Apr 9, 2013

The Wall

I'll go ahead and spare you the pain that a whole recap of my weekend would bring. I didn't do shit except for go out to dinner with some of my girlfriends from high school, walk a few miles, and think about starting spring cleaning.
Dinner was delicious and it was my third time eating mexican that week. I'm not even slightly mad about it. Calories didn't exist with this meal. I didn't eat REALLY bad, I know I'm capable of worse, but whatever.

Anywho, I've hit a wall.  The plateau. The weeks that people who are trying to lose weight just don't. Its not that I'm mad or upset about the scale not moving, but I don't feel like my clothes are getting looser. I know they aren't going to if I keep stuffing my face with Reese eggs and drinking margaritas. But I'm losing steam. I didn't do Shred on Sunday (I walked 2.5 miles instead because it was B-E-A-U-TIFUL out!) and I didn't do it last night. I also walked yesterday, but the hubs and I were enjoying our first dinner out on our deck (he kept calling it a veranda like we don't live in Redneckville).

I've tried working out in the morning, I've tried not snacking as much, I've tried not eating bread, I've tried no cream in my coffee, I went without french fries for all of lent, I only drink wine occasionally...

The next thing I'm trying is taking a break from tracking my food and just wingin' this shit. I'm not sure I can be trusted, but we're gonna give it a shot. Its probably the worst thing I could try, but we'll see what happens. I'm also poppin that Shred dvd in tonight and spending some time with Jillian.

Here goes nothin'

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  1. I would love and be in heaven to have mexican 3 times in one week! So good!

    Are you measuring inches? I barely lost any weight when I did 30 day shred but Lost a shit ton of inches.