Nov 19, 2014

Tucker + Weigh In Wednesday

Before I get to the regular Wednesday post for Weigh In Wednesday, I wanted to show off my little local celebrity. I tried too yesterday but my work computer was being difficult and since I have a few minutes to spare at home since Tuck is still snoozin' I figured I could do it while at home.

The hospital where Tucker was born, and where Danny's sister is an OB nurse, hosts a Mommy Monday event every month. November's theme went with October's Fire Prevention week, and since Tucker had his 6 month pictures done at the fire station, who better to be the face of the event than our handsome little dude??

This poster was plastered all over the hospital and was shared on Facebook for the world (or at least the local world) to see. I took a couple hours off Monday morning for him to make his celebrity appearance.  He couldn't have cared less about dressing up as a firefighter, he just wanted the graham crackers that all the older kids were using to make fire trucks. It was still fun. Next month is story time with Santa. I just might have to take him again!

Now, onto Weigh In Wednesday!

Last Weigh-In: 159.6 lbs
Today's Weigh-In: 160.2 lbs
Change: +.6 lbs
After last weeks huge, unexpected and as equally unbelievable loss, I  had a small gain, but I'll take it. I ate a whole frozen pizza Saturday for dinner so this is good. I've logged my food into LoseIt every day except for yesterday. Danny's mom invited us over to dinner with her, her husband and her dad. A night of free dinner and no dishes? Sign. Me. Up! So, I don't know what she puts in her chili, what kind of hot dogs she used (that was the other part of dinner) and she shared some special ice cream with me that she hides in the back of the freezer. So, I declared that cheat meal #1 of the week and moved on.
When we got home from dinner, I filled Danny in on my stressful afternoon at work, which led me to tears and a headache. I was mentally and physically tired, so at 9:15, I called it a night. Didn't do dishes (Yes, I know we ate dinner somewhere else, but this house produces an impressive amount of dirty dishes for 2.5 eaters), didn't fold a single article of clothing from the 2 full baskets of clean clothes and I certainly didn't do my T25 work out. That meant not only would I have to get up at 5 on Thursday for "Double Day," but I would have to get up Wednesday (that's today) to make up for Tuesday's missed work out. When my alarm went off at 5, I immediately his snooze because Tucker was up from about 12:15-2ish and we had trouble getting him back to sleep. I tried the first round then pulled the "you don't have to work tomorrow" card on Danny and tossed and turned while he gave him a bottle and fought him back to sleep. I had trouble going back to sleep myself, so I was up for most of it. Perfect excuse to skip Tuesday's workout again. But that's all it was. An excuse. I was already awake and would spend the next 45 minutes getting comfy and drifting in and out of sleep only to get out of bed feeling exhausted. I figured I might as well make the most of it, so I got out of bed and got it done.
I've finally reached a point where I'm talking myself into working out rather than talking myself out of it. Hopefully I can continue that for the next few weeks, especially with holiday celebrations coming up. We literally have 3 parties between December 7th and December 13th. Two of which we are hosting. I am well aware that I am nuts.

That's it for this week's Weigh In Wednesday! 


  1. What a cute little guy!!

    Sorry about the gain this week! This time of year is rather hard!!

  2. The pic of Tuck is so cute. I haven't worked out in sometime and I am hating it. I keep telling myself today, I will do it today.. then something is thrown at me when I get home, I get pissed, it takes me longer to do what ever it is and then I go to bed. Good job on talking yourself into it because I am still trying to get myself moving. Keep up the good work!

  3. That's so awesome that Tucker was a little poster child! How cute! :)