Jan 27, 2017

32 weeks!

I finally have a morning at work that allows for a bumpdate. Of all bumpdates to not be able to do, I wasn't able to do the one where I actually had things to share. I actually had the 30 weeks post written, I just never published it. I'm going to just move straight to the 32 week update and play catch up.

Baby size: large jicama.. whatever that is.
Any symptoms?  Heartburn has subsided and comes and goes. I've had quite a few leg cramps and round ligament pain so bad that it stops me in my tracks.
Favorite part this week? Since last Saturday, I've gotten 2 projects for her room done!
Least favorite part this week? Getting some not yet alarming news at the doctor yesterday
Boy or Girl? GIRL!
Names? Charlee Danielle

Alright, so when I left off, I was a few days from doing the 1 hour glucose test. I took it and failed, which meant doing the 3 hour test. It also showed slight anemia so I am taking iron pills for the remainder of my pregnancy. Back to the 3 hour test... That was horrible! First you have to fast for 12 hours, then they never tell you that the test is actually 4 hours long because they have to test your sugar when you get there to make sure you're okay enough to do the actual test. I would have felt an incredible amount of rage had I fasted for 13 hours (we were at 13 by the time I got Tucker and I out the door and at the lab) and unable to do it.  I felt so terrible after the drinking the drink and through the 2nd blood draw. I felt fine in the little bit leading up to the 3rd and the anticipation of leaving had me feeling pretty good for the 4th. I took the test on a Wednesday and found out at my next appointment that 2 of my 4 draws were elevated which meant I have gestational diabetes. The days between learning that and my appointment with the diabetes center were rough because I just didn't know what to eat. It was really challenging. After my 2 hour educational appointment, I felt so much better! I'm really loving the diet since I still get to eat things like bread, potatoes, and most importantly cereal. I even ate Chik-Fil-A within the guidelines and got full!

Yesterday we had a growth ultrasound. This originally wasn't in the plans, but I reminded my OB about the shape of my uterus and she felt like it was wise to do an ultrasound. Its a good thing we did. We learned that Charlee is on the small side. 3-4 weeks smaller than her gestational age. Everything else checked out, so there is nothing wrong other than she's just tiny. Because of that, I will do NSTs 2x/week and BPPs (biophysical profile) once a week to monitor her growth. If at any point she falls off the growth curve, she will need to come out. My OB isn't worried at this point so I'm going to try to not worry too.

In 2 weeks time I went from being at risk for having a large baby  to having a baby that might be too small to stay inside at the risk of her not growing.

Now for the fun stuff! Most of her room consists of DIY projects. Her dresser, wall décor, and bow holders. Her dresser is done and full of clothes! It belonged to my mom and dad, so Charlee will have a special dresser like Tucker does!

The bow and headband holders were fun to make too. And pretty easy! I can't wait to fill them up!

I finished up the décor for above her crib last night, but am waiting to take pictures until its on the wall. All I have left to buy for her room is curtains, some bins for the storage cubes in her closet, and something for over her dresser, then her room will be done!

It's been an eventful few weeks for this pregnancy, but thankfully nothing too bad.


  1. Still love the name and praying for you and Charlee. <3

  2. First of all I seen this post title and thought holy crap! 32 weeks already?! Second of all I'm sorry to hear about the gestational diabetes and Charlee's growth. I'll be saying a prayer for you girls!