Mar 18, 2013

So it begins

Day 1 of the Shred? COMPLETE! I was off to a rough start though because of this...

EVERY time I work out in the living room... whether its a DVD or just doing some random shit and calling it a work out... he does this. If I'm wrapping a present, he lays right where the wrapping paper rolls out.  If I'm clipping coupons during my "I"m going to coupon phases" he lays on the paper. When I'm folding clothes, he lays on the freshly folded clothes. If he wasn't so cute, I don't know what I'd do. You know what else? I'm pretty sure he's training me for when we have two-legged children running around.

Back to the Shred. It was a great work out thats for sure and I can't wait to start seeing the transformation. I tried to push myself on some moves and keep up with the "more advanced" girl that Jillian roped into doing it with her, but didnt want to overdo it right out of the gate. I probably worked at the pace of the "beginner" girl. I think I'm going to be a little sore in the morning, but tough shit because tomorrow is a double session. Shred in the morning and shred at night. Like Jillian said during the workout.. Its not gonna come free.

As I've mentioned about 82 times, work is coming to a screeching halt this week. I still have to work, I just won't be going in a million directions all hours of the day. But this boss lady is taking a time out for fun and getting her hair done... AT 11 A.M. PEOPLE! Right smack in the middle of the day. Why? Because I can and I can't wait!

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