Apr 15, 2013

Our Sunday Funday

Hey all! We're at the beginning of another week. Hopefully this Monday is better than last since I had a horrible case of the Mondays.  However, this Monday I have to pay my taxes, yuck.

Yesterday was our day trip that we've had planned for a few weeks. The plan was to get up early, make the 2 hr 45 minute drive up there, and explore Amish country. We ate breakfast accordingly with the meal being just enough to hold us over because there was lots of cheese, bread, and peanut butter to be consumed.

About halfway into the drive it starts raining. Thats fine, not a big deal. It was a light sprinkle, we had jackets, and there were lots of shops that we were going to be in so the weather outside wasn't a big deal. A little bit after that Danny has the thought "I wonder if anything is open since its Sunday" I get on my phone to do some research, and not one place has store hours on it's website. We decide to keep driving. We were coming up on Shipshewana and it is dead. No cars, no lights anywhere, no people. Then we think, okay its only 11am, maybe stuff will open at noon. We keep driving around and end up in Michigan for a little bit. We headed back to Shipshewana and nothing has changed. So, FYI, the Amish operate like Hobby Lobby and Chik-Fil-A.

Since Danny took the day off, we didn't want to just go home. We headed back to Ft. Wayne where we decided we would spend some time before going home.  We walked around the mall and didn't buy a single thing. Shopping with Danny stresses me out. He follows like 3 inches behind me, around the whole store, not saying a word. We decided we'd eat somewhere we don't normally eat to keep the trip interesting.  We decided on Granite City Brewery.
. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. The burger I had was delicous and Danny's beer was great! It was a light beer (I don't know what it was called) but it had lemon lime soda in it.  Mine is the one on the left and it wasn't bad, but Dannys was yummy. So yummy that it inspired our summer party. We're planning on making a version of the beer and we're going to try to make it into a slushy. I wanna throw some frozen cherries in, but we'll see.

The trip to see the Amish didn't go as planned, but we made the best of it. :)

And this happened on Saturday...
 This year's 4H pigs that are kept at Danny's mom's house. We took Diesel down to the barn yesterday and he LOVED them.

Have a good Monday!!

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