May 3, 2016

Blog Challenge: 3 Traits I'm Proud Of

This topic is, unfortunately, probably going to be the most difficult to write. For some reason, females have a hard time finding the positives in ourselves. Ask us to name our flaws and we can talk for an entire day I think. But things we like? That takes an entire day to think about. I know this because I tried. I intended to write this post yesterday and could only come up with one personality trait that I liked. Physical traits I can do. I have nice legs(thank you PiYo), great hair and a nice ass(thank you again PiYo).

Those personality traits. I actually won "Best Personality" in the superlatives for my senior class, so this shouldn't have been so difficult. Let's see what I've come up with.

1. I can put a positive spin on most things. My stubbornness gets in the way of the positive spin actually working, but I can usually see the good in most situations. I can justify almost any purchase, meal, or event. It also helps it tough times. When our employees left us hanging high and dry, it blew. But I took it as an opportunity to start changing things and do them how they needed to be done. It was a good thing they left when they did, because a lot of customers weren't happy with the level of service they were receiving.

2. I can get along with almost anyone. This is when being kind of quiet helps. I can be kind of reserved, because I like to sit back and take things in. I don't always say what is on my mind. Being in a sales based profession, this helps quite a bit. I deal mostly with farmers, most are old and some are young, and every single one of them are men. But in my other lines of business, I deal mostly with the younger generation around my age. Its really awesome when I deal with an entire family ranging in age from early 30's to mid 80's.

3. I'm a caretaker. My friends in college called me "mom" because they knew I was there to take care of them. If we went out to a party, chances are I was the most sober. I always had hand sanitizer, made sure we had rides to and from places, and sometimes had to get in someone's ass for acting like a fool. It was also because I could never hang with them.

I was actually able to think of a few more, but these are my favorites. Now, go make a list of all of the things you love about yourself.


  1. I love this! I'm the same way with positive spins, but I've never thought about that as something I like about myself-it totally is!

  2. Great qualities to have! I feel like I've always been the "caretaker" as well. Definitely used to always be the most sober and worried about how we're going to get home ;)