Oct 5, 2016

Catching Up: August

Last month of the "catch up" then I have to actually come up with things to write about haha.

August was another fun month!

We kicked off the month by celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. We had dinner at Bru Burger I had just eaten there 2 days before but had to have their nachos again. We stopped at my mom's on the way home to visit and pick up our awesome anniversary gift.  She had a similar sign made for my brother's wedding with their song on it and had one made for Danny and I with one of our songs.

Tucker started looking like a 5 year old.

We got to see Baby Goofy for the first time!

We also started potty training. Right in the middle of the house.

He has done really well with it! He had peeing in the potty down in about a week. Poop is a different story, but that's always been a hot mess for him.

I turned 27! I spent the day in the rain keeping score at a softball tournament benefiting an old teammate's mom. I had a lot of fun and loved every minute of it. When it was over, it was time for cake. Danny special ordered an apple cake from a lady in town and it was delicious and so rich. I couldn't even eat dinner.

On my actual birthday, Tucker and I went to Target where we had our first public pee accident. We happened to be there to pick up his reward for doing so well with potty training. We still got the toy so he didn't think he was being punished for having an accident.  Thankfully we had just arrived so I didn't have to abandon my cart. We got it cleaned up, changed clothes and went on our way. I now know that "I want to go home" really means "I need to pee right now" Tucker stayed all night at my moms and I ate my weight in (cooked) sushi for dinner.

Tucker stayed with my mom since Danny and I were leaving the next day for our adults only camping trip with my BFF and her hubby. We went to the Indiana Dunes for 3 nights. 

The first night we visited the beach and climbed up a dune and it was then I realized how out of shape I had gotten over the summer. 

The next day we took the train into Chicago. 

We walked. Visited popular landmarks.

Walked to Dylan's Candy Bar. They had champagne gummies and I could have spent a fortune in there.

We ate at Giordano's for lunch. So freaking good. We have one in Indy but it just seems to taste better when you're actually eating it in Chicago.

We walked some more.

Visited the Navy Pier.

And walked back to the train. In case you didn't catch that, we walked a lot. 10 miles to be exact. I was noticeably wore out at the end of the day!

We walked a lot less the next day and went shopping at the nearby outlet mall since it was raining and we couldn't spend the day at the beach. Danny did what any man should do while his wife is in Coach.

We had a great trip with our friends! They have a little boy who is about 18 months younger than Tucker. Hopefully we can bring the kids one day!

That was August!

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