Apr 25, 2013

Bring Spring Back

Thursday! Ya know, I really do love Thursdays. I'm not sure why I have always felt this way about them. Maybe its because its Friday-eve? Grey's Anatomy and that normally being associated with Chinese food in high school or bdubbs with my gal pal Shelby in college... now in my old age of 23, ice cream. Either way, Thursdays are good in my book. Not as good as Friday, but right up there with them.

Indiana took a giant step into spring time last week and the week prior. Completely gorgeous weather. Where are we at now? Well, Indiana took about 5 steps BACK and its chilly. Its rained more in this week than it has all April I feel like and yesterday on my way back from a meeting in Indianapolis, I saw freakin snow. SNOW! Its April, damn near May and its snowing. No thank you, Mother Nature, you can have that back. Luckily it didn't stick and was gone as soon as it hit the ground, but still. And why wouldn't it snow or get cold again? Its not like I went ahead and cleaned out all of my winter clothes and put them away until mid-October. I haven't washed my North Face to put away yet, but I still refuse to wear it. It has a time period, just like Ugg boots. They will be worn between November 1st and February 28th(or 29th if its a leap year). Not a day sooner or later. Thats just how this girl rolls.

Because of the weather and my longing for that warmer weather, here are some things I'm looking forward too.

1. Indianapolis Indians games - The hubs took me to one last year on a Mystery Date (More on that tomorrow) and we had a blast. My "I don't like baseball" husband loved it and me being from the baseball/softball family that I am was smiling the whole time. I had never been before so it was a great time. My Valentine's Day gift this year was an Indians game, so now we just have to pick a game and go!
2. Our garden - Last year was a test run and we did great, considering the drought that we experienced in these parts. I love fresh veggies from the garden. Its so awesome to be able to walk out your door and grab a fresh tomato or cucumber to eat with your lunch. Or watermelon. I just hope our cucumbers come out a little more normal compared to last year. Like, how does that happen?
3. Cookouts - The hubs was a good sport last night and gave in to my "I want a grill" knowin full well it means he is going to be doing some more cooking. We can't wait to  have our friends over and hang out at our house. We love having get togethers and now that we have a grill, its going to be so much easier.
4. Flowers - Last year was also a test run for planting flowers and like I said, we had a drought here in Indiana. I turned all my attention to the garden rather than the flowers. Now I have a little bit more motivation to tend to flowers as this is our house and we want it to look great inside and out (though if you saw the inside right now you'd call "bullshit").
5. Fair week - For one whole week in July, my husband goes MIA. He loves the 4H fair. He was a 10 year member and as soon as he was done, it was time for our nephew to start showing animals. Danny helps out with the pig show every year also. If I want to see him during this week, I have to do it out there. I go to make sure he is hydrated (he struggles getting his own water for some reason) and the food is great. Who doesn't love fair food?

Those are just a handful of things that I am excited for. Now if Mother Nature would cooperate, I can get started enjoying 1-4.

Have a good Thursday!

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