May 11, 2016

Blog Challenge: Old Photo of Me

I was doing so well with this challenge and blogging every day. But, something I'm learning recently is that perfection is necessary. You just have to be consistent. I've got a whole big thing about that coming up when this challenge is over since it'll be over right around when I'm done with PiYo. Stay tuned!

So, today's topic is an old photo of me. With the school year wrapping up, open house invites are pouring in and so are the memories. My senior year was by far my most favorite year of my 13 year (not including preschool, but I broke my elbow at school my first year of that so that's hardly even in the running)  school career. I had so much fun. From beginning to end, even missing a week due to having to be out for surgery. My friends and I were together all the time and I ran around with a variety of people, Danny and I started dating, our softball team won sectional for the first time in 22 years, and prom was an absolute blast. It only makes sense to share photos from that year of my life. Especially since that's my goal bod and my hair was fabulous.

This was before graduation for the class before me. Since I was an officer for my class, I had to work the graduation. I had to stand in the aisle and tell the graduates when to stand. I like this picture mostly for the hair. It had a reddish tint and I loved it. I dyed it after a break up (stereotypical girl) and it faded really nice.

Seflie Queen is what my mom calls me. And its accurate. This was before a Sadie Hawkins dance. Everyone had so much fun at our Homecoming dance in September that we said there was no way we would be okay with waiting until our winter dance in February. So, the school put on a Sadies in the cafeteria and one of the teachers DJed. So much fun. Danny and I had just started whatever we were at that point and went with other people. We danced a few times anyways, but that's what our school did. You rarely danced with your actual date, even if you were dating. This was also an "Erin & Mike Weekend" with my BFF at the time. We went to Sadies together because in the 7 years of knowing each other we had been best friends and never went to a dance together. I already had my prom date squared away (I'll get to that in a minute) and he wasn't going to the next dance. We went to the John Mellencamp concert the next night.
The last month of school was the best. Softball was in full swing, prom happened and graduation festivities were beginning.
Post prom. When I was a freshman, I told one of my BFF's little brother than if I didn't have a serious boyfriend when I was a senior and he was a freshman that he would be my prom date. Danny and I broke things off in February, so I made good on my promise. We had the best time. We went with his sisters, their boyfriends, his cousin and her boyfriend (the boyfriend was also a cousin of one of the sisters boyfriends. Me and the other guy were the odd men out lol) We made shirts for post prom. Why? Because we're awesome. The guys' shirts said "Don'tcha wish your date was hott like mine?"
Again, picked solely for the hair. I thank sweet baby Jesus everyday for curly hair. I rushed home from softball practice to shower before a graduation activity. Also, no double chin.
Saved my favorite for last. This was the day of my open house. I love everything about this picture, other than you can't tell if my eyes are open are shut since my cheeks are doing what they do. This was a fun day. And this is what I hope to look like again some day. I know it won't be exact, but this is my first goal. I'll get there!

Okay, enough reminiscing and posting pictures of myself. I just had so much fun my senior year it was unreal, because I hated the first 3 years.

Off to do work!

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  1. So many great memories and beautiful pics of you! Honestly, I think you look the same!!