Nov 14, 2014

Five on Friday

This link up started popping back up on my bloglovin' feed while I was on vacation last month and I was very excited!

1. In order for me to stay on track with T25, I've  had to do 2 "Double Days" to get all 6 work outs in for the week. And because I usually don't start working out until 8:30 or 9, I don't want to do 2 right in a row, although I did last week but that's was because I wasn't working Friday. That's led me to getting up at 5am and getting the first one in, then doing the other at the normal time. I hate it. I've never been the type to work out in the morning. It makes me tired for the rest of the day, I like to eat breakfast as soon as I get up, or within 20ish minutes, and its just early. BUT, with the holidays coming up, there's a strong chance of my pants getting tighter instead of looser. So, 5am it is.
5 am or 9pm, my brain knows.

2. I am happy to report that I am just about done Christmas shopping! I've got a couple of things left to buy for the kiddos in Danny's family then a few little things for Danny and that's it. Danny and I aren't really doing gifts this year because we want to do a couple of things to the house and buy a camper. It feels nice to have Christmas shopping almost done. Where was this motivation last year when I was 8 months pregnant with a baby that was going to come 4 weeks early, interrupting the last bit of shopping I had to do? He's lucky he's cute!

3. Speaking of cute baby, he will be 1 freaking year old 3 weeks from yesterday. How did this happen? I am in party planning mode. Invitations have been sent out, the menu is written and his birthday shirt has arrived. The last major thing I need to do is go talk to the bakery in town about his cake/cupcakes. That'll be pretty much it until the week of when I really start prepping.

4. This picture popped up on my Pinterest home page the other day.
There have been so many times in the last 4 and a half years since my dad passed away that I've needed this reminder.  It seems like very few months, there is some sort of "battle" to be fought. Some challenge.  My brother and I are currently going through 3 right now which involve 2 men that my dad gave the world too. I know things are going to turn out the way they are supposed too and eventually be okay. We just have to get there.
5. Danny's mom mentioned the other day that she needs Christmas lists from the adults. Why are Christmas lists so hard for adults? When you're a kid, you want everything you lay your eyes on. Gift cards would be nice, and I know there will be a Target gift card involved in my gift somehow since that's happened the last 6 Christmases, but she likes to give gifts. Do you like gift cards or do you not have trouble making a list for people who ask? 


  1. Still jealous about you and the Christmas shopping. How is T25 going for you? I have started PiYo and I love it.

  2. What a great quote! I hope everything you and your brother are going through gets better soon! I can't believe Tucker is almost 1! yay for the party planning! Sounds fun! Screw getting up at 5am to work out... I would die. But good for you! :) I know what you mean about gifts... My MIL is the same way about gifts. I always have a hard time picking things out because I either buy everything I want or everything I want is expensive! I've found that if I make small lists of things throughout the year in my phone, then I have an easier time giving her a list :)