May 31, 2016

Weekend Recap - Memorial Day

I think Tuesdays after long weekends are worse than a standard Monday.

Friday was a full day at work, meaning until 4 haha. After a workout, I picked Tucker up and we went to my sister-in-laws to deliver birthday wine. She unexpectedly kept Tucker for a few hours, so that was nice. I enjoyed a Grapefruit Shandy on the porch since I decided Danny was going to pick him up when he got back in town. After we ate dinner, we played and went to bed pretty early. The rest of the weekend would be busy so I wanted to make sure I got one good nights sleep.

Saturday was a Tucker & Mommy day since Danny worked, which is also why we didn't spend the weekend camping with ALL of our friends.

I decided Tuck and I would go get Danny's Father's Day present and things to have a night with my mom and future sister-in-law. We also had a date at Fazoli's where Tucker chose a second breadstick over a chocolate chip cookie. Raising him right!

We also got Tucker's frog pool out. Thank goodness for father-in-laws that own air compressors!

After some swimming, my mom arrived for our girls night. Knowing my mom loves lemon ice cream, I decided we needed to go to Dor-Tee's before we ate dinner. Tucker loved the blue moon ice cream, which is my favorite!

When we got back, Megan arrived. We ate dinner, drank wine and worked on wedding programs. Tucker didn't join since he fell asleep on the way home from ice cream, but crashed the party at 9:30 after a 3.5 nap. I really thought he would sleep all night because he usually does. Nope.

Sunday was a fun day! Tucker and Danny went to church while my mom, Megan and me worked on bubbles for the wedding. We got them all done. After it was a whirlwind of getting things packed to go to the campground to visit. I got everything ready in an hour thanks to my mom sticking around to entertain Tucker. As we loaded everything in the truck, we remembered why we bought a camper! We had a great time up there though. We got to visit, enjoy some drinks, and parent just a little bit due to there being a few girls old enough to want to play and watch Tucker. We also took a walk to feed the fish!

We left right before dinner so we could get food on the way home and get home at a decent time since Danny had to work again Monday. Plus we were celebrating Fathers Day early since the next few weekends are crazy and the wedding is Fathers Day weekend. Tucker and I picked out farm toys for Tucker and Daddy to play together. Tucker spilled the beans on the way home, but the gift was still appreciated.

Danny did bedtime and went outside to enjoy a drink. Samual Adams Summer Ale is a definite summer fave!

Sunday was pretty much devoted to the sandbox. I wanted to get a mudroom project done and the only way I could do that was if Tucker had something to do. I got the sandbox cleaned out which was no easy task and we endured a couple of fits in Hobby Lobby and Meijer before getting home. Tucker fell asleep after lunch and we BOTH TOOK A NAP!!!!!!!!! He slept for about 2 hours and I slept for an hour. Gosh it was awesome!

He woke up talking about his turtle sandbox, so outside we went. 

My hard work bought me an hour of time and I got 2 crates painted, meaning I have one set of 3 done so far and 3 sets left. I think I'm going to like the final product though!

After a bath and pizza, Tucker went to bed and I went to bed shortly after.

The weekend wasn't spent camping like we hoped, but we still had fun!


  1. You had a busy weekend and there is still a lot of summer left for all the camping. I find camping before a family wedding is really hard to do, more so when it is a sibling.

  2. What a fun and busy weekend!! Don't you love when a little activity can buy you some time?!