up with.
Danny went with me so this was taken right after the guy got done.
My Gram said my dad would be upset that I got a tattoo and I told her he deserved it since he left me. I'm a real peach sometimes. Danny's mom raised the question of what if my wedding dress was strapless and I had this big tattoo. I told her that was the plan. It was for my dad and if he couldn't be there, I at least had something there to remember him. I think it looked pretty tasteful. Well, as tasteful as a Crown Royal crown can.

That's probably it for my piercings and tattoos. Unless I eventually have a daughter and she wants to get matching mom/daughter tats when I'm 45, I'll probably say yes so she'll think I'm cool.


  1. I always wanted a nose ring or eyebrow but ever had the guts... I am tat free but all three of my brothers have them, I would love one but don't have the courage to get one, or a nose ring. Yep, I am a sissy!

  2. Haha great stories! I also got my nose pierced in Mexico. But I was pretty hammered and had no adult supervision and my Mom about shit a brick when she seen it.