Nov 10, 2014

Frankenmuth Weekend Recap!

The 4th Annual Girls Weekend with my mother-in-law and 2 sister-in-laws is now in the books. I seriously look forward to this weekend more and more each year!

Friday morning we headed out of town around 8:30 and stopped for breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  We got to Frankenmuth/Birch Run around 1:30 and immediately started shopping. Each year, we've left earlier and earlier because we need more time at the outlet mall. We timed it just right this year! We hit Old Navy, Carter's and a couple of other stores before we all realized we were starving and were ready to get back to our hotel. If you're ever in the Frankenmuth area, or any area with a Drury Inn, I highly recommend you stay there! Free breakfast every morning, and then a "Kick-Back" every night with free dinner(soup, pasta, salad, baked potatoes, hot dogs, nachos) and drinks (like with alcohol, limit of 3) every night. All we pay for is lunch! Its beautiful! We were so tired from driving and shopping, that we were all in bed by 9:30.

Saturday I woke up more rested than I have in the last 2 years I think. It was lovely! After we all at breakfast and showered, off to Bronner's we went! It doesn't matter what time or what day we go there. It is always packed! I did find a perfect Christmas tree for the fire station though! If only I had hundreds of dollars to spend!

After Bronner's it was time for some more outlet shopping and lunch. We hit A LOT of stores. Between shopping Friday and Saturday, we had 3 stores left for Sunday. Before heading back to the hotel, we stopped to get fudge and run into the cheese shop to get the boys some of their favorites. After we got to the hotel, we settled in with some dinner and drinks, then hit the hot tub before going to bed.

We were up bright and early again on Sunday to attend church before finishing up our shopping. It was a good thing we were done shopping, because we were running out of room in the van! My nieces are excited for when they finally get to go (we're thinking at age 16 or 17), but we're not sure where they'll sit?! We did get almost all of our Christmas shopping done for everyone else's children and even some for our own!

We got home yesterday evening around 5. I was ready to see my boys. All 3 of them! Diesel was excited I was home, Danny was happy to hand the baby off, and Tucker just gave me a small smirk. He apparently had too much fun with his daddy this weekend to miss me too much! I guess I would rather that happen instead of him being inconsolable.

It was a great weekend and a much needed break from wrestling through diaper changes and chasing a baby!


  1. Yay, a fun weekend away... sounds like a great time!

  2. What an awesome weekend! I alway look forward to going to Frankenmuth too! I'm hoping to get there soon but I dread the crowds! Glad you had a safe trip to MI and got lots of shopping done!

  3. I am super jealous about your Christmas shopping success. I haven't even started. Actually I haven't even put thought into it.