May 23, 2016

Weekend Recap

We had one of our last not so busy weekends before the summers craziness begins. Next weekend is it and then its on.

Friday I left work a little early to get a workout in before going out to eat with my 2 main men. I started a PiYo/T25 hybrid calendar. I think I'm going to love combining the two programs! This one got really excited though when I put my tennis shoes on. I promised him a walk when I was done. It was the perfect way to end a T25 workout!

After getting cleaned up, my boys came and picked me up. We went to Outback Steakhouse. It was one of those meals out that you consider not going out to eat with children ever again. Tucker may have been put in timeout on the porch of the restaurant. Plus our meal was just okay so it was not a great experience. However, we ended up going to Menards afterward to buy a sprinkler. God had mercy on our souls and the car cart was right inside the door. Which is great, until its time to leave and you have to exit the "Nards Cart" and go home.

Saturday we ran around most of the day. Tucker and I went to lunch with my good friend Amber and her 3 year old nephew. Tucker helped me get ready.

The nephew is quiet, calm and likes to take naps. Tucker... is none of those on a good day. On this wild day, the 3 year old was over Tucker's shenanigans and complained to his aunt at one point that he wanted to take a nap but Tucker was too loud. This solidified my plans to buy rum when I stopped at CVS to get diapers. After we got home, we blew bubbles from our Minnie Bubble Bucket and then went inside to rest. I don't like to turn the TV on during the day, but Tucker needed some quiet time and that is the only way it gets done. I was praying for a nap, but was fine with just some quiet time. We went to Subway to get dinner, stopped and got popsicles at the dollar store, then went home to eat and play. This kid loves his popsicles!

After a short walk and playing with our neighbor, it was time for bed. Thank goodness. After he was asleep, I showered and watched the Grey's finale and Chicago Fire. The Grey's finale did not disappoint as usual. Chicago Fire had me on the edge of my seat at the end and now I have no idea if that was the finale or not. I ended the night with some light hearted Fixer Upper.

Sunday ended up being a productive day. I took Tucker to my mom's to get some me time in before this crazy week. I went to Target and the grocery store by her house. It was so nice to leisurely walk around Target and the grocery. I love my kid, but he was insane this weekend in case you couldn't tell! When we got home I changed clothes and worked on the garden. We got it planted a couple of weeks ago and I'm trying to stay on top of the weeds. After some work outside, we ate dinner and played. Tucker must have been tired because he went to bed at 7:30 and was asleep within 10 minutes. That's quick for him. I was jealous since Danny did bedtime. After I did PiYo Core, Danny and I had a gelato and Quantico date. It was the episode before the finale. We are hoping to watch the finale tomorrow night. I love this show!

Now its Monday, I'm 2 cups of coffee and 6500 steps into my day. I met a friend at 5am to walk and am expecting to be in bed around 8 tonight.

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  1. You are rocking the exercise thing! My O was a bit crazy this weekend too maybe it was just the weather or something.