May 9, 2016

Mother's Day Weekend

This weekend flew by. Well, actually Saturday crept by a slow pace, but once Saturday evening rolled around it sped up again.

I took the day off work Friday for my Mother's Day present... painting the living room. When we moved in 3 years ago we painted 2 walls red and lately I've been feeling tired of them. I blame Joanna Gaines.

Here is how the conversation regarding my gift went:
Me: Do you care if I paint the living room for Mother's Day?
Danny: Do I have to help?
Me: No
Danny: Go for it baby.

It was a lot of work, but I love painting. I mean, I get paint all over trim (even with taping everything off) and all over myself.

We've also been wanting to rearrange the furniture so we did that yesterday. I am so glad we did! Since we don't have cable or satellite, we can move our TV where ever. It really transformed our living room and the entire house. 

After my painting, we packed up the camper and I took off to the grocery and Danny headed to the campground. We took off way late for Danny's liking, but its fine. Everyone survived, beer and rum were drank (Whole30 exceptions) and Tucker eventually went to sleep. Danny went to bed early because he had to teach Saturday and I figured since they were both out I may as well go to sleep too.

Saturday it was just Tucker and I. We got up and watched Mickey Mouse while we ate breakfast.

We met my mom for some shopping and lunch. I need shoes for my brother's upcoming wedding (weren't bought) and have been on the hunt for summer work shirts. Old Navy was having an awesome sale on women and kids clothes so between the sale and my rewards, I made out like a bandit: 4 shirt and 2 pairs of shorts for me and a few tank tops, 2 pairs of shorts, 2 sets of pj's and shoes for Tuck. $80! I saved $179. I love Old Navy! However, I do have to return one pair of my shorts because they are too big and Tuck's shoes because nothing was tried on since we shopped like this.

Tucker and I went back to the campground where we went to the playground 3 separate times. We were pretty far from there too. Diesel joined us for one of our trips. This big guy will be 6 on Saturday! 

Also, did you know roads need mowed too? Don't try to tell him that is not true. 

I was able to convince him to sit in our lounge chairs. It lasted for 90 seconds. Can't stop, won't stop.

I invited Danny's mom to join us for dinner for Mother's Day. It worked out because Tucker was up her butt the entire time. He was so excited to show his Mamaw his camper. Once she and Danny showed up I couldn't pour a margarita fast enough. Skinnygirl Margs went down like water. I forgot how delicious those are.

Sunday we got up and went to Bob Evan's for breakfast, with all of Noblesville, IN. Next year we'll be going to O'Charleys since they do brunch at starting at 10am and serve booze with it if you want. Why is going out to eat with small children a Mother's Day thing? I saw at least 3 moms dealing with tired hungry toddlers. I'm included in the 3.

I told some poor mom with an 8 month old that I would pay money to go back to the age her little girl was. No lie. Once we ate he was fine. Tucker is the portrait of the word "hangry" sometimes and makes no exceptions for holidays. Even though he ate yogurt and had a couple drinks of my Shakeology less than an hour before.

After breakfast, we loaded up the camper and while the boys headed home I went to the grocery store to get food for dinner and the week. Planning a whole30 meal plan on the fly like that wasn't as hard as I thought.

My mom, brother and his fiancé came over for dinner. We made lemon lime chicken (minus the skewer part), potatoes and peppers in foil, and paleo apple crisp for dessert. The chicken and apple crisp aren't whole30 approved because of the honey, but I don't feel bad. It was all healthy and all delicious. I would make the apple crisp again.

It was a long, tiring, and fun weekend.


  1. Oli gets "hangry" too. We don't go out to eat with our kids and it isn't because of the kids... it is because of my husband. I have no problem taking them out to eat. Yes Oliver may be a little louder then he should be but I quiet him down. Evan may cry for a bottle or that he would prefer to stand and I will get him quiet too. But when we take them out with Tim he sits there all hacked off because Oliver is being loud and Evan is crying. Seriously, I tell him time and time again.. just go with it and as calmly as you can get them to settle down. All parents go through it. But by the time we leave there Tim and I are arguing because of his attitude and the boys don't want anything to do with crabby daddy. I try to remind him that our children have to learn how to act in public so they have to learn now. He doesn't agree...

  2. Sounds like a good weekend! I feel like your living room looks bigger now? Maybe just brighter? Either way, good job! Also, good job on the shopping deals! That's awesome!