Apr 17, 2013

Graffiti Run

Hello everyone! A special hello to any of you that hopped over from the link up, saw something you liked and decided to stay a while. That followers number is in the double digits now. I'm kind of a big deal now.

In between the plan for Sunday Funday changing on me on Sunday, I also changed on me when this happened.
So yeah, I committed myself to running a 5K on June 2nd with 2 girls I graduated high school with. One is my BFF since preschool, was in my wedding and I'm in her wedding in August. The other was my BFF senior year and didn't like Danny so things just kind of fizzled out. We're reconciling our differences (we were basically married in HS so thats an appropriate term) and what better way to do that than run around the state fair grounds getting corn starch thrown on you while huffing and puffing? 
I plan on following the Couch25k plan, but here's the thing with that. The plan is 8 weeks and Erin's got 7 weeks to get these legs in running mode. Doesn't this sound familiar? Like my original 30 day shred issue and having to cram the sessions in? Now are you asking why I keep doing this to myself? Well I sure as hell am. Here is my solution to this problem. I'm just gonna skip over Week 1 and start on Week 2. My body does feel stronger having done the Shred (most of the way through) and I feel like I can run for 90 seconds. Thats absolutely possible. So there is that. Oh, and I also told my husband that I would run in the Tiger Trot with him, a 5K in our town. Its on June 15th. That also happened on Sunday. Before the brewery so I can't blame on the alcohol like Jamie Foxx.
Now on the agenda is find some white shorts that I don't have to spend a fortune on just to get colorful cornstarch thrown on them, a white tank (I might just make one from a tee with that tutorial on Pinterest, which is super easy) and lets go ahead and throw a whitehead band on the basketball resting on my neck and get all kinds of graffiti'ed. I splurged and bought the $5 shades when I signed up too. My eyes are taken care of.
And speaking of Graffiti..
There is a bridge just past the county line called Graffiti Bridge full of... graffiti. Danny wrote this the summer we started dating and its still there. Hasn't been written over, marked on.. nothing. Its been there almost 5 years, which is a long time for someone's "art" to go without being covered.
And I'm out of here.


  1. The grafitti run sounds so cool I've never heard of that before! When I did the c25k sometimes I did it four days in a row. Sometimes I found If I only did it 3 times a week it was hard to catch up rather then doing it every other day or somedays everyday. It's all about what you can push yourself to do and how strong you feel :)

  2. I participated in the Color Run in Indianapolis last year (walked not ran) and had a blast. You will have lots of fun!