Nov 3, 2014

Halloween & Weekend Recap

So, it's November. How in the hell did this happen? I'm going to have an 11 month old tomorrow. Crazy stuff!

The weekend started early on Friday. Work has been so unbelievably slow its almost kind of boring. I'm caught up on a few things, I'm ahead on a couple things and the phone isn't ringing since the farmers are still in the fields around here. So, I went back to work after lunch for about 20 minutes and called it a day. I went home to clean our dining/middle room of our house while Danny watched Blacklist on Netflix. I don't know what to call it. Its supposed to be a dining room but we don't have a table soooo? Anyways, I can see my desk, there aren't a 5 different bags just hanging out and the infant car seat that hasn't been used since July is finally in storage. It was a productive couple of hours!
Danny was actually productive on Friday too.

Next up was Tucker's first Halloween! The weather was TERRIBLE by the way! I think we saw, rain, sleet and snow.  I debuted our family costumes last week, which is what we sported again Friday night. We mostly just visited Danny's family and then my best friend at her parent's house. Her dad thought Danny's costume was hysterical! I'm not sure why but he just laughed his ass off. After making a few rounds, we ordered Chinese, ate a Danny's moms while visiting her then went home for the night. Our little monkey was tired and went straight to bed and we watched some more Blacklist.
Happy Halloween from my zoo to yours!

We were up early on Saturday and I felt sick when I woke up so I asked Danny to take over so I could lay down. I'm blaming the Chinese food so I don't eat it again. Another 45 minutes of sleep helped a little. I had an hour long massage scheduled for Saturday morning. It was heavenly! Danny's mom got it for me... last  year... for my baby shower. It was time to be used. After my massage, I headed home to get Danny and Tucker then we headed to my mom's new apartment. She lives about 30 minutes closer now! We helped her unpack, went to dinner at Five Guys then headed home. We watched a couple episodes of.. wait for it.. Blacklist.
Dressing up for Gigi!

Tucker, Diesel and I had a typical Sunday. Danny worked, so it was just me and the boys.  I got a few things done around the house, Tucker and I went to Target, then a birthday party and played and ate all evening long. After a fun bath time, Tucker was ready for bed a 7:00pm on the dot! Daylight Savings Time has us back to our pre-vacation sleep schedule of 7p-5a. The early mornings kind of suck, but its nice to have a few hours at night to fold laundry, put away clothes, pick up toys, change sheets, workout, shower and dry my hair, which is how I spent 7:30-10 last night.
This kid is such a ham!

It was a pretty standard weekend. I like those!


  1. We just got into blacklist too! I love yalls costumes!

  2. Tucker is so cute! Love his costume! That ecard is so true! Glad you got some stuff done! That's always a good feeling!

  3. What is this Blacklist about? Is it something Tim and I both would love to watch? I can't take his cooking channels or another episode of This Old House.