Apr 4, 2013

Friends Week

This week has been nothing but go, go go for me. I really don't mind but boy am I ready for Friday night. My plans? Curl up on the couch and watch tv. All. Night. Long. Things have been nonstop since last Friday and I'm pretty worn out. I got a headache last night that had migraine potential. Since it was really the only night I had at home with Danny, I didn't force myself to do the Shred and tacked on an extra day. My original shred plan is definitely out of the equation now. Its fine though because I am still seeing results. My pants are tighter on my ass and looser in the waist, which is the goal. My butt is "perkier" as my Gram told me about a week ago. I even noticed that my shorts were a little tighter in the ass this morning while I worked out.  Things are happening people! I have hit a plateau and have been in it for about 2 weeks. The scale hasn't budged (other then up for a couple days after my Easter binge), but I'm not letting it get to me. But the scale brings me to my next point...I participated in Erin's DietBet and this plateau cost me $15. womp womp. Better luck next time. I enjoyed my Reese Eggs and other delicious food.

Back to this week being go go go. I was complaining to Danny a couple weeks ago that I haven't seen my friends in a while. I think in the last month I've seen one of my best friends a total of 2 times, which was for a quick lunch and a walk at the park. I need my girl time and I need it often. Well, all of a sudden I had plans a few groups of friends... all for the same week. Funny how life works that way.
  • Tuesday I had dinner at PF Changs with a couple sorority sisters. Originally it was going to be 5 of us so we could get together before one of them moved to Georgia at the end of the week. Well she bailed and another girl ended up having to work. The rest of us? We got PF Changs on the brain and wouldn't settle for eating anything less on Tuesday. I hoarded calories like a champ that day so I wouldn't be too far over my budget. I had Dynamite Shrimp and a small order of Spicy Green Beans. We shared lettuce wraps, which I only had 1 of. I made it out of there for 650 calories. Its not great, but at PF Changs, thats a success for me.
  • Today is my bff Shelby's birthday and she wants Mexican tonight. Again, the plan is to hoard calories again. I haven't decided if I'm going to let this be my cheat meal yet or not. Some nachos sound GREAT right now. We'll see. Here is the birthday girl. She is another sorority sister also and we've been in love ever since she joined the year after I did.
  •  Saturday night I have a date with my girls from high school. One of them recently moved to Ohio so we all try to get together when she is in town. I plan on doing nothing but laughing until my cheeks hurt Saturday night. I've been looking forward to this date with them for about a month. This one will probably be my cheat meal since its going to involve a few drinks. I can't wait.

So even though this week has been crazy busy, its been the good kind of crazy. I don't know what I'd do without these girls that I've seen/will see this week. They are incredibly supportive and I never have a bad time with them.


  1. I am a sucker for mexican food too too good! MY plan for Friday is the exact same as yours!

  2. Your wedding picture you posted is so pretty!!!