Jan 3, 2017

29 Weeks!

Well time is just flying by now isn't it? I knew this would  happen once the holidays were over.

Baby size: butternut squash
Any symptoms?  Heartburn after every meal and it doesn't matter what I eat. I take about 3-4 Chewy Tums per day which happens to be the max amount. Everything from the waist down is starting to hurt.
Favorite part this week? Getting her room cleared out and ideas for decor
Least favorite part this week? Feeling crampy and bad after a couple of long days
Boy or Girl? GIRL!
Names? Charlee Danielle

We got LOTS done over the weekend! Friday morning Charlee's room got cleared out. I think it was Friday anyways. Her swing also got set up. This was no where on my radar until at least mid-February, but Tucker had other ideas. He asked if we could put his train table in the living room in the playroom (which is right next to the living room and practically the same room) and I told him that we couldn't because Charlee's swing would be going there. Well, 10 minutes later the swing was assembled and swinging with a baby doll in it. He even had to give it a try. Since he is about 15 pounds over the weight All of this baby prep will probably get done thanks to him. He was pissed that we couldn't paint the dresser last night. Taking the handles and knobs off and sanding the drawers was not enough.

All of the cleaning on Friday and shopping for dresser paint and shelves for Tucker's room led me to feeling pretty bad. I didn't even want to go shoe shopping. I just felt kind of dizzy, really crampy and just sick. I don't think it was my sushi lunch (it was all cooked!) since I've had the same sushi a couple different times this pregnancy. I think I just overdid it. I guess I'm at the point where things are physically difficult.

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