Jan 30, 2017

Weekend Recap

This weekend was busy one minute and slow the next. Our busy, jam packed weekends are numbered though so I didn't really mind.

Friday night we visited with Danny's dad and stepmom for a bit. Well, Danny and I did. Tucker slept in one of the chairs the whole time, and also the entire way to grab Taco Bell and back. It only pushed bedtime back by about an hour so I didn't mind. I actually fell asleep in bed with him.

Saturday was the busy day! We took off at 7:30 to pick up my sister-in-law and her girls so we could all head to the circus in Fort Wayne! Danny's grandpa treated the family to tickets. I had never been to the circus so I was pretty excited. I mean, I spent the first half messing with Tucker's $5 sno-cone and praying he didn't see the vendors with the light up swords. We got there early so we could take the kids to see the animals. Tucker told his aunt he wanted to ride a camel while I was in the bathroom. He quickly changed his mind once he saw how big they were, but then wanted to ride the elephant. The cost $5 more, so I talked him into the pony and it worked. He doesn't look like he enjoyed it, but he did say he had fun.

I knew I would shell out the money for the elephant ride and we'd get to the top of the steps and he'd change his mind. Plus I don't think my 8 months pregnant self needed to be sitting on an elephant.

The circus was pretty cool. A little long for Tucker's attention span and mine even. He was asking if it was time to go yet before intermission even started. He enjoyed certain parts though and almost fell asleep towards the end while the lights were mostly off. We both had a great time at our first circus!

When we got home, we relaxed for a few and then painted a little bit. He found some things from my stash of fun stuff I've been buying to keep him busy after Charlee arrives. 

Shortly after getting cleaned up, we took off to visit Danny at work and go have dinner with my mom, brother and other sister-in-law. Thankfully Tucker slept the entire way home and through the transition from car to bed. I went to bed to watch Gilmore Girls as soon as we got home.

Sunday was the slow day. Danny got home from work late and Tucker and I were lazy all morning. I made a meal plan, ordered groceries and got laundry going while he played and watched TV. Once Danny got home, I worked on Charlee's room a bit, got dinner going, straightened the house some and then laid down in bed for a bit. I couldn't sleep due to the screaming toddler and bladder punching baby, but it was nice to lay in bed for an hour. After I got up we headed to pick up groceries so Tucker would nap. He was insane and that usually happens around nap time. The late nap bit us in the ass though so I almost wish we could have just suffered through it. I tried to relax as much as I could when we got home since I had probably done more than I should have this weekend.

Now its Monday and I have my first NST this afternoon. It should provide the opportunity to get close to finishing a book I've been reading since the end of August!

Jan 27, 2017

32 weeks!

I finally have a morning at work that allows for a bumpdate. Of all bumpdates to not be able to do, I wasn't able to do the one where I actually had things to share. I actually had the 30 weeks post written, I just never published it. I'm going to just move straight to the 32 week update and play catch up.

Baby size: large jicama.. whatever that is.
Any symptoms?  Heartburn has subsided and comes and goes. I've had quite a few leg cramps and round ligament pain so bad that it stops me in my tracks.
Favorite part this week? Since last Saturday, I've gotten 2 projects for her room done!
Least favorite part this week? Getting some not yet alarming news at the doctor yesterday
Boy or Girl? GIRL!
Names? Charlee Danielle

Alright, so when I left off, I was a few days from doing the 1 hour glucose test. I took it and failed, which meant doing the 3 hour test. It also showed slight anemia so I am taking iron pills for the remainder of my pregnancy. Back to the 3 hour test... That was horrible! First you have to fast for 12 hours, then they never tell you that the test is actually 4 hours long because they have to test your sugar when you get there to make sure you're okay enough to do the actual test. I would have felt an incredible amount of rage had I fasted for 13 hours (we were at 13 by the time I got Tucker and I out the door and at the lab) and unable to do it.  I felt so terrible after the drinking the drink and through the 2nd blood draw. I felt fine in the little bit leading up to the 3rd and the anticipation of leaving had me feeling pretty good for the 4th. I took the test on a Wednesday and found out at my next appointment that 2 of my 4 draws were elevated which meant I have gestational diabetes. The days between learning that and my appointment with the diabetes center were rough because I just didn't know what to eat. It was really challenging. After my 2 hour educational appointment, I felt so much better! I'm really loving the diet since I still get to eat things like bread, potatoes, and most importantly cereal. I even ate Chik-Fil-A within the guidelines and got full!

Yesterday we had a growth ultrasound. This originally wasn't in the plans, but I reminded my OB about the shape of my uterus and she felt like it was wise to do an ultrasound. Its a good thing we did. We learned that Charlee is on the small side. 3-4 weeks smaller than her gestational age. Everything else checked out, so there is nothing wrong other than she's just tiny. Because of that, I will do NSTs 2x/week and BPPs (biophysical profile) once a week to monitor her growth. If at any point she falls off the growth curve, she will need to come out. My OB isn't worried at this point so I'm going to try to not worry too.

