Nov 20, 2014

The Firefighter Family

Last night we got an unfortunate reminder of how strong the bond is of a firefighter family. 
Nothing happened to us directly, but to a friend. A good friend was injured in a terrible work related accident and is currently in critical care. It hits close to home. Not only because he is a great friend of Danny's. But because they worked at the fire department together. They became firefighters together. He became a father to a precious little girl less than 3 months before Tucker was born. Everything we had going on in that moment gut wrenching, jaw dropping moment last night just stopped.

But what didn't stop was the loyalty of the fire department. If you caught it a few sentences ago, I said this guy worked at the fire department.  That didn't matter though. Once you're in, you're in. Danny and another good friend of his (they work together at the fire department and he was the best man in our wedding) without hesitation headed to Indy at 8:45 last night. And were greeted by a few other firefighters. I got on Facebook after we received the news, and I found that at least 5 other firefighters had shared the GoFundMe link, posted status updates requesting prayers, and family members of firefighters had done the same.

A firefighter's family goes beyond the 4 walls of his home. It goes beyond the 4 walls of his own department. Beyond the city line, county line and state line. That's pretty impressive.

I've already felt the loyalty of the fire department, and I've only "been part of it" for 6 years. When my dad passed away, it was comforting to know the guys who walked in the front door as my life was turning upside down. Before we could even ask, they had Danny's next few shifts covered. A couple years later when my Grammy was having some falling troubles, they came out almost once a week during the summer to help her up, and never complained once. There was never a doubt in my mind when I went into labor 4 weeks early and 4 hours before Danny's next shift started that his shift that day and for the next couple of weeks would be covered. They are just there for you.

I couldn't be more thankful to be part of such a reliable "family."


  1. Oh Erin, I am so sorry:( Praying your friend heals and recovers quickly, will be praying for him...

  2. I am praying for your friends family. I hope and pray he recovers soon. My brother is a full time firefighter in St. Louis and he had only been on the force for maybe, MAYBE, a month when our grandpa passed. About an hour into the wake there were about 15 firemen, including his chief, that started to walk though the line. I knew then I would never have to really worry about my brother because he had his other family, that had his back. Now my other grandpa keeps falling and he will call the chief of the fire district that they live in and they will send someone over to help out and there is never a grumble. I knew they were tight but you just never see how tight until something happens where they need your support.