Apr 26, 2013

The Mystery Date

We made it to Friday! This week actually went by pretty quickly and I am so thankful for that.

I mentioned yesterday that Danny took me to an Indians game on a "Mystery Date" and that I would enlighten you on what the heck that is. I found the idea on the website The Nest. Before I discovered the blogging world, this website is where I wasted time at work spent some of my free time.  A married couple on there would blog about married couple things and Mystery Dates were something they did. I read it and decided Danny and I would benefit from something fun like this.

At the time, Danny was 2 months away from getting his life back from paramedic school (aka, hell). We had gotten into a routine of just going to dinner or watching movies at home. Thats fine and dandy, but being in our first year of marriage and without the responsibilities of parenthood (not to exclude Diesel, he can just be left at home unattended for a few hours), we knew we needed to enjoy ourselves.  This was perfect. Here is how it works:

- You plan a date for your spouse/significant other or vice versa.
- The only details the other person gets about the date are what time to be ready, how much of the day and/or night it will take, and what kind of clothes to wear. Thats it. He/She doesn't get to know where you are going or what you are doing.
- "Dinner and a movie" doesn't count. It has to be somewhat out of the box.
- You can either tell the other person in the car on the way to the date or keep each other waiting in suspense :)

To prevent delayed plans or scheduling conflicts, I picked out a week for every month that the dates could be scheduled during.  This helped because of Danny's work schedule and paramedic school clinicals being pretty sporadic.  Danny would tell me what day we were going and what time to be ready. He never understood the importance of the "what should I wear" question. Women need to know if they are going to be walking a lot, be taking lots of pictures, swimming, etc. Certain activities require certain clothing and accessories. 

Here are some of the dates we went on:

Danny planned this one. Monday night trip to Ivanhoe's, an ice cream shop with pages and pages of sundae and shake flavors. We had only been to Ivanhoe's a couple of times because its about 30 minutes away. Going on a Monday was way out of the norm and a nice start to the week.
I really don't think we ate dinner prior to eating these, which is a good thing

I planned a trip of new places.  We had dinner at Firehouse Subs. Neither of us had eaten there before and I thought it was appropriate for my firefighter husband.  After dinner we went putt-putting at a place we hadn't been before.

Danny us tickets to an Indy Indians game.

Another date that I planned for us, but we had to cancel due to our niece's birthday, was a trip up north. We were going to hike, have a picnic, then eat dinner at a little mom&pop restaurant on the way home. I had to spill the beans since we weren't able to go.

The next date I planned was to a restaurant that was on Man vs. Food - Bub's Burgers in Carmel. We went there for lunch. This didn't go against the rule "dinner and a movie" because it was out of the box since the restaurant was on tv. :)

Shortly after that, we had to pause the mystery date. I can't wait to start it again though!

Hope you and your special someone try it out. Its a great way to mix it up and try something new. If you need date ideas, I'd be happy to help!

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