Jan 2, 2017

January Goals

Normally I'd recap our New Years Eve, but we went to a party at 6:30 that we didn't even leave for until 6:40 and were all in bed by 9:45, me being the straggler so I could watch an episode of Gilmore Girls and sit on the heating pad. Wild New Years Eve! We did have fun at the "party" we went too. By party I mean, 6 adults and 4 kids and the adults all talked about how tired we were and how much we could not care less about watching the ball drop lol.

So! Something I used to do is post my monthly goals and in an effort to stay on top of my life this year since I'll be adding another tiny human to the mix, it's time to bring monthly goal setting back to the table. I am far more productive and ahead of the game when there are lists. Confession: I've bathed Tucker before simply because I wrote it on my to-do list, even though I really didn't feel like it. I've found that having a paper planner has helped me with that and the Plum Paper Planner works best for goals and lists. And they are cute. The left one is 2016 and the right one is 2017.

I'm writing my goals in my planner and then writing them on here. Maybe that way if I put them out there I'll be too embarrassed to not follow through. Plus it's crunch time on baby prepping so I really need to stick with them! Also, we are not getting baby stuff ready fast enough for Tucker's preference. He cried real tears yesterday because I wasn't ready to work on goal #2 yesterday.

1. Get Charlee's room cleaned out - I wrote this one down in mid-December when I was writing in my planner for the year. This is actually 90% done! There is a picture hanging on the wall that is Tucker's, a tote of Danny's old t-shirts and some miscellaneous things in her closet. When Danny works up the patience to hang something else in Tucker's room (most of our house is plaster walls so it's annoying and creates a mess and some foul language) he will move the picture.
2. Charlee's dresser - The dresser is out of my brother's barn and in our garage. We bought paint on Friday and I'm going today to buy sand paper, brushes and a couple trays or container of some kind. I need to find hardware of the drawers too. Tucker is itching to get started, so he and I will start sanding the drawers tonight or tomorrow. This is also my craft/project of the month to go along with one of my resolutions.
3. Danny's firefighter wall - All of his firefighter stuff is in the garage, but recently he's received a couple of really cool gifts that need to be on display. His career is a big part of our life and deserves a spot in the house. We have the perfect wall in our living room to create a gallery of his things. I was originally going to surprise him with it and have his best friend come hang the stuff up, but I spilled the beans already. I think his BFF is going to come help though. Tucker and I will leave the house because that room is also plaster and since Tucker is in the phase where he repeats EVERYTHING, he should not be present.
4. Photo Ledges - Those damn ledges I bought the materials for last year. I literally have everything to make them sitting in the garage.

It's a short list, but each task is pretty extensive. The dresser is top priority since I need that done before I can wash her clothes and get a better idea of where we are at on clothing this child.

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