Nov 5, 2014

Weigh-In Wednesday

It's been a while since I've participated in this link-up and there's no better time than a morning where your pants just piss you off. And it shouldn't come as such a shock, since I basically took all of October off of running and eating right. Now that November is here and the holidays are weeks away, it's time to get a handle on things before I really fall off the wagon!

Let's start with the numbers to see what damage October did.

Last Weigh-In (mid-September): 163.6
Today's Weigh-In: 165.2
Change: +1.6

Considering the fact that I ran 5 times in October and went on vacation, I'll call a 1.6 lb gain a win. Things could have been A LOT worse. Regardless of putting a positive spin on a gain, I had my "enough is enough" moment on Saturday.

After feeling icky from Friday night's Chinese dinner and just not feeling great about myself all weekend, I decided on Saturday that I would start T25 the very next day. Who starts a workout program on a Sunday? Well, apparently I do. Originally, I wasn't going to start until next Monday. I'm going on my annual shopping trip to Michigan with my mother-in-law and sister-in-laws this weekend, and after the trip felt like a good time in my head. But, my body was telling me something different. It needed to move and it needed change. So, I started Sunday night after Tucker went to bed. Working out at 8:30 or 9pm is not something I enjoy, but I also don't enjoy this muffin top I'm sporting either.

If I do both rounds of T25, which barring any broken bones, I should be able too, that'll put me finishing up just after the New Year. The timing couldn't be better.

Danny and I have done some talking over the last few weeks and we've both decided that its time.... to join a gym. You thought I was going to say have another baby didn't you?  He has been wanting to get back into lifting weights (he was a rock star lifter in high school) and he suggested to me in the most nicest way possible (because husbands suggesting anything weight loss related too their wives always goes over well. This actually did though) that I start lifting weights to get better results. I know I need too and I know I should. I've known it for a while. I'm still finding balance with this working mom crap, but the gym we want to join (the YMCA) has childcare in the evenings so I can go right after work and take Tucker with me. It'll be good for him to (hopefully) interact with other kids too since he's mostly just with Danny's mom every day.

That's the plan for now. To get a handle on things before the holidays hit by doing T25 and watching what I eat, then start going to the gym after the New Year.

How are you battling or preventing holiday weight gain this year?


  1. This year, at least with Thanksgiving. I am planning to do a 5k. I had originally planned to do my town's Turkey Trot, but money is going to be tight. So my husband is mapping out a 5k and we are going to do that together Thanksgiving morning. I just joined the Y a few weeks ago and love it!

  2. Don't beat yourself up! The gain isn't as bad as it could have been so that's good news. I am just trying to keep my calories in check and maintain exercise.

  3. I usually start a new program on Sunday so I won't be so wobbly going into work on Monday LOL

  4. You're going to see such good results lifting some weights! I need to do the same and that's definitely a goal once I get back into the swing of things more. It's crazy to put so much effort into cardio when you get such better results with lifting! Can't wait to see how well it works for you!

  5. You've got this. I had a "come to Jesus" about my gain the other day too...