May 16, 2016

Weekend Recap

Monday got here in a hurry! And it feels like a Monday in March, not May! Its currently 48 where I'm at and I may or may not have forgotten to turn the heat on before I left the office Friday, making it a whopping 60 degrees right now. Whoopsie.

This weekend flew by and I'm sure they all will from now until August when things at work slow down again. Friday I picked Tucker up from my mother-in-law's after he helped his cousin walk the 4-H pigs.

Tucker was stuck in Danny's truck all day picking up gates in Ohio, so I took him to the park to run off some energy. It kept him up until like 10 pm so it wasn't all that effective.

Saturday we slept until 8ish, but that's only because Tucker ended up in our bed at some point. He sleeps like a rock snuggled up next to me. We tried on Tucker's outfit for the upcoming wedding. He was a little pissy even though he looks adorable. I wanted to make sure it looked good since we're running out of shopping weekends and I was headed out to get my shoes.

After getting ready, we headed down to pick my mom up and we went to lunch at Qdoba. Even though the food at Qdoba isn't 100% Whole30 compliant, Mexican food is the easiest to get by with I think. Plus I love Mexican food with all of my heart. I had a taco salad without the dressing and no beans. There was corn but I don't follow the corn rule 100% because I'm a rebel. Tucker was happy as a clam because from our booth he could see the TV. This also got him to eat his food for once. 

With Tucker, if you don't order him his own meal, he will eat all of yours but if you order him his own he won't eat a bite. Toddlers.

Next stop was the mall to get shoes for mama and some work clothes for Gigi. Tucker spotted a train that made a lap around the mall and when Gigi is present, Tucker gets everything he wants. 

Even though he sat on my lap, he enjoyed the train ride quite a bit! After chasing him through Macy's in a full sprint and a meltdown (from Tucker not me), we knew our time was up and it was time to leave. We had a couple more stops to make, but Tucker was taking a much needed nap so my mom and I took turns staying in the car. She wanted some delicious popcorn and when she returned Tucker was awake and on the verge of being hangry. The kid loves popcorn so the problem was easily solved. When he and I got home I made dinner, we played and fought the bedtime battle for a good hour and 15 minutes.

Sunday we met my aunt, great-aunt, great uncle, cousin and a family friend for breakfast with my brother. We had to wait on everyone to arrive, so Tucker got a little antsy. He eventually took off running around the restaurant. That wasn't embarrassing at all. Again, a nap was needed and he crashed as soon as we got back into town once he stopped talking. I went in the house and got my make up and some nail polish so I could get ready for Megan's shower while sitting in the car. Mom problems.

After my mom arrived, we headed to the shower where Tucker was happily greeted by a cousin his age. They had never met each other, but you would never know it!

Tucker was all about Aunt Megan at the party. Probably because she was sitting at a table with 6 other females. 

He happily helped her open her gifts too.

After the shower, I pawned him off on Danny as soon as I could haha. I was wiped out. Once I was free, I headed to the grocery solo and stopped at the Starbucks inside first. I opted for a skinny vanilla latte and didn't care about whole30 at all at that point. I needed yummy caffeine and didn't care that I was ordering a latte at 5:15pm. I grocery shopped, went home and meal prepped and straightened the house. It was a quick and productive 3.5 hours without the heathen.

Now for a busy week of a crazy schedule from Danny and trying to fit workouts in.


  1. OMG how adorable is he in that wedding outfit?!?! SO handsome!! Glad to see you're still following W30 when you can... I am too and just started another round yesterday. Now if I can just stick with it...

  2. That is too funny about ordering a meal for Tucker. Silly kids. I can't believe it's May (almost June) either. This weather is nuts! It's supposed to get into the 60s the rest of the week here so I'm looking forward to that!