In 2 weeks time I went from being at risk for having a large baby  to having a baby that might be too small to stay inside at the risk of her not growing.

Now for the fun stuff! Most of her room consists of DIY projects. Her dresser, wall décor, and bow holders. Her dresser is done and full of clothes! It belonged to my mom and dad, so Charlee will have a special dresser like Tucker does!

The bow and headband holders were fun to make too. And pretty easy! I can't wait to fill them up!

I finished up the décor for above her crib last night, but am waiting to take pictures until its on the wall. All I have left to buy for her room is curtains, some bins for the storage cubes in her closet, and something for over her dresser, then her room will be done!

It's been an eventful few weeks for this pregnancy, but thankfully nothing too bad.

Jan 3, 2017

29 Weeks!

Well time is just flying by now isn't it? I knew this would  happen once the holidays were over.

Baby size: butternut squash
Any symptoms?  Heartburn after every meal and it doesn't matter what I eat. I take about 3-4 Chewy Tums per day which happens to be the max amount. Everything from the waist down is starting to hurt.
Favorite part this week? Getting her room cleared out and ideas for decor
Least favorite part this week? Feeling crampy and bad after a couple of long days
Boy or Girl? GIRL!
Names? Charlee Danielle

We got LOTS done over the weekend! Friday morning Charlee's room got cleared out. I think it was Friday anyways. Her swing also got set up. This was no where on my radar until at least mid-February, but Tucker had other ideas. He asked if we could put his train table in the living room in the playroom (which is right next to the living room and practically the same room) and I told him that we couldn't because Charlee's swing would be going there. Well, 10 minutes later the swing was assembled and swinging with a baby doll in it. He even had to give it a try. Since he is about 15 pounds over the weight All of this baby prep will probably get done thanks to him. He was pissed that we couldn't paint the dresser last night. Taking the handles and knobs off and sanding the drawers was not enough.

All of the cleaning on Friday and shopping for dresser paint and shelves for Tucker's room led me to feeling pretty bad. I didn't even want to go shoe shopping. I just felt kind of dizzy, really crampy and just sick. I don't think it was my sushi lunch (it was all cooked!) since I've had the same sushi a couple different times this pregnancy. I think I just overdid it. I guess I'm at the point where things are physically difficult.

Jan 2, 2017

January Goals

Normally I'd recap our New Years Eve, but we went to a party at 6:30 that we didn't even leave for until 6:40 and were all in bed by 9:45, me being the straggler so I could watch an episode of Gilmore Girls and sit on the heating pad. Wild New Years Eve! We did have fun at the "party" we went too. By party I mean, 6 adults and 4 kids and the adults all talked about how tired we were and how much we could not care less about watching the ball drop lol.

So! Something I used to do is post my monthly goals and in an effort to stay on top of my life this year since I'll be adding another tiny human to the mix, it's time to bring monthly goal setting back to the table. I am far more productive and ahead of the game when there are lists. Confession: I've bathed Tucker before simply because I wrote it on my to-do list, even though I really didn't feel like it. I've found that having a paper planner has helped me with that and the Plum Paper Planner works best for goals and lists. And they are cute. The left one is 2016 and the right one is 2017.

I'm writing my goals in my planner and then writing them on here. Maybe that way if I put them out there I'll be too embarrassed to not follow through. Plus it's crunch time on baby prepping so I really need to stick with them! Also, we are not getting baby stuff ready fast enough for Tucker's preference. He cried real tears yesterday because I wasn't ready to work on goal #2 yesterday.

1. Get Charlee's room cleaned out - I wrote this one down in mid-December when I was writing in my planner for the year. This is actually 90% done! There is a picture hanging on the wall that is Tucker's, a tote of Danny's old t-shirts and some miscellaneous things in her closet. When Danny works up the patience to hang something else in Tucker's room (most of our house is plaster walls so it's annoying and creates a mess and some foul language) he will move the picture.
2. Charlee's dresser - The dresser is out of my brother's barn and in our garage. We bought paint on Friday and I'm going today to buy sand paper, brushes and a couple trays or container of some kind. I need to find hardware of the drawers too. Tucker is itching to get started, so he and I will start sanding the drawers tonight or tomorrow. This is also my craft/project of the month to go along with one of my resolutions.
3. Danny's firefighter wall - All of his firefighter stuff is in the garage, but recently he's received a couple of really cool gifts that need to be on display. His career is a big part of our life and deserves a spot in the house. We have the perfect wall in our living room to create a gallery of his things. I was originally going to surprise him with it and have his best friend come hang the stuff up, but I spilled the beans already. I think his BFF is going to come help though. Tucker and I will leave the house because that room is also plaster and since Tucker is in the phase where he repeats EVERYTHING, he should not be present.
4. Photo Ledges - Those damn ledges I bought the materials for last year. I literally have everything to make them sitting in the garage.

It's a short list, but each task is pretty extensive. The dresser is top priority since I need that done before I can wash her clothes and get a better idea of where we are at on clothing this child